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9 Mom Influencers to Collaborate with Today

Kaleigh Moore


The last few years have been full of talk about juggling work-from-home jobs and families. Who better to make a case for work/life balance and one-person enterprises than mom influencers?

Their feeds are a mix of all things that make up a well-balanced life—from cozy homes to experiential travel, children’s toys, healthy meals, and so much more.

In this list, you’ll find both moms with large audiences, as well as those with smaller, more niche audiences. Regardless of their circle of influence, these moms are advocates of good parenting, positivity, and fashion—and can make any product come alive with their vibrance and content creation skills.

With babies under their arms and brand deals under their belts, here are 9 mom influencers to Collab with.

  1. Abigail Brady
  2. Adria Comi
  3. Alexandra Nicole
  4. Alena Shestakova
  5. Alicia Trautwein
  6. Allegra Birdwell
  7. Anna Liza Plaida
  8. Anitra Jackson
  9. Annmarie John

Abigail Brady

Abigail Brady | IG posts with family during Christmas | Mom influencers

Abigail Brady is a millennial mom working hard to stay hip and keep everything together. She refers to herself (lovingly) as the Hot Mess Mom Express. Her Instagram presence focuses on helping new parents navigate that process, sharing her lessons learned along the way. She often goes live and only promotes a highly curated collection of products.

Along with parenting, her roster of content topics also includes body positivity and mental health. Abigail has carved out quite a name for herself so far, with features in Washington Post and KUTV. Chock-full of authenticity, she continues to keep it real for her social media audience. Abigail is certainly a great fit for brands looking for mom influencers to encourage body positivity and a clear headspace.

Adria Comi

Adria Comi with daughter and husband | Mom influencers featured on Afluencer

Adria and Athena is a mother-and-daughter team with an Insta following of 12k that documents the journey of (now) toddler Athena since birth. Based in Pennsylvania, Adria is a great partner for brands wanting to reach millennial-aged moms.

Adria’s feed is a mix of both portrait photography of her daughter and quirky reels that showcase her everyday endeavors. You’ll also find the odd product promo post tucked in there. These posts include past team-ups with brands such as L&M Tee Co., The Plant Club, and AdoreMe.

Alexandra Nicole Nolan

Alexandra Nicole with sons on IG | Single Mom Influencer

Alexandra Nicole is a mom influencer with 220k followers and a powerful message of taking the unexplored path in following your dreams. With features in Forbes, Yahoo News, and Influencive, this ‘unconventional entrepreneur’ uses IG to talk about all things kids, beauty, cooking, and DIY home decor.

Her feed is aesthetically personified. Her profile’s thumbnails regularly feature cozy home corners, ‘aw’-inspiring family pictures, and close-ups of her crystal clear skin—creating numerous collab opps.

A single mom who is currently pursuing a doctorate degree, this influencer does not hold back on her message of empowerment. Alexandra is also known to regularly collabs with brands that facilitate a ‘boss’ lifestyle. She creatively works products into her posts always making sure to tie them to at least one of her central content pillars.

Alena Shestakova

Alena Shestakova with her son during Christmas | Instagram posts

This Russian-American mom influencer endorses body positivity for mothers and often partners with brands that carry the same message. With a follower count of over 20k, this influencer frequently uploads images of her diverse travels around the world.

Her IG reels are a collection of messages of self-love, stunning home decor from around the world, and mini travel clips. Featuring stunning dresses in exotic locales, Alena is the ideal mom to partner with for body-positive fashion brands, gifting and home decor brands.

Alicia Trautwein

Alicia Trautwein on Instagram | Mom influencers

Alicia Trautwein is an autism advocate and motivational speaker from Missouri. She herself is an autistic mother with four children who have special needs. On her blog, Alicia gives special parenting advice and educates her audience about different neurodevelopmental conditions like autism and ADHD.

She has over 147k IG followers where she shares daily affirmations and creates awareness about neurodivergent disorders. She also talks about mental health, offering insights into anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

Alicia shares her own life experience of being autistic and raising children with varying needs while offering support to anyone on the neurodivergent spectrum. Her feed is raw, witty, and honest. With unposed pictures of her kids and unfiltered videos of herself—her journey is visual, vocal, and vividly inspiring.

Allegra Birdwell

Allegra Birdwell | Fashion and beauty IG posts

Allegra Birdwell is a mom of three residing in Oklahoma. She loves to talk about women’s fashion, beauty, home decor, and personal growth. She prides herself on her photogenic family and classic fashion—which is made evident by her immaculate feed.

Her profile is sometimes light and fun but mostly unapologetically honest. A perfect fit to team up with brands that have a strong point of view.

Being a nano-influencer, Allegra has a keen interest in marketing and content creation relating to women’s fashion, family building, and home improvement. She is currently building her online community that has surpassed over 2k followers. Allegra is also juggling working as a nurse and being a full-time mom.

For brands looking to work with mom influencers, Allegra will certainly be an asset to your campaign.

Anna Liza Plaida

Anna Liza Plaida | Christmas time with family on Instagram

Anna Liza is a working mom from the Philippines who loves taking care of her family. Donning many hats, Anna is an executive assistant, an online seller of branded goods, and part-owner of a drugstore. On her blog, she talks about her life as a working mom, daily challenges, and ways to overcome them.

With over 5.5k IG followers, Anna’s page has an engagement rate of 1.6% where she shares her trusted home and lifestyle products. Always a learner, she believes in bettering herself and always learning new things. She talks about parenting and shares valuable advice on juggling work and personal life.

Anitra Jackson

Anitra Jackson | IG posts | Mom Influencers on Afluencer

Anitra Jackson is a Montessori teacher, small business owner of a vegan candle company, and also a yoga fanatic. On her blog, The Momtessorian, she shares parenting and lifestyle advice with resources for holistic Montessori education.

Anitra has a follower count of over 7.3k on Instagram where she talks about mindfulness, Montessori resources, and her favored products for home decor.

Our mom influencer is also learning about yoga, essential oils, and DIY farmhouse decor– sharing insights with her audience on her blog. Certified by cosmic kids yoga, Anitra also teaches yoga to kids aged 2-9 years.

Annmarie John

Annmarie John | IG posts | Influencers featured on Afluencer

Annmarie John is a retired army veteran and a travel content creator from Colorado. She has an innate love for traveling and exploring new places. A mom of four, our inspiring influencer shares her travel experiences along with lifestyle, business, and parenting advice on her blog.

With over 47k IG followers, she shares her travel journey, and product reviews and offers glimpses into her daily life as a mom. Her services also include press trips and destination campaigns, social media campaigns, content marketing, and product reviews.

Partner with a Millennial Mom Today

Cute babies make the perfect accessory, no matter what you are trying to sell. In fact, multiple studies show that adult brains are wired to go ga-ga over babies. Add to this mix a mom with a personal brand and a mission to enlighten her audience and you have the perfect marketer.

Ready to see results that would otherwise take a long time (and lofty budgets) with paid advertising? Partner with these vibrant mom influencers to convey your message and snowball sales.

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