Posted on August 10, 2020

How To Promote Your Brand’s Image Through Influencers

While social media influencer marketing has become huge in the past few years, hiring an influencer for your marketing campaign doesn’t guarantee success.


Posted on August 08, 2020

16 HOT Influencer Programs – August 2020

Another big month influencers!  Influencer opps are flying left-right-and-center here at Afluencer. Sponsorships, commissions, and free merch collabs are dropping.  Fashion, home, health, wellness, lifestyle, beauty, and more! Lots of FOMO if you’re not hanging out with our Influencer Concierge for exclusive personal intros! Here are 16 hot brands looking for influencers to collaborate with: […]

Posted on August 08, 2020

4 Qualities All Influencer Marketers Need To Have

When it comes to promoting a brand on social media, influencers are an invaluable part of a successful campaign. As influencer marketing grows and matures as an industry, many influencers are relying on the services of influencer marketers to help them coordinate their work, find the best partners and ensure their continued success. But what […]


Posted on August 07, 2020

Unresponsive Influencer? Here’s How to Reconnect With Them

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool being used by brands today to enhance their marketing strategies. They sign brand deals with influencers who promote their products and services on their social media platforms. Most influencers work with multiple brands at a time. They often sign up for deals with brands, but when it comes to delivering, […]


Posted on August 06, 2020

Influencer Contracts: How Brands Can Get the Best Deal

We’ve already established that influencer marketing is beneficial. It offers great results and is suitable for all kinds of businesses including local brands looking to increase their reach. Since influencer marketing is still considered a new marketing tool, not many brands are fully aware of how it works or how they can get the best […]




Going from a Business to a Brand

When we think of brands, big retailers come to mind. Nike, Adidas, Vans, Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, etc. We associate large clothing retailers with leading brands, but how did that transition come about? When did these businesses become brands and what does it take for a business to become a brand? Becoming a brand means […]


Photography Tips and Tricks for Food Influencers

You eat with your eyes first is a common phrase that endorses the presentation of food. The idea behind it is that food should look irresistible, even if it’s something simple. As a food blogger, you need to make every plate of food look enticing. However, it’s not all that simple. How many times has it […]


BREAKING Influencer News: Amazon Live-Streaming, Google’s ShopLoop, TikTok Creator Fund & BrandConnect by YouTube

You know that feeling you get when an unexpected nice-looking package arrives at your door?  There’s really no hiding your childlike excitement as you rip open the box and literally plunge into your goodies – whee!  Dancing star-eye emojis for days. Excitement overload happening right now.  Because we have some breaking news about some big […]