Posted on February 08, 2021

Why Does Influencer Marketing Work?

Most people aren’t too fond of ads; no one goes out of their way to see one (unless it’s very funny, alluring, etc.). The growth and ubiquity of ad-blockers are a testament to how averse to ads most people are. Consider a YouTube video with a sponsorship segment that disrupts a video’s flow. It’s a […]

Posted on January 19, 2021

An Influencer’s Guide to Creating an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

All credible Instagram influencers have feeds that follow a certain pattern. They’re either too bright and flashy or a bit dark and moody. Some feeds are very monotoned, while others are very homogenously fashioned. The truth is that Instagram influencers put a lot of effort into curating aesthetically pleasing feeds. Here are some tips from […]

Posted on October 25, 2020

How Brands Can Repurpose Influencer Marketing Content

Companies spend thousands on creating content. The cost to generate a blog post, a video, or an infographic can run into thousands. While this content is effective, the problem is that, for most brands, it becomes useless once the campaign ends. A lot of brands that come to us have limited budgets. If you are […]

Posted on October 24, 2020

Influencers: How to Optimize Your Afluencer Profile For Partnerships

Want to get selected for brand deals, collaborations, and features on Read on to learn best practices to optimize your Afluencer profile for maximum opportunities on the platform. Our directories give you exposure to thousands of people, so we encourage you to invest the time to take this seriously! Crafting your About section will […]

Posted on October 11, 2020

Top 24 Podcasting Influencers with Highly Engaging Podcasts

→ TEST DRIVE THE BEST INFLUENCER MARKETING APP FOR BRANDS AND INFLUENCERS Podcasts are a rapidly growing content medium. There are hundreds of thousands of active podcasts. And roughly 32% of Americans tune in to their fave influencer podcasts each month. These audio shows entertain and inform, making them a powerful way for influencers to reach and […]



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