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Posted on June 28, 2021

How Has the Pandemic Changed the Way We Use Social Media?

COVID-19 and the lockdown orders have changed everything. As governments shut down all malls, restaurants, and stores, people used the internet to connect with the outside world. Social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat are no longer just used for entertainment. Here’s how the pandemic changed the way we use social media: […]

Posted on June 14, 2021

8 Hot Vape Brands Looking for Influencers

Before we puff into a cloud of vape brands, you confirm that you’re of legal age (18+ or 21+ years old depending on regulations in your state). Influencers, are you ready to puff some awesome vape collabs onto your social media feed? From delicious e-liquids to sleek devices and accessories, we’ve found 8 super flavorful […]

Posted on April 27, 2020

The Influencer Coronavirus Connection: How It’s Changing the Industry and What You Can Do

Coronavirus has slowed down industries but it will be a while before we find the actual effects of the pandemic on businesses and influencer marketing. According to reports, unemployment has reached an all-time high, and businesses all around the world have started to shut down. Every industry has been affected by the result of global […]

Posted on March 31, 2020

How Social Distancing Affects Influencers

Influencers take great care to keep their social media feeds looking pristine and on-brand. The carefully curated photos they post are meant to present an enviable lifestyle and the stereotypical image of an influencer is of a person with a perfectly put-together outfit, great hair, and makeup taken in an exotic and interesting location. However, […]



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