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ClickBank Review: Making $400 Per Day But Is It The Best Option?

Moe Sid

Afluencer Correspondent

ClickBank empowers entrepreneurs just like you

Running a business that sells products to customers requires special tools to achieve the best results. Affiliate marketing platforms such as ClickBank today provide exceptional methods to reach a wider audience

In this Clickbank review, we’ll talk about Clickbank categories and other aspects you need to know as a business or influencer before you go to the Clickbank sign up page.

What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is perhaps one of the most popular affiliate programs in the world. Started in 1998, it is a privately-owned company with millions of clients from all over the world. Ranking in the top 100 internet retailers in the world, ClickBank is an exceptional affiliate marketing program with thousands of positive Clickbank reviews.

It is an eCommerce platform that allows vendors to get in touch with influencers who help them sell products for a share in the sale. The brand is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc., with about 50,000 products available in more than 200 countries.

ClickBank doesn’t make or promote its own products. It gives sellers an opportunity to do so with the help of influencers or affiliate marketers who have a good understanding of the market.

How to ClickBank Sign Up

Clickbank login sign up page is not complicated at all.

The platform is free to join and the ClickBank sign up page has a small form that you will have to form. It only takes a few minutes and there’s no screening process.

Whether you are a seller or an affiliate marketer, the basic ClickBank sign up method is the same. However, once you’re inside, you will have to complete your account by entering payment details and other information. 

Are There ClickBank Fees?

Affiliates can join for free but vendors will have to pay a one time fee of $49.95 known as activation charges. Other than this, there’s a pay period processing charge of $2.50.

Affiliates can enjoy the ClickBank commission without worries since the ClickBank affiliate program is free for them.

How do I Earn ClickBank Commissions?

No ClickBank review is complete without discussing how much money you can make. Based on experience, you can make between $100 to $400 depending on a number of factors.

Here’s an overview of how ClickBank works:

  1. Become an affiliate – you have to create a user profile, whereby you sign up as an official ClickBank affiliate. The sign-up process is quick and easy. The website has advanced information security protocols, so your information will remain safe. 
  2. Find a product to promote – the best approach would be to visit the affiliate market place section. There, you will find products and get to interact with vendors. 
  3. Create a HopLink – once you have chosen a product, and interacted with ClickBank vendors, then you can start promoting. You will need a customized HopLink. A referral tracking URL that contains info about your profile and referrals on each sale.
  4. Promote the product – there are various ways to promote products. For instance, content development and email marketing. Ensure that you include the HopLink in your content. Furthermore, the products and preferred advertising strategies should relate to your market niche. 
  5. Drive sales – if your promotions are successful, then customers will purchase your products. You will earn money on every successful sale. 
  6. Earn commissions – the commission is calculated based on a specific percentage level set by the vendor. Vendors often offer between 1% to 70%. If the sale has a recurring component, then the commission assigned may be different from the first purchase. That said, the max you can earn at a given time is $150.
  7. Get paid – once you reach the stipulated threshold, payments shall be disbursed. You will receive payment as a direct deposit. These are useful links if you want to change payment methods and edit the payment threshold level.

As a seller, you will make a profit whenever a product gets sold. How much depends on how many products are sold and what portion of it you pay in commission.

ClickBank Features

ClickBank has several powerful features that affiliates and vendors can take advantage of to increase their profits. The company upgraded the system and added many new features that have a proven capacity to increase your sales.

Here are some of the best ClickBank features:

TID & VTID Tracking

Short for Tracking I.D, TID includes a set of up to 24 characters in length, which are integrated into each HopLink. 

Using the TID makes it easy to track the HopLink in relation to the specific product assigned to it. Besides that, there is no restriction on the number of TIDs you can use when marketing your products or services. 

The TIDs are also available for vendors. Also, the VTID, which refers to Variable Tracking ID, is integrated with the payment link, rather than the HopLink. 

The TID makes a useful insight into how you can improve performance. Accessing useful information on your sales campaign will give you a competitive edge and improve your commissions. 

For instance, if you want to track how your Facebook campaign is performing, you can attach the TID of the “Facebook” to the HopLink. Then, visit your ClickBank profile on the reporting section, and you will gain access to lots of information. These include sales, refunds, and more. 


This functionality allows digital marketers to introduce new products for sale to customers after they complete a purchase. Once a customer provides payment information and completes the purchase, they are then directed to another page. The page does not contain any spammy content, but useful products and suggestions for the customer to consider.

As a vendor, you create products or services that you want to be listed on the given page. Using this approach is highly convenient because it eliminates the process of having to input credit card information again. Thus, the customer can purchase or access information about other products.

Joint Venture

The ClickBank Joint venture feature allows digital markets to advertise products as upsells, share earnings, and allow vendors to provide second-tier commissions. A joint venture is also suitable for affiliates, whereby one can partner and split commissions that they earn through their websites. Users of this feature can draft contracts, which stipulate the legal bindings between the business partners.

