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Predictions for Social Media Influencer Trends in 2022

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

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The pandemic has influenced the way we shop globally. What we buy, how we buy, and when we buy, everything has been impacted by the past year’s incidents. It has brought about a sequence of changes that are to continue post-pandemic as well. The way social media influencers work with brands is also going to change with it.

Here are a few trends that we can expect from the influencer culture in 2022.

1. The Popularity of Micro and Nano Influencers

We’ve seen the potential with previous influencer trends. Micro and nano influencers have been driving marketing campaigns much more successfully compared to celebrities and macro-influencers. This is in direct relation to the higher engagement rates micro-influencers have been generating for the past year. As the engagement rates on celebrity accounts fall further, micro-influencers are picking up the slack.

2. Longer Collaborations

Another influencer trend you can expect to see are longer collabs. The social media influencer landscape is bound to see an upsurge in prolonged brand-influencer collaborations this year. The impact of a single post or blog, or video might not be strong enough to generate sufficient sales. By forming longer associations with social media influencers, brands can optimize their marketing budget and create a lasting impact in terms of branding and sales.

3. Performance-based Metrics

Most influencers have not conventionally received a certain target in terms of sales revenue. The trend for 2022 will see this slowly changing as more brands start to include influencer marketing in small to large-scale campaigns. When influencers receive payment according to the direct impact of their content, brands can allocate branding resources on more lucrative mediums across social media platforms.

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4. Specialized Influencers

Influencers working with a targeted niche tend to generate much higher audience engagement than a generic influencer. In the previous year, we have already seen more brand collaborations earned by this specialized kind of social media influencers.

The influencer trends for 2022 would expect to see creators pick a lane and specialize in the niche they are the most passionate about.

5. Popularity of Video Content

The widespread popularity of Instagram and TikTok is living proof of the public’s love for video content. Video content has been long known to generate the most profit from influencer marketing on every platform. This year the trend seems to grow further.

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