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7 Hot December Mix Brands Looking for Influencers

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Influencer fam, December has finally shown up and boy are there some great brands looking for you.

What a collaboration-full year it has been.

And of course, we’re closing the year with a bang of hot new influencer opportunities.

Lifestyle, travel, college, tech, fashion, beauty, and automotive influencers – this one is for you!

Here is a hot mix of 7 brands looking for influencers like you:

  1. Easirent Car Hire – Lifestyle & Travel Influencers
  2. ISRAEL21c – College Student Influencers
  3. AKASO Tech – Outdoor Tech Influencers
  4. ZANDO – Fashion & Beauty Influencers
  5. GUNK – Automotive Influencers
  6. Cumbria Tourism – Travel Influencers
  7. ZALORA – Fashion Influencers

So let’s light December up with these hot collab opportunities already!

Easirent Car Hire

Easirent Car Hire: Looking for Influencers | Search feature

Hiring a car on your next visit to the U.K. or Florida, U.S.A.?  Why not max out and turn this into your next collab? Easirent Car Hire is Britain’s fastest-growing low-cost car rental company offering cars, vans, and camper vans at affordable hire rates.  Get great value deals and have your booking easily processed in 60 seconds. Yeah!

With branches in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Florida – hiring your next low-cost car is just Easirent Car Hire away.

Influencer Application

Are you a blogger, writer, photographer, videographer, model, public figure, lifestyle, or travel influencer?  Then Easirent Car Hire would love to collaborate with you.

The brand is looking to see your social media influencer links and content info.  Also, let them know your proposed travel dates and they could hook you up with a great car hire collab.


Israel21c - 21st Century News & Information

For a source of diverse news and information about 21st Century Israel, ISRAEL21c is the online publication to connect to.  This non-partisan and non-profit organization covers topics around technology, health, environment, social action, travel, and culture in Israel.  Original researched topics such as “5 Israeli Inventions That Are About to Transform Shopping” and “Will an Israeli Plant-Based Infant Formula go Mainstream” are examples of their content releases.

Influencer Application

If you’re an influencer passionate about Israel and spreading this kind of positive content, ISRAEL21c is the brand looking for influencers like you.

They are looking for 18 to 25-year-old college students in North America with strong communication skills.  This collaboration opportunity is one year long with regular training and checkup calls.

Influencers earn an awesome $500 plus bonuses.


Shoot Like A Pro - AKASO Tech | Brands looking for influencers

Need a cool piece of tech?  Tech gadgets are always a winner, especially when you can get nifty products and accessories from AKASO Tech at affordable prices.  Need a quality but affordable alternative to a GoPro?  The Brave 4 action camera is the answer. This device comes with a 20MP camera, 4k video capabilities, anti-shaking, 100ft waterproof feature, and more.  And once you check out the sample footage, you’d be hitting the buy now button already.

And there’s so much more tech from AKASO Tech that will blow you away.

Influencer Application

Do you have followers that have an interest in outdoor tech gear?  Then this brand is looking to Collab with an influencer like you.

Apply with your Instagram profile and send your collaboration proposal.  You have the opportunity to earn commission on sales with your very own influencer coupon code to share with your followers.


ZANDO: Ultimate Online Shopping Experience

In the world of fashionistas, ZANDO is all the online fashion you could ever need – all on one site.  For the ultimate online shopping experience in South Africa: shop all things shoes, clothing, sports, accessories, beauty, and home on ZANDO.  Shop top international brands as well as local brands – for women, men, and children. Every occasion is covered. And of course, hot deals can’t be missed.

Influencer Application

Do you have an online fashion influence with a love for ZANDO?

Yes? Then as a beauty and fashion influencer, this is the ideal brand you should be looking to collaborate with.  Influencers have the exciting opportunity to get sneak peeks at fashion, style insights, coupon codes, and also invitations to exclusive events.


Brands Looking for Influencers | GUNK

For the love of keeping your car clean, on the inside and out, GUNK is here to serve you with the toughest cleaners and degreasers.  Your engines, brakes, surface, and parts – GUNK will have it all cleaned.  From their tough waterless wipes that will clean away grease to the original two-step engine cleaning system that will clean and protect your engine.  GUNK will have you geared with cleaning products for any tough job.

Influencer Application

Are you an influencer looking for a fitting brand for your automotive audience?  Great, because influencers have an opportunity to spread the word about GUNK products.

Send through your social media links and metrics as well as audience information in your application.

Cumbria Tourism

Hand-crafted Lake District Getaway - Cumbria Tourism

Fancy escaping to northwest England’s popular vacation destination?  Lake District National Park awaits you. This world heritage site is 10,000 years in the making.  And Cumbria Tourism is committed to its growth in becoming Europe’s #1 rural tourism destination through marketing this beautiful attraction worldwide.

Influencer Application

Would you love to visit the Lake District National Park and share its beauty with your followers?

Then look no further because Cumbria Tourism is a brand that collaborates with influencers like you.

Submit your blog, social media profiles, and metrics.  Send them your proposed write-up feature and let them know when you’d like to visit.


Brands Looking for Influencers | ZALORA

Style queens and kings in Malaysia, ZALORA is your ultimate online fashion shopping destination.  Get fashion in top brands for men, women, and kids. From gorgeous dresses for the ladies to crisp tees for the guys to adorable outfits for the little ones and of course enough cool merch for the teens.  ZALORA will keep your wardrobe stocked on the hottest fashion trends.

Influencer Application

Do you have a passion for fashion and do you have a style influence?

Then ZALORA would love to collaborate with you.

Recommend products and you can then earn a commission on sales with your very own influencer coupon code.

Influencers will need to apply with either an Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter account.  The brand is looking for influencers based on your number of followers, type of content as well as social media metrics.




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