Being able to leverage partnerships can be an excellent way to earn money through the ClickBank platform. 

There are various ways through which the joint venture perspective is applicable in business. You can contact someone to write product reviews, collaborate with other vendors, and even promote other sellers’ products. 

MarketPlace Search is a tool that lets users search for various products based on specific criteria. You will come across multiple attributes and filters that you can use to search on the left side of the ClickBank Marketplace. Even more, you can use the “advanced search” function on the left side of your profile. 

Being able to find suitable products to promote on the platform will increase your sales and profit levels. More so, the Marketplace Search will also allow you to come across various vendors that provide exceptional payout levels. 

It also provides you with a way to leverage rebills, affiliate tools, and much more. You will even be able to access vendors that provide affordable 14 trials. Using this information lets you find and products that relate to your niche. 

ClickBank Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find affiliates?

Affiliates are always searching for profitable products and vendors. If you want to attract affiliates, you can come up with good competitive rates for your products, and produce excellent marketplace listings. Furthermore, you can avail tools such as ads, logos, and more, for your clients. When you want to start the process, consider using the Affiliate Finder tool. 

Q. How do I track sales?

There are various ways through which you can track sales on the ClickBank platform. For instance, you can use Transactions Reporting to gain access to detailed information on the transactions. Even more, you can use analytics reporting, which offers information and graphs on your sales. 

Q. How do I provide customer support?

You can provide various avenues through which customers can get in touch with your brand. These include email, phone numbers. Furthermore, you should also be ready to respond to customer support queries, which often includes refunds, customer support requests, and more.

Q. What happens when my account gets suspended?

ClickBank has specific terms and regulations that guide how you can use their resources. If your account gets suspended, you might not be able to sell products to consumers. If you have any issues, get in touch with ClickBank for information. 

Q. Is ClickBank legitimate?

Yes, ClickBank is a legitimate affiliate marketing program – the company ranks among the top internet marketing companies, and it has millions of members worldwide. It’s registered and legal.

Q. What is ClickBank University?

Clickbank University refers to an optional training course that is made for both sellers and marketers. It provides useful information on how to leverage the tools and resources available on the platform to make sales. You can file a support ticket if you need help with the University. 

ClickBank Review: Pros and Cons

No ClickBank review can be complete without discussing both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look:

ClickBank Pros

  • Free learning resources – you can use ClickBank University to access useful information to improve your marketing campaigns 
  • Reliable customer support – the ClickBank customer support team is reliable and provides fast responses to your queries
  • High-quality marketing resources – you will be able to access tools such as the Marketplace search, joint ventures, Pitchplus and more for marketing purposes
  • Simple sign up process – the sign-up process on the website is simple, and you have to provide some basic personal details
  • Wide Range – whether you are a marketer or a vendor, you will never run out of options when you want to make money

ClickBank Cons

  • Not available in some countries – there are some few countries where people might not be able to join the ClickBank platform
  • Dependency – your store will be on the ClickBank network, hence you will have to largely depend on it

ClickBank Review: How Is ClickBank Different from Afluencer?

ClickBank is a marketplace that bridges the gap between sellers and marketers. Here, sellers use the ClickBank platform to sell. When it comes to ClickBank, as a seller you may not have control over who sells your products and how since there are millions of marketers. Plus, commissions can be high as well.

On the other hand, Afluencer helps sellers or businesses find people who can truly help sell their product. Businesses have full control over who they work with and how much they pay. Afluencer allows businesses to come up with unique marketing techniques while leveraging the potential of an influencer.

When you work with an influencer, it isn’t only about selling. It is about building connections, improving goodwill, and making an impression. Whereas, on ClickBank all markets care about is commission.

Influencer marketing might sound like an expensive deal, but after this ClickBank review, we can say that it turns out to be more expensive in the long-run. 

When you work with Afluencer, you will need your products on your own site or social media handle. Whereas, ClickBank doesn’t have such requirements, which can be troublesome since the company may remove your account without warnings and you will suddenly be left without a store.

Whereas, when you work with Afluencer, you will help your product sell itself. Even if you do not continue to work with an influencer, your product will continue to sell based on the market image it enjoys.

ClickBank Review: Conclusion

There is no room for poor improvisation if you want to make sales with an affiliate program. Rated among one of the top 100 businesses in the world, ClickBank is perhaps one of the best affiliate programs worldwide. The platform is legitimate, and it provides users with various resources for making sales. Millions of users are already members of the platform and are continuing to rake in the profits.

That said, before making the best of a ClickBank profile, you will have to develop a good marketing campaign. Also, you will have to create a user profile and provide proper payment details, where your commissions will be deposited. There are over 500,000 digital marketers including some with a lot of experience. But it can be quite difficult to use, for example, the steps involved in creating your own product can be quite complicated.

It’s best to work on building your own store and using Afluencer to reach affiliates who can help you reach a wider audience. As an influencer, you will get to work with different brands through Afluencer.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our Rakuten Marketing Review. Another thorough review that you don’t want to miss!




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