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Mistakes Influencers Should Avoid On Instagram

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

Mistakes Influencers Should Avoid On Instagram | Afluencer Infographic

So that was our handsome infographic pointing out the mistakes Instagram influencers should avoid. We would love for you to share it, repost it, or even just bookmark it so you can refer to it in the future!

Would you like us to go through it again without the fancy graphics?

Here are the 3 mistakes we see influencers make over and over again when they’re creating posts on Instagram.

3 Common Mistakes Instagram Influencers Make

If you’re aiming to be one of those big influencers on Instagram, then these are the mistakes you should be avoiding.

1. Excessive Use of Hashtags

Previously, Instagrammers used to add 50 or even up to 70 hashtags on their posts—with hopes to reach a larger audience.

Instagram hashtags are a great marketing tool for influencers, but they can’t beat the importance of content. Instagram wants you to post only quality content so that its users get the most out of their social media experience.

So if you get carried away with those, then you may just get yourself “Action Banned” or your posts may be hidden from your audience. The Instagram algorithm considers excessive hashtags as spam. So put a cap on the hashtags you use in your captions.

Aside from that, avoid repeatedly using the same hashtags for all your Instagram posts. Switch them up!

2. Posting Irrelevant Content

Why would you want to post content that has no relation to your personal brand? Remember, your followers are sticking with you because of who you are and what you represent. So posting irrelevant content is just going to be such a big turn-off for your audience.

As an Instagram influencer, you want to avoid posting images and captions that your followers are not expecting—as it could prove a costly mistake. Followers may up and leave if they start seeing content that is out of place.

3. Inconsistency

Apart from creating quality content, you need to make sure you follow a proper schedule when publishing each post. You can’t be a successful Instagram influencer if you’re just going to post “whenever you feel like it“.

Your followers can be very particular about consistency in your posts. It’s a big mistake to go on a sudden break and expect your audience to be there for you when you come back.

So this last point is to avoid being inconsistent when releasing your influencer-inspired posts on Instagram. Figure out the best timing for when you’ll catch your audience active on Instagram. Then make sure to always post at that time.

Do You Have The Right Skills To Be An Influencer?

So now you have a better insight into the mistakes you should avoid as an influencer on Instagram. Visit our website, Afluencer.com where you can be a part of our ever-growing influencer marketing network. You’ll not just learn the ins and outs of the influencer lifestyle but you’ll also get to meet and work with top brands looking for top influencers like you!




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