Why Afluencer - AFLUENCER


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No data scraping or harvesting of social media accounts Data scraped from random social media profiles without users knowledge
Up-to-date and current data and profile metrics Outdated and irrelevant data and metrics
Real and unique influencer profiles Database inflated with duplicate contacts
Public influencer profiles Hidden profiles that can't be verified
No need to bring your own influencers Need to import your own contacts from an Excel sheet
Work with verifed influencers directly within the app Unclear who you have to contact via email or if they will respond
No limit on applications you can receive Limit on how many influencers you can work with
No limit on influencer searches Limits on how many times you can perform a search per day
No minimum sales amount required to join network Minimum $10k of sales required to join
Search filters to help find the desired target audience No search filters