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Promoting Your Brand’s Soft Image through Social Media Influencers

Aaron Tylor

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By now we’ve all concluded that social media marketing is one of the best ways to generate larger client circles and boost your revenue streams. However, in a time when everyone’s going for the same thing, how do you make sure that you stand out amongst your competitors?

The answer—is by associating your brand with a social media personality.

When you promote your brand image without a social media influencer, you’re trying to target whoever comes across your marketing campaigns. There’s no direction. No precision. No accuracy with respect to the audience. Like shooting ads through a shotgun hoping that at least one of them hits the target. If you associate your brand with a social media influencer, you’ll get the following advantages:

  • Tap into a client market that’s coming to the celebrity’s web pages to listen to what they have to say.
  • You’ll find it easier to convert clients because they’re already oriented toward buying your products.
  • Your marketing strategies become more effective because you’re using the celebrity as a conduit into prospective, interested client circles.

What do The Statistics Say?

Social media influencer marketing has become huge over the past five years—currently, the industry is valued at $10 billion. It’s not a surprise considering that businesses are reporting returns as high as 420% on their investments in influencer marketing. Clearly, the marketing outcomes from influencer marketing are huge and you’d do well to invest in this medium if you hope to be promoting a successful brand image.

Just because you’re signing on a social media influencer as part of your marketing campaigns, however, doesn’t guarantee marketing success. You’ll need to put a lot of thought into designing a successful marketing campaign around a singular personality. Some things you should keep in mind include:

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1. Choose the Right Influencer to Promote Your Brand Image

Imagine if one day you saw a Nike ad with a university professor talking about how great their sports products are. That sort of thing just doesn’t make sense—what could an academic possibly get out of sports equipment? If that professor has a social media following, it’s also unlikely that they have your target markets following them. So think about finding influencers who have the right following amongst the appropriate client circles. This consistency is essential if you’re looking to make returns on your brand image marketing investments.

2. Give Your Influencers Creative Agency

The promotional content on your chosen social media personality’s pages must seem like a natural extension of their persona. It shouldn’t seem like they’re forcing the content down the viewers’ throats and the audience must feel like the influencer actually uses your products as part of their daily routines. So tell your influencers what brand image you’re looking to promote and let them figure out how to get you there themselves. It’s the best way to make sure that your audience doesn’t think the influencer’s stream is too commercial.

Promoting Your Brand’s Soft Image through Social Media Influencers

3. Emphasize Product Reviews

Ultimately, you want people to buy your products or services right? So on top of promoting a great brand image, make sure that your hired influencers extensively review your products. So they can promote confidence in your product’s quality and desirability. Your influencers need to hold up the products on screen, they need to give detailed accounts of how they like your product and why.

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