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Podcast Episode #04 Fast Track To Millionaire | Carmen Tripodi – The Ultimate Person

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Fast cash – that’s the goal, right? Get rich and get rich quick! Thankfully, in this week’s podcast our esteemed guest, Carmon Tripodi, founder of the Fast Track to Millionaire Brand, is breaking down a bit of what it takes to get there. You’re welcome 🙂 

Introducing Carmon Tripodi: The Mastermind Paving the Express Lane to Millionaire Status

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Carmen Tripodi, the brain behind the sensational “Fast Track to Millionaire.” Carmen is the captain of multiple entrepreneurial ships and the genius behind countless influencer collaborations that we’re about to dive into.


Picture this: Carmen’s journey into the realm of personal development led her to craft the ultimateperson.com brand. It’s a treasure trove of science-backed educational services that teach you how to live life to the absolute fullest based on scientific principles. Now, hold on to your hats, because Carmen’s not stopping there.


Enter the “Fast Track to Millionaire” program, the flashy, high-speed branch of ultimateperson.com. This isn’t just about personal growth; it’s about using those principles to supercharge your financial goals. And let me tell you, it’s creating quite a buzz. Carmen’s got the spotlight trained on this venture and a brand-new ambassador program to boot. It’s more than your run-of-the-mill influencer gig. It’s a long-term relationship packed with loyalty and juicy 50% commissions.


So, what’s the secret sauce to becoming a millionaire in the blink of an eye? It’s all about identifying the right moves, laser-focusing on your financial objectives, and cutting out the noise. Efficiency is the name of the game here.


Now, let’s talk audience. Who’s hitching a ride on the Fast Track to Millionaire rollercoaster? Well, pretty much anyone with a dream. Whether you’re in beauty, fitness, or tech, Carmen’s program can turbocharge your ambitions.


Are you an influencer eager to join the Fast Track to Millionaire squad? Carmen’s got a direct messaging feature for swift communication. Apply, get in touch, and let the millionaire-making journey begin. It’s simple, it’s responsive, and it’s as exciting as it sounds.


In Carmen’s words, “Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire?” So, what’s the secret sauce to becoming a millionaire in the blink of an eye? Let’s find out! 


Roll Out the Red Carpet: It's Podcast Premiere Time!

Prepare to be starstruck as we delve deep into the cosmic wonders of “Fast Track To Millionaire.” Carmen Tripodi, our guide through this adventure, is about to drop some major wisdom bombs! 


We’ve conjured up a YouTube podcast video that’s as exclusive as a secret handshake at a millionaire’s club. Get ready to witness the mind-blowing magic of influencer marketing!


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Key Takeaways

00:00 📚 Carmen Tripodi’s background and Ultimate Person brand

– Carmen Tripodi is the creator of the Ultimate Person brand, which offers science-based educational services for personal development.

– The Fast Track to Millionaire program is a part of Ultimate Person, focused on applying personal development principles to financial goals.

01:38 💰 Fast Track to Millionaire Program Overview

– The Fast Track to Millionaire program emphasizes identifying necessary actions and eliminating unnecessary ones to achieve financial goals efficiently.

– It has been using Facebook ads and a Facebook group to promote the program, experiencing great response.

– The program can be applied to various fields, making it suitable for influencers in different niches.

04:28 💼 Brand Ambassador Program and Commission

– Carmen’s Brand Ambassador Program offers a generous 50% commission, ensuring influencers are well compensated.

– The program includes monthly residual commissions due to its subscription-based product, which is unique in the influencer market.

– Brand Ambassador relationships are long-term and focus on loyalty and residual income.

07:03 🤝 Collaboration Mechanics

– Influencers can apply to Carmen’s Brand Ambassador Program through direct messaging.

– The affiliate program is hosted on ultimateperson.com using WooCommerce, allowing influencers to receive tracking links for promotions.

– The program encourages influencers to promote the brand and the business opportunity, emphasizing the 50% commissions and residual income.

11:05 🛒 Additional Benefits for Influencers

– The program offers lifetime commissions, ensuring influencers continue to earn from their referrals.

– Discount codes and one-on-one support are also provided to make the collaboration more appealing to influencers.

Transcription Insight: Unearth the Scoop

Get ready to uncover the secrets, stories, and nuggets of brilliance that have powered Fast Track to Millionaire’s meteoric rise. It’s all right here in this in-depth transcription.

In Conversation with Carmen Tripodi, Founder of Fast Track To Millionaire:


Well, thanks for joining us on our collabs podcast. We have Carmen Tripote with us from the Fast Track to Millionaire Brand. Carmen has created multiple companies products here and many opportunities with influencers that we’re going to get into. So Carmen, welcome. And if we could start with your background in terms of what led you to create your ultimate person brand, which is kind of the overarching opportunity here, it’d be great to hear that.


