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The podcast where Brett Owens has meaningful conversations with business owners in various niches about the growth of their Brand and tries to provide valuable information that you can actually apply to your Business!
Brett Owens | Host of Afluencer Podcast

Be a Guest on the Afluencer Podcast

Our new Afluencer Podcast is live on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and Google Podcasts!

Our host and founder Brett would love to interview you about your Brand’s current affiliate, ambassador and/or influencer program. 

We promote the podcast to our 19,783 influencer and creator users. It’s a great way to put a friendly face to your Collab. 🙂 And talk up your current as well as future Collab opps.

Video and audio are polished by our editor afterward, so your show will look and sound great. You are also welcome to use the video on your end to promote your partner program, too!

Apply to Be a Guest Here

Want to be a future podcast guest? It’s a great medium to promote your brand, your products and especially your current Collab(s).

Please use this form to apply.

Afluencer Podcast Guest Guide

Afluencer guide for podcast guests