Posted on April 13, 2019

7 Social Media Influencers Over 50 Proving It’s Never Too Late To Try The Web

The internet is a great place if you want to be famous and reach a wider audience. There’s no age limit to hitting a high. In fact, there are many social media influencers over 50 writing history and reaching a global audience with their social media pages. After all, gray is the new black. Do […]

Posted on April 04, 2019

7 Best Influencer Programs for April 2019

Influencer programs are our beat here at Afluencer! Which ones are topping the hot lists this month? I asked our industry guru Natalie Weber to dig into the best programs for influencers across a variety of industries. Natalie? Natalie: Thanks, Brett. April is here. Woooaaa. It feels like all I did since January was blink. […]




Special Holiday Edition 2019: 7 Gift Brands Looking for Influencers

I’m ready.  My Christmas tree is up.  A whole lot of merry. Plus as much candy that’s needed to keep the holiday spirits up. Holiday vibes are lighting up the air.  And so are my Christmas lights. LOL. Influencers, I hope you’re as merry and cherry as I am.  ‘Cause you better be ready to […]

7 Life-Changing Yoga Brands Looking for Yoga Influencers

Yoga.  Mindfulness.  Unforgettable retreats.  Transforming teacher programs.  Inspiring festivals. Gear. And of course the perfect mat and meaningful leggings. The awe-inspiring life of a yoga influencer. Changing lives.  Uplifting people.  And motivating a lifestyle of wellness. The transforming effect of a yoga influencer.  That’s you, right? Come to think of it, yoga influencers live a […]

7 Splashing Swimwear Brands Looking for Fashion Influencers

Beach holidays.  Poolside weekends.  Sunkissed skin. Your favorite sunglasses.  Plus your ultimate “I look and feel amazing” swimsuit. What more could your summer need? Well, a hot collab with these 7 splashing swimwear brands looking for fashion influencers like you: ZARNEA EQUALITY WEAR I SAW IT FIRST Tulum Swimwear Khongboon Swim Millie Mayfield Zahara Swim […]