Okay, Brad. Well, thanks for having me. The ultimate person.com brand is a personal development brand that’s collection of educational services that are science-based. And the overall theme is to live the ultimate life according to science. And I have a sub-brand called the FastTrack two Millionaire program, which is kind of like the marketing brand of ultimate person.com. It applies the personal development principles to financial goals, helps you achieve your financial goals faster. And the fast track to Millionaire brand that I’ve been focusing on recently, I was getting a lot of attention. It’s really responsive. So I’m highlighting on that and I have a new brand ambassador program that I wanted to talk about a little bit today.


Yeah, yeah, that’d be great. That’d be great. So let’s get into that. First, I would love to get a little bit more on our Fast Track to Millionaire program here. So if this is coming out of the ultimate per, and like you said, we’ve got a financial focus here, what then are the milestones someone would be looking at in terms of being on that fast track to being a millionaire? What are we sort of building up from an input standpoint into creating that sort of financial independence that I assume we’re looking for here?


Well, it’s basically about identifying the necessary actions, focusing on the necessary actions to achieve your financial goals and eliminating things that you don’t need. So it’s a super efficient way to achieve your financial goals. And the Fast Track to Millionaire is in terms of the advertising that we’ve been experimenting with is very responsive. We’ve been running Facebook ads. I have a Facebook group entitled Fast Track Two Millionaire, and when we run the ads, we get a very great response. The group’s growing fast and it’s kind of like an implementation of the theory behind the Ottoman Personal Development program. So it’s putting the theory into practice for financial goals.


Great. What types of end users and customers are you receiving traction with FastTrack to Millionaire? When we talk about the Facebook ads and when we think from an influencer perspective in terms of what types of followers would we want somebody to have to potentially reach clients who are interested in Fast Direct Millionaire?


Well, the personal development appeal to it has mass appeal and it can be used to achieve any goal. So if somebody’s in the beauty market, it can help them achieve their goals in the beauty market faster. It can basically be applied to any field. And the Grand Ambassador program that we just started is simple way to promote the product and the business opportunity at the same time makes everything very simple, eliminates everything that’s not necessary. It’s a very responsive way to promote the program and we have people who are getting very good response and are very happy with it. The brand ambassador program is a little different than a regular influencer relationship with the brand. It’s more of a long-term relationship with a higher degree of loyalty. Is that your impression of what a brand ambassador is compared to an influencer?


Yeah, I think that’s a good representation where when we think of a collab, it’s almost like a tryout if you will, or trial on both ends, right? Where we’ve got the brand, from your standpoint, you’re working with an influencer and as you see, everything in our app is geared towards sort of that one time opportunity. But the goal of course is to sort of make the match not only for one time, but so that you do find brand ambassadors and people who you’re working with for the long term.




So on that note, I do see on your existing collab here, you’ve got a very generous 50% commission opportunity. Now is this what we’re talking about with the brand ambassadors or is that something new that you’re launching


That’s part of the brand ambassador program? 50% commission is a way to ensure that the influences are well compensated well above the average. If you want to compare it to the Amazon affiliate program, the maximum commission you can get from Amazon is 10%. So our 50% commission is five times higher than Amazon, and we have a higher end product than you would typically find on Amazon as well. So when you fly the 50% commission to a higher end product, you’re going to make money faster.


Yeah. Sorry to interrupt on the, and you might be getting to this, but you mentioned residual in terms of income, so that would be interesting to hear in terms of recurring revenue on your end and then in terms of how that translates into potential commissions.


Exactly. Well, the product is a subscription product of a collection of educational services that are provided in the form of a digital subscription service similar to a music or news or gaming service. There’s going to be monthly renewals and monthly residual commissions for the influencer. The residual programs are kind of rare, the vast majority of influencer programs and brands which are non-subscription products. So this is unique in that aspect and it facilitates the long-term relationship when you have residual commissions. Again, the brand ambassador relationship is a longer-term relationship than the influencer. So we think that’s going to be attractive for people who want to build a long-term relationship with residual income with the opportunity to make a million bucks. We’ve got a plan for that. We think that’s going to be very attractive to the influencers. It can be applied to any field, whether they’re in beauty or fitness or technology gaming because it concentrates on what their goals are and how to achieve their goals in the fastest


Way. That’s great. And you’re near and dear to my heart here with the recurring business as someone who only starts recurring models, because like you said, that’s what we want. And from a partner, from a brand ambassador standpoint, that’s great to have that residual, to have that ideally that monthly income coming in. So what does this look like then? Let’s say I’m an influencer, Carmen, I apply to your collab, you accept me, we get matched up, we’re talking through the messages here. What’s expected of me from the initial standpoint in terms of promoting to my followers on let’s say in my case, Instagram and Twitter? What does that look like from my standpoint to kick off our collab?


