For Brands

The first step is to register your Brand with Afluencer. To do that, you can click our registration link and complete the short signup process.

The best way to attract influencers is to post a Collab for your brand. Our content team is always seeking out the latest Collabs to write up, feature and promote to our Influencers.

A Collab outlines your partner program and what you are looking for from a potential Influencer.

You can post your first Collab by following these steps. Or, if you’d like a hand, let us know – we’re happy to help, or even post your Collab for you.

Yes. After you have registered your brand, you will be able to access our Influencer Directory. Here, you’ll be able to filter, sort and invite your ideal influencer(s) to apply to your Collab directly.

You will receive an email each time a qualified Influencer applies to your Collab. And, in your Afluencer account, you’ll be able to see a list of everyone who has applied to your Collab (based on the criteria you outlined).

With a single-click, you can accept or reject applicants.

When you accept an applicant, we make a warm email intro between you and your new Influencer partner.

When you reject an applicant, we simply note this in your account for your future reference. (Don’t worry, there are no awkward moments. Our Influencer users will only receive an introduction to you if you accept their application.)

You can think of Afluencer as your lead Influencer recruiter. We feed you high-quality influencers, make the introduction, and from there you can direct your new Influencer partner to sign up for your official program.

Often, our Brands will welcome their new partners with instructions on how to officially sign up or register for their partner program. We can provide you with email copy specific to your situation, if you’d like.

Yes, many of our Brands have multiple Collabs in our app. (This is a benefit of being a Premium user.) It’s a best practice to have separate Collabs for any pay-per-post opportunities you are promoting and commission-based opportunities.

Established Influencers tend to prefer pay-per post engagement, while up-and-coming Influencers may be open to joining your affiliate program. It’s good to offer both options.

Navigate to Sales Channels and click “Install”. Once installed, return to Sales Channels in order to associate your store with any of your brands.

Repeat the above steps if уоu would like to install the Shopify app on additional stores. This will allow уоu to associate multiple stores with any of your brands.

Yes, уоur brand and/or collabs can be set to private. While private, уоu can still engage with influencers and invite them to your collabs.

Only the influencers уоu specifically invite will be able to view your collab and brand profile. If you would like us to promote your collab to all Afluencers who quality for your collab, we recommend a public brand and collab setting.

For Influencers

The first step is to register your influence with Afluencer. To do that, you can click our registration link and complete the short signup process.

Registration is the first step. From there, you’ll want to make sure you connect your social media accounts.

Once that is done, you’re good to go. Our content team will find you, and let you know when your feature is live on our website. We also welcome introductions – you can reach us directly right here.

In the meantime, you are welcome to promote your Afluencer profile link in your own social media accounts.

Our Collab Directory contains a list of opportunities being actively managed by our Brands. You can apply directly to programs from the Directory.

We’ll also send you an email when we have a Collab that is a potential match for you. This email may come in the form of our popular email newsletter, via our Afluencer app’s matching engine, or directly from our influencer concierge.

Our goal is to get you “matched” and find as many Collabs for you as we can.

You can upgrade to a Premium membership, which will let you apply to up to five Collabs per day, depending on the plan you select.

Your influencer concierge is your new best friend at Afluencer. His or her goals are to help you:

  • Get featured on our website, and
  • Find plenty of Collabs that are a great fit for your content and your followers.

When you upgrade to a Premium plan, our concierge will reach out to you right away. We do love to hear from our Influencers at any time, and you can reach us via phone, email, live chat or social media right here.