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Posted on August 06, 2020

Influencer Contracts: How Brands Can Get the Best Deal

We’ve already established that influencer marketing is beneficial. It offers great results and is suitable for all kinds of businesses including local brands looking to increase their reach. Since influencer marketing is still considered a new marketing tool, not many brands are fully aware of how it works or how they can get the best […]

Posted on July 13, 2020

6 Tips for Selecting an Influencer Marketing Agency

We already know that influencer marketing is a reliable way to market products and services. We covered the benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency the other day. So today we’re going to offer up a few tips on selecting an influencer marketing agency. There are several influencer marketing agencies out there. And while […]

Posted on December 11, 2019

Influencer Marketing and Christmas What You Need To Consider

The shopping rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be out of the way. But now it’s time to strategize your influencer marketing campaigns for December, Christmas, and the New Year. Today, scrolling through social media feeds has become similar to strolling through a street full of shops when it comes to finding gift […]

Posted on September 26, 2019

How To Create An Influencer Marketing Brief

Building productive and long-lasting relationships is at the core of influencer marketing. The best way to build a strong relationship with the influencers you want to work with is by setting and managing expectations about the results you expect to see from your campaign. Making sure that your brand goals align with the influencers you’re […]



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