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Rakuten Marketing Review: Shall I Join This Free Program to Make Money

Moe Sid

Afluencer Correspondent

Rakuten Marketing | Afluencer Affiliate Platform Review

It is important to go through Rakuten Marketing reviews to understand how it works if you are starting as an influencer or affiliate marketer and want to earn money.

Many businesses are working smart to achieve a competitive edge over other competitors, and to improve their global reach. Using techniques such as influencer marketing has become crucial in helping companies to achieve such goals.

While there are various affiliate marketing programs today, not many are legitimate. Thus, this is a comprehensive Rakuten LinkShare Review and all the critical aspects of the program. 

Rakuten Marketing Review: What is LinkShare?

LinkShare is a subsidiary of Rakuten Marketing LLC. It falls in the category of some of the largest pay-for-performance affiliate programs in the world. The platform gives both advertisers and publishers a chance to connect and engage consumers. Almost all Rakuten Marketing affiliate reviews agree that the platform is suitable for both advertisers and publishers.

It allows businesses to reach a wider audience at a lower cost by choosing the most suitable influencer. Furthermore, it also lets influencers find companies to work with.

The company is based in Tokyo with offices in 9 other locations. It’s one of the few affiliate companies to have a global reach – over 200 countries.

In this LinkShare review, we will talk about the platform and gauge if it’s worth a try.

Let’s get started: 

Rakuten Marketing Review: How Does LinkShare Work?

LinkShare works like any other affiliate network. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Join the Advertiser Programs

The first step would be to join the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network. The sign-up process requires that you submit a few personal details, which you will use to create a unique user profile.

Some of the details you will be asked to provide include your name, address, email, and some financial information. You need to share relevant information for you to be connected to advertisers. 

The Rakuten network provides various payment methods, which depend on your location and network. Also, consider reaching out to advertisers who market the same products as those that are found in your niche. 

Use the “search-box” in your Rakuten LinkShare profile to search for suitable advertisers. In this section of your profile, you will come across two categories:

  • All Advertisers
  • New Advertisers

Click on either to complete the search process. 

You can also improve the quality of your search results by using the filters on the search box correctly. 

Some of the characteristics you can filter out include advertisers with mobile-optimized sites, those who merchandise product data feeds, and more. 

Apply for Programs

Use your profile on the LinkShare network to apply to the advertiser’s program. To do this, choose the Select button close to the offer that suits your business. Then, click on the Update button at the bottom of the page. 

If you want several programs at the same time, go back to the listing of the programs and select the checkboxes that are suitable for your business. Then, click on Apply at the bottom of the page.

You can improve the quality of your search results by using the filter function on the website. 

Once you submit an application, it is time to wait to hear back from the company. It can take about a week.

Once you are in the advertiser’s program, you will gain access to various useful links that you can post on your site. To make use of the pre-generated links, visit the dashboard page on your profile.

The Rakuten platform provides various types of links. Usually, these links have a unique code that ensures you receive commissions for any sales made by the company. 

You may choose to use one of the following:

  • Links text
  • Banners including rotating banners
  • Search boxes
  • Customized deep linking
  • Flex links, and more

The best thing is that banners or text ads are very easy to incorporate. You can also create data feeds by using Rakuten’s PopShops.The company has a wide Help section to guide you. If something doesn’t work, then you can get in touch with the agents.

Run Reports on The Program Progress

In your publisher dashboard, go to Reports to access the reporting resources offered by the platform. 

To be specific, you want to generate Sales and Activity reports. They will provide insights into your performance. Furthermore, you can also click on the Custom Reports button to produce personalized reports for your business. 

Rakuten LinkShare Pricing: Earn Paid Commissions

The platform provides weekly payments, and there is a minimum threshold that you must meet before earning. Hence, it scores a perfect five when it comes to Rakuten marketing pricing.

Even more, the network delivers four payments plants each month, on behalf of the advertisers. 

