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Podcast Episode #11 – Taking a New Product to Market With Influencers | Armesha Lynn – Breathe Easy Infusion

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We’re thrilled to present the latest addition to Afluencer’s content lineup – our podcast series featuring insightful conversations with influential brand owners. In this inaugural article, we have the privilege of introducing Armesha Lynn, the visionary founder of Breathe Easy Infusion, as our esteemed guest.

Meet Armesha Lynn: The Mind Behind Breathe Easy Infusion

Rebecca Martin, the innovative mind driving Breathe Easy Infusion, takes center stage in the Afluencer podcast series. With a wealth of experience in the world of influencer marketing, Armesha shares captivating insights, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped her brand’s journey.

Podcast Premiere: Delving into the Breathe Easy Infusion Universe

Join us in exploring the enchanting world of Breathe Easy Infusion through the eyes of Armesha Lynn herself. We’ve embedded the riveting YouTube podcast video below, offering an exclusive glimpse into the transformative power of influencer marketing.

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Key Takeaways

00:00 🎙️ Introduction and Background of Armesha Lynn

– Armesha Lynn’s background and journey to starting Breathe Easy Infusion LLC.

– Inspiration for creating a two-in-one product combining Oral Care and lip care.

03:26 🌟 Key Features of Chapman (Breathe Easy Infusion product)

– Chapman is a two-in-one product that freshens breath and soothes lips.

– Cost-effective solution compared to buying separate breath mints and lip balm.

– Targeting demographics, including Millennials, who seek value and quality.

06:19 💰 Pricing and Usage of Chapman

– A single stick of Chapman can last an adult around two to three weeks.

– Cost-effective pricing, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

10:01 📣 Influencer Marketing Strategy

– Armesha’s strategy involves collaborating with influencers to introduce Chapman to a broader audience.

– Influencers with established followings are essential for spreading the word effectively.

– Affluencer platform is a valuable resource for connecting with influencers.

14:08 💼 Collaboration and Payment with Influencers

– Armesha discusses her approach to collaborations, including both paid posts and long-term relationships.

– Emphasizes the importance of a mutually beneficial partnership with influencers.

16:10 🛒 Where to Purchase Chapman

– Chapman is available for purchase on Shopify through Breathe Easy Infusion’s website (breatheeasyinfusion.com).

Transcription Insight: A Peek into the Conversation

Gain an insider’s perspective as we burrow into the transcription of our engaging conversation with Armesha Lynn. Discover the strategies, anecdotes, and wisdom that have fueled Breathe Easy Infusion’ success, all captured in this in-depth transcription.

In Conversation with Armesha Lynn, Founder of Breathe Easy Infusion:


Welcome to our influencer podcast. Today we have Armes Lin, founder of Breathe Easy Infusion, L L C A product I am particularly excited about as a coffee drinker who plays with his young daughters in the morning. And I always hear how I have coffee. Breath Armes has a potential solution for me that could change the entire dynamics of my mornings, so I’m very excited about that. Armes also has a generous paper post opportunity, a collab post with us that we’re going to talk about. So if you’re an influencer watching this, we’re going to get into that opportunity as well. Armes. Alicia, welcome. And before we get into Breathe Easy as the product, can you give us your background and what led you to start this company?


Thank you, Brent. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Number one, and thank you for the consultation earlier, all that information, I took it and I’ve used it as homework and it’s working for me with the collab, so thank you so much.


That’s excellent. That’s awesome. Awesome.


I started, I’m just a simple Chicago girl who just had a big dream. I wanted to own my own business, but I didn’t know what I was looking for. Did I want to create a service or did I wanted to create a product or something and I was just searching for it, but I knew that I wanted to have something for the consumer to take. That’s easy, that’s beneficial, and that’s less costly. And one day for some reason I was out with a group of friends, and normally if you are a girl, you have a purse full of lip balm, you have a purse, full of breath, mints, and you’re just ready to enjoy your night. And this particular night I did not have my lip balm, but I had the breath mint, so I was like, oh my goodness, I’m going to have chapped lips throughout the day, especially when you drink and you eat, your lips just kind of dehydrate.

And I thought to myself, I don’t see a product on the market that have a collaborative oral care and lip care combined. I’ve looked for it. I’ve never seen it before. And that light bulb just came at the top of my head. I immediately started talking to Legal Zoom to get some patent things going, and I worked with Columbia Cosmetics as a manufacturer to get it produced. And lo and behold, we came up with a product that’s a two in one function. It freshens your breath and it soothes your lips all in one application. And that right there, that’s me. I’m the girl of less cough. I’m the girl of something beneficial. Two in one function, I would like to have one thing in my pocket instead of two things in my pocket. And it took off a lot of good feedback saying, Hey, this is unique. I’ve never seen it.


