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32 Top Fab Fashion Influencers Ready to Collab 2021

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Fashionistas and #instafashion hashtaggers, these leading fashion influencers of 2021 are about to mesmerize you into a new wardrobe.  Again.  And again.

Packed with fashion hauls, gorgeous lookbooks, and endless posts of style inspo.  Women and men’s fashion in a diverse variety of styles – all ready for you to follow, like, click, add to cart, and dress up!

Here’s a stylish roundup of 32 top fashion influencers