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Tune in to the latest Winning With Shopify Podcast session with host Nick Trueman, who gets real with special guest, Brett Owens, founder of Afluencer. Brett shares exclusive influencer marketing insights and tips on boosting Shopify sales through Influencer Collabs.

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30-Minute Zoom Screenshare Strategy Session with Brett Owens

Brett Owens of Afluencer demonstrates how to invite and collab with influencers
Let’s talk about an influencer and creator strategy that makes sense for your Shopify store! I (Brett) work with our e-commerce brands and influencers/creators every day. I’m happy to share with you “what’s working” in the industry and show you how to launch an effective social media campaign with influencers and creators. This strategy session is an exclusive benefit for Winning With Shopify listeners! We are big fans of the show and Nick himself here at Afluencer. I’m excited to speak and meet with you. As you probably know, traditional online marketing channels (like Google and Facebook) have become quite expensive – and they’re not getting any cheaper! The best value today with with influencers, particularly micro-influencers because they tend to have audiences that are highly focused and enthusiastic. Plus, we can work with them without breaking the bank. We have micro-influencers and creators across 56 different interests and niches. I’d love to see what potential partners we can find for your brand.
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Afluencer Playbook: Influencer Marketing 101


Eight in 10 consumers say they’ve purchased, researched or considered a
product or service they saw on social media, according to a survey
by Matter Communications, a digital marketing firm. The sway of
influencers is such that ROI has been found to be 11 times greater
than other digital marketing tactics, generating $5.20 for every
dollar spent, Shopify reports.


Few marketing strategies are as easy and affordable to test as
influencer marketing. Lucky for brands, getting started doesn’t
require hefty investments in time or money, nor does it require finely
tuned processes or having all the answers from the get-go.
Instead, astute marketers view influencer campaigns as
experiments to be refined and recalibrated over time. It’s OK (smart,
even) to start small and adapt as you go, building on early wins.
The following steps will boost your chances of success from the
very first collab.


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Afluencer Key Benefits

18K+ Verified Influencers

A large directory of active influencers and creators. Each registered influencer is vetted to ensure authenticity.

Quick & Easy Collaborations

Setting up Collabs is quick and easy. Manage the hiring of influencers straight from the Afluencer app's dashboard.

First Class Client Support

Our outstanding support team are well-trained, friendly and ready to guide you towards your first successful Collaboration.

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If you’re looking for influencers, creators and (especially) micro-influencers to promote your product(s) on social media, welcome! We have 18,500+ Influencers and Creators who use our app. Many log in daily, looking for new and unique products to promote and brands (like yours!) to partner with. Post a “Collab” in our app and start receiving applications from influencers who “Match” your criteria and want to work with you. Then “Accept” to direct message them and get your posts going!

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App Features

Custom Profile

Create a custom profile page for your Brand with privacy settings that allow you to switch between public and private. Make your Afluencer page the go-to place for professional Influencers/Creators looking to partner with your Brand.

Brand Awareness

Get featured in our niche-specific brand roundup articles that often hit the #1 spot on Google. Also, get featured in our bi-weekly newsletters read by over 18,000 of our active Influencers.

Easy Collabs

Create pay-per-post or commission-based Collabs where Influencers can apply to join. Set up specific requirements to attract Influencers perfect for your Brand. You can also search the Afluencer database for Influencers and invite them to your Collab.

Search Filters

Narrow down your search for the perfect creator for your Brand. Explore our wide range of search filters from social media channels to locations to follower counts.

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