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Which Topics Influencers Should Never Touch On

Aaron Tylor

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Influencers are routinely commenting on things, voicing their opinions on certain topics, and making their official position known. Sometimes, this can get tricky. We’d say there’s one thing that most people forget: It doesn’t have to be a with us or without us situation. You can be vague. You can be neutral. And you, definitely, can be silent.

So today, we’re going to share with you the topics that influencers should stay well clear of.

Things You Don’t Know Anything About

This should be common sense, but it’s never a good idea to talk about things you have no idea about. If you don’t know anything about world politics, religions, or social theory, the best thing you can say about them is nothing.

A good example would be our own former President suggesting “rogue killers” when the whole Jamal Khashoggi thing went down. It was the worst move in the history of bad moves: Not because the Saudi officials basically repeated what Trump had “suggested,” but because the Turkish intelligence completely decimated that claim. In the end, you had the US President say something—on the record—that the CIA later refuted.

Sure, influencers aren’t presidents and don’t have national responsibilities, but you represent a business enterprise. You carry their values for them. Don’t put them in a tricky situation by speaking when you should have remained silent.

Speaking About Experiences You Don’t Have

We’ve seen this one too many times. From men passing remarks about abortion and menstruation to white people discussing whether or not violence meted out to black people is justified. Just don’t toe this line. Other than being glaringly unethical, it is also bad for business. You really don’t want others to remember you as the guy who says something about women’s experiences—especially since this isn’t the 1700s.

In fact, even if you are a woman, we’d advise great caution about what you choose to say. Never forget that if the world’s most beloved writer can get canceled, so can you.


Unless you’re advocating against war, it’s better not to say anything at all. Even if you think a certain war was needed. Even if you strongly feel about these things, based on personal experience or prejudice, it’s better to keep mum when you’re in the public eye.

Remember that time when Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas was dragged through the mud because she was advocating war? A name that is so globally known—not to mention a UNICEF ambassador—should not be encouraging nuclear war in the world. To make matters worse, she also proceeded to gaslight a person asking tough questions. In the influencer world, this is how influencers lose cred at the speed of light.

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