This is great. As someone who’s always fumbled around for my own chapstick, I’ve got dry lips, as you mentioned, so I’ve got chapsticks all over the place, my office home, I’m always fumbling for that gum also. Right. You just eat, you just have a coffee. You’re always fumbling around these mints, gum. I don’t have it. I’ve got this thing stashed everywhere.




This is fantastic. It’s actually a great, I mean, I’m very impressed with your legal Zoom work also is, I mean Chapman, that’s a fantastic name. That’s exactly what you learn when you’re doing these entrepreneurship one-on-one things is how do you combine two words into one where it says everything that your product does in one word. So it’s really brilliant from that standpoint and the two in one. So can you tell us more about the product itself? And it’s almost, I mean, this is just a classic kind of finding a need and just creating the product. It’s genius. So from a competitive quote, alternative standpoint, is it really that you’ve got to be looking at different products? So if I don’t have my Chapman order or I run out of my breathe easy chap mints, I’ve got to go back to old school, I’ve got to go back to my mints and my chapstick. I can’t find one product that has all this.


Well, Brent, we discussed it in our consultation with me and you talked about how we can keep ourselves on the market, keep us up and alive and fresh for the consumer. Now if you go to a store, you will pay, let’s say $6 for Chapman and $6 for a breath mint or a Tic-Tac or some gum. So that’s $12 total using Chap Mint, which contains both functions. It only is $6, that’s a half, 50% off and more consumers. And when you’re talking about demographic, we touched base on this too, Brent, when you’re dealing with demographics, you’re dealing with millennials and post-millennials who definitely are looking for bargains. They want something that they can get with not having to spend so much money because you got college students and then you have people in the big world, legal people, everyone just wants, I want something that costs less, but I also want the benefit and I don’t want to lose the benefit of needing gum. I need gum. Everyone needs gum and lip chap, everyone needs Chapman. So having those two oral care and lip care combined, when we put our heads together in the manufacturing, we were saying, you know what, we really tackle a big part of the market just by bringing those two things together. So if you want me to point to one thing, it definitely is going to cost you less. So


You got me sold Armes, I’m staring at the order page right now. Okay, pack of 5 25 99. So like you said, free delivery to Sacramento. So you can’t beat that. She’ll be here next Tuesday. So am I ordering one pack and if so, how long is that going to last me? I’ve got my pack of five coming and armes, I’m going to, I’ll stash one in the office, one in the car, one at home. The kids will take one. Maybe I lose one to the five-year-old who puts it on like it’s makeup, right? But how long is one stick of Chap min under adult condition, shall we say? How long is that going to last?


That’s awesome, Brenda. That’s awesome. One lip balm is going to carry you probably for a good two week to three week span because keep in mind you’re using it on application, you’re using it because you need it. You’re using the breath mint and the lip balm because you’re needing it at that moment. So let’s say three weeks will be the time where you want to get back on my website and get that other five pack.


Okay, fair enough. So maybe I buy two five packs at the outset, get me going. Okay.


Yeah, I heard you said the children’s going to take some, so maybe another pack away. Maybe


Another pack. Yeah, there’s be some collateral damage, maybe not your average use case, but just the cost of doing business I have to accept over on my ends.


So true.


Okay, so great product, our second call together, of course. So I’m sold From a general standpoint, how are you marketing the product currently and how are you generating sales or what’s the current plan as you go to market with Chapman? What’s that sales and marketing plan here?


Well, you gave me a lot of homework, Brent, in our consultation, because now I just received the big bulk of the product, which is about 10 to 15,000 units, and we’re on Shopify selling the five pack and we’re selling the 10 pack on Shopify. Oh, there’s a 10. So I don’t


Need order the two fives. Okay, good, good. So I’ll do the 10.


Yep, down. I’m taking care of you gr I’m taking care of you


Top down.


Okay, all set. You definitely can get a larger volume of it for people to pass out or just for yourself or usage as you use it. And most feedback they’re saying is so unique, I can’t match it with anyone. I can’t even give you a compar of what’s good and what’s bad because you carry two important things that no one, and you would think oral care will be immediately a light bulb for anybody, but no one thinks about it. But we thought about it and Columbia Cosmetics and everybody’s saying, you know what, you have created something. So when you create something, your brand stands all by itself because you have nothing to match it with. So we are proud to present and to give to the consumer something that is a creation, but it’s also a going forward, the new way we do things, the new way we see oral care and lip care together. Brent


Category creator, I love this. So from an influencer standpoint, then our nation for our influencers who are watching this, and we will have the link to your collab right under this so that we can bring your product to life and have our influencers come on and apply to work with you and work with Chapman here. What are we looking for in terms of potential partners talking? I mean, anyone can order this product, right? We’re talking very broad reach, large addressable market if I’m being a venture capitalist here. So it’s the type of product that everyone needs. Where are we starting from the influencer standpoint in terms of getting the word out about Chapman? Who should apply to your collab?