The payment has to go through various approval procedures before being relayed to your financial accounts. The Network gathers billing information and sends an invoice for the same. 

For Rakuten affiliate pricing, it is best to contact vendors since they differ from provider to provider. However, there is no minimum threshold and you can withdraw as little as $1. Sadly, your only options are a direct deposit or a check.

Rakuten Marketing Review: LinkShare Features

Industry-leading Digital Advertising Technology

The Rakuten LinkShare network features unique technology to make your advertising needs convenient. 

For instance, features such as “curate” and “automate” allow users to place ads or content at strategic positions. Furthermore, the program also employs high-quality security techniques to ensure your information is safe at all times. 

Supported through machine learning, the Rakuten LinkShare network lets you customize ads for various regions all over the world. 

The network has partnered with multiple other large companies around the globe to deliver quality results. 

With exclusive access to an ever-increasing global membership team, the Rakuten network is comprised of exceptional transactional data including publisher and advertiser data from various partners of the company. 

They have done well to combine human strategy and Artificial Intelligence to deliver ads that target multiple regions around the world. 

Strategic Counsel from Digital Marketing Experts

Taking things to the next level, the Rakuten LinkShare network also provides useful advice to its clients and users. 

For instance, first-time users of the Rakuten program will receive various links and helpful information for customizing a comprehensive affiliate marketing campaign. Also, they provide additional insights and information to become a top affiliate marketer on the program. Check the Your Journey section for more details.

The network also has the best in class account management, with useful suggestions to help develop your business. The platform provides unique display strategies to improve your ads to target new audiences and direct high-quality traffic to your content. 

Insights and Attribution for Advertising Campaigns

The network makes use of data to provide various benefits including consumer targeting, message curation, and the calibration of your advertisements.

The AI system used by the company is reliable and powerful. You can benefit from a unique mix of data collection strategies and analytical tools. The system is easy to navigate and will provide you with all the details you want to know about your campaigns.

Reporting, Analytics, and Control

The Rakuten LinkShare network has a team of experts that collaborate with you to come up with solutions that can optimize your revenue. They also help you improve the rate of your customer footprint, while also enhancing sales among your ever-increasing audiences.

To achieve these goals, the experts make use of comprehensive reporting, and big data analytics to ensure you have real-time information for your campaign. The platform offers the best of both worlds, including human counsel and machine learning combined. 

Through this approach, you can target new customers and improve your revenue through various techniques. According to the Rakuten network, methods such as prospecting and retargeting are crucial for the success of your affiliate marketing campaign. This way, you will be able to reach and engage with consumers where they choose to access the network. Once you deliver relevant and high-quality ads, you will be able to provide compelling experiences that can convert visitors into shoppers. 

By using comprehensive data and data analysis tools, the brand can develop a unique understanding of consumers. This includes learning about various aspects of the consumers, such as what they value, their activities, and future preferences. The best part is the company shares all this exclusive information with its clients or users. 

Rakuten LinkShare Review: Requirements and Eligibility

You will need to complete the Publisher Registration form to apply. 

According to the site, you need a live website, which has relevant content before you can start making use of the tools on the network. If you want to use a social media page, then you will have to include the specific URL of the page. 

The next step would be to provide quality and unique content that provides value to the consumer. Moreover, you will need to submit tax information and a valid mailing address.

Any instance of spam or copied content will get your profile flagged. Fortunately, there are no strict conditions when it comes to the number of visitors.

The network has a team of staff that moderates and evaluates the material that you use on your website. They usually do not reject applications but if your website has little to no content or it doesn’t have original content then your application may get rejected.

We must mention that the most difficult part is getting approved for a specific program. The advertiser will look at your website and make sure you offer what they need, hence only apply if they fall in the same niche as your website.

Rakuten Marketing Review: LinkShare Pros and Cons

The Good


You will find some top brands such as Whistles, Bally, Hunter, Spartan, Meli Melo, Clarins, and FarFetch on the platform. There are various brands to work with, hence you will always have something for you.