Well, it’s great that you have the direct messaging feature and influencer. I’d really like that. Just so we can get some communication going quickly. I would first send ’em a link to the overall benefits and features of the brand ambassador program and explain why it’s beneficial to focus on that. And then I have a quick start link in there that would steer them to signing up as an affiliate. So the basic business model is an affiliate, and


Where’s the affiliate program hosted through or where they tracking?


The affiliate program is hosted on ottoman person.com.


Okay, great. And then is there a software behind it when I sign up for an affiliate link that powers it or is it something that it’s your own development on the tracking?


I do it through WooCommerce.


Yep. Okay.


That’s a well established program. It works very well.


Yes, very good reputation through WordPress. So I get a tracking link then where I can send people to ultimate person.com or specifically to FastTrack to Millionaire program on your site. And then I’m going to get credit as people sign up. Right. Great. And we will definitely flash it here in terms of fast track to Millionaire and then Go ahead, Carmen. Keep going on the mechanics here.


Okay. Well, the fast track to Millionaire brand we’ve been finding sells itself. So I mean, everybody wants to be a millionaire and that’s going to help them get going and promoting the product, promoting the business opportunity and getting their 50% commissions gone that are residual. And so we just kind of say, this is a simple marketing plan, just promote the brand ambassador program. It’s already proven responsive and everything else can be kind of bundled into that fast track to Millionaire Brand Ambassador iss. What I’m trying to focus on. And so far it’s working because it’s really responsive. Everybody wants to be a millionaire.


Excellent. They can


Bundle in the product, they can bundle in the commissions from the product. The affiliate part of it bundles into that. And we’re going to be targeting influencers is a huge market and that’s why we’re on Influencer kind of new to it. But so far the response I’m getting on influencer is positive. Haven’t had any declines, a couple are still waiting. I did try a few macro influencers just to see what would happen. They tend to be slower to respond. Yeah,


I think you’ll find that macro is a little slower. I find with the, essentially commission offers the sweet spot. A lot of the nano influencers can be great because they’re not yet where they would be eligible for paper posts type of opportunities. So commission is ideal. And then in your case, when you’re talking about a large commission, when you’re talking about residual for an up and coming creator, nano influencer, micro influencer, whatever term we want to use, that’s a great opportunity to work with a brand like yours up and coming that has traction. But also it’s nice that, like you said earlier, you’re not Amazon, so not everyone is selling, everyone has an Amazon affiliate length. Not everyone has a fast track to Millionaire affiliate. So it’s still unique to be a brand ambassador for you versus for Amazon where everyone’s got the same links and it’s all done before, so there’s nothing new there. Great. So in terms of applying, then we’re looking for, and we’ll flash the collab up here, fast track to Millionaire collab on Influencers. Is this the one you want people to apply to here, Carmen?


Yes. Get some communication going through direct messaging and maybe get either emails and I have the overview link to send them. It’s nice that you can send links on your direct messaging system. Can we go from there?


Excellent. Sounds great. So for our influencers out here, so we’ve got the Fast Track to Millionaire collab. So go ahead here and then hit that I’m Interested button in the lower right. And what that will do is it will get you in Carmen’s inbox, they’ll be able to review your application and then when he’s able to accept you, then as Carmen mentioned, a direct message will be open between you and him and you two can coordinate, he’ll get you the affiliate link info if you two want to talk offline or email or whatever you want to do from there, our goal is always is to make that intro and then help it be successful for you. So again, it’s the fast track to Millionaire collab as Carmen said, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Right? So we got nice big audience for this product and go ahead, hit the I’m interested button and we’ll get you in Carmen’s inbox from there. So Carmen, I thank you. Any parting words then as we part ways here today? Just


Said, we have other goodies that influencers love, like discount codes, lifetime commissions, one-on-one support, all that stuff is built into this.


That’s great. So that’s a big one on the, well those all are the lifetime commission’s. Very generous. My experience. A lot of recurring models. It looks great from our, I’m saying us as influencers or affiliates, but then you get cut off after a few months or a year and the publisher, the brand owner to make money from your referrals, but you don’t. And that’s a big advantage here that Carmen is providing in terms of that lifetime commission, I assume for the lifetime of the customer, which is very generous and also very important,


The Lifetime commissions, it’s programmed into the software. So you don’t have the problem with affiliate link issues on the renewals. It’s a lifetime commission software program that ensures that you’re going to get lifetime commissions for that client for as long as they’re active.


That’s great. So once it’s registered, then as long as they’re with you, they get that. And then I assume the discount code is also another way of tracking so that they can provide the discount code. Great. And then the discount code, nice way to share, hey, use this code, get certain percentage off, and then that link that will also track to the particular influencer who refers, right? Yep. Great. Alright, well thanks again, Carmen. So fast Track to Millionaire, hit the I’m interested button here and we’ll get you in Carmen’s inbox. Carmen, thank you again for sharing your collab and your product.


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Reflecting on a Journey of Innovation and Influence

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