Well, immediately when I opened Shopify, I jumped to Alu because you have a list of the socialites in your industry. They have all the ones, they’ll be the one to tell me, Hey, someone’s interested in your stuff because they’ve never seen your stuff. So I’ve had 18, 15 to 18 influencers saying, Hey, send me a sample. Hey, tell me what’s going on with this and let’s me and you get together because I have like a hundred thousand TikTok who want to introduce themselves to your brand. And I was like, okay, A influencer is the way to go when you want to connect, when you want to get into the know, because your influencers have the know-how to tap into TikTok, how to tap into Instagram, and they’ve already built their following. So when they, they want to welcome you into their world that’s welcoming you into a hundred thousand homes. So you definitely want to talk to them. I’ve been talking to ’em. I have three collaborators that we got projects going forward from a flu. And if you want to take your brand to an introduction where it’s in Las Vegas, California is Utah, you want to tap into a fluent and your way of doing connection.


This is awesome. I can’t wait to see these. What are we doing? Some reels, some posts coming out with Chapman, hashtag Chapman going to be trending here. I can


Wait. One of them. Yeah, one of them is with two videos coming out with one of our young millennials and he couldn’t wait. He just said, you know what? Send me a sample. Let me see.


That’s awesome. That’s awesome. This is going to be great. So we kind of alluded to it, but how would you like influencers who want to work with Chapman, who want to be early in, I mean they want to work with Armes Alicia now, while you can still get ahold of her before she’s too big to be approached, we want to work


With Armes.


How should influencers approach and reach out to


Reach out, connect with me on a level where we are teaming up to give the consumer something created. I don’t want the old way, I want the new fresh thinkers to come to the table and say, Hey, let’s do it a way that no one’s ever seen it before because I’m unique. I want you to be unique and I want us to do a unique thing. So everything is on a creation level. So I would love to talk to the influencers. You have a beautiful, beautiful way of connecting people who don’t know how to connect, bringing them into people who’ve already established themselves. So thank a for that. That’s key.


Thrilled to hear it. Thrilled to have a product like Chapman. I mean, talk about connecting people who doesn’t want the two in one of the lip balm and the mints all in one arm issue. So I’ll let you go on this one, but I do want to emphasize you’re being very generous also with the collab. It’s a nice paper post offer. Is that right? So not only do we have the potential for product, and you’re given a lot of creative control, which many creators, influencers, love, but also you’re paying them for their work, which is what all of us want in life. Is that right


Brent? They made their pave their road. They are worth it. They’re worth it. When you get collaborating with someone, you’re not collaborating with someone that is just starting off even though you have those options. But the ones that I’ve been connecting to, they’ve been 3, 4, 5 years, their history and their resume is 250,000 viewers and followers. They want you to bring something to the table too. And they’re saying, I want you to bring uniqueness. What are you selling that makes me want to throw my light bulb up and the fluid? And I’m saying the same thing. I’m like, well, what you got that’s making me want you too. And then when that’s where the collaboration comes in, me and the collaborator click, that means you got good stuff, I got good stuff, and now we got good stuff for the consumer and it’s going to turn out beneficial for us both where you do pay for post, sometimes pay for post is good to get that information out. Sometimes you want to just have a long relationship with a percentage, you do it as a percentile, it’s up to you and it’s up to your influencer. You talk and communicate and come up with a connection.


Well, this has been great. Thanks so much Armes. Lynn again is our star entrepreneur here. Breathe Easy is the company. Chapman is our product, and like we said, we’ve got a big shipment of Chapman, but it’s about to be 10 lighter as soon as I get my order in. Once we get off the phone here, the Breathe Easy is also the name of the collab. And again, we will get the link here for our influencers. So if you’re interested in working with Armes and Breathe Easy and Chapman, then we’ll make that easy for you. Where can click to apply Armes? How else can folks buy your product? Where can they find you? Where can they find Chapman?


Well, so far, since we just received the order, we got Shopify and we got Shopify Fulfillment Center loaded with half of our products. So Shopify, you can reach out and order right now and get that order to you in three days. You’ll be awesomely surprised.


Yeah, three days. That’s what I was quoted. So breathe easy infusion.com is going to be the U R L here if you want to order and then click the Chapman balm button and that’ll get you to the specific order page here. And Armes, get the order out to you. What more can we want? What more can we ask for? Right? So exciting opportunity for us Coffee drinkers, influencers out there. Armes, thanks so much for joining. Really appreciate having you on and exciting to learn about the origin story here of Chapman and Breathe easy.


Thank you Bryn. We’ll talk soon. Thanks much


As always. Thanks Armes.


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Reflecting on a Journey of Innovation and Influence

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