High-quality Analytics

The Rakuten network provides its users with high-quality analytics to help take their affiliate marketing campaigns to the next level. To be specific, the brand leverages the use of artificial intelligence, data collection tools, and human strategy to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign. 

Gaining access to this information through other platforms is often costly and challenging. 

Simple Sign-Up Process

Creating a user profile on the platform is simple and straightforward. There are no stringent terms.

You need to share your relevant personal details and share the link to your webpage. Once your profile is approved, you will gain access to several unique resources for your marketing campaign

There are no traffic or language requirements, making it a global option. However, it doesn’t approve websites that contain controversial topics related to sexual orientation, religion, terrorism, etc.

Secure Platform

The platform is safe and secure to use. It uses the highest level of encryption to ensure your data remains private. 


It uses a CPA system and uses HTML to display ads. It’s also fully compatible with AdSense, however, make sure the ads aren’t styled to replicate AdSense units. We love that it lets you create deep links and rotating banners. These options offer higher returns and increase your chances of hitting the bull’s eye.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7. You can use live chat to get in touch with the team or make a phone call. There are international numbers available for most countries.

Free Program

The Rakuten affiliate program is available free of charge. You don’t have to pay any fees or sign-up costs to create a profile on the network. They provide you with exclusive access to information and data that would be costly when acquired through other platforms. 

The Bad

Payment Options

You can withdraw using two options include, check and direct deposit. They can take up to 10 weeks to reach you. Sadly, e-wallets are not available. Moreover, there are no specific payment terms and you will only receive payment once a vendor pays you, which may take up to 60 days in some cases.

Rakuten Marketing Review: FAQ

Q. How much money can I make through LinkShare?

As an affiliate marketing program, the amount of money you can make depends on various factors. Some brands pay little, some pay more. It also depends on the quality of your audience, your niche,  demographics, and other variable factors.

Q. Is Rakuten safe in 2020?

Yes, Rakuten marketing is legit and safe no matter where you are. 

Q. Why did I get my Rakuten account terminated?

It happens if you break the rules, lie about your products or services, or do not provide what you promise.  All you have to do is follow the rules and you will have nothing to worry about.

Q. CJ vs Rakuten, which is better?

CJ is a better name but Rakuten has more websites in the lifestyle niche. It’s also leading in Suriname, Japan, Haiti, French Guiana, and some other countries.

Q. How much does Rakuten marketing cost?

As an influencer or affiliate, you will not have to worry about making payments to Rakuten. 

Rakuten Marketing Review: Conclusion 

Launched in 1996, Rakuten LinkShare is a popular name with more than 1,000 advertisers. About 76 percent of users agree that the platform offers an easy way to monetize the website. It was voted as the #1 network for 8 consecutive years and still continues to be a top name.

In this Rakuten company review, we can say that it is a reliable option for users who are new to the world of influencer marketing. Most Rakuten Marketing affiliate reviews agree that Rakuten affiliate pricing is affordable, making it a good pick for new users.

Influencer marketing platforms like Rakuten are best for users who want to get access to a number of brands without signing up for multiple accounts. However, if you wish to work with a single brand then check 4 Best Hotels and Resorts That Work with Influencers. After this Rakuten Marketing review, we’ll move to review other platforms.

How is Afluencer Different From Rakuten Marketing?

Rakuten Marketing is an affiliate program whereas, Afluencer is suitable for influencers. At Afluencer, it isn’t about getting clicks and links, it’s about reaching newer people, you will not reach otherwise.

We work with influencers from all around the globe and in various niches. You will get all the required information about an influencer including the number of followers, engagement rate, geographical reach, etc. You will have enough information to make an informed decision and help your brand build credibility by using influencer marketing, which is the fastest-growing part of online marketing.

At Afluencer, we do not push to include links and get clicks. We work to create an everlasting impact to help your brand sell on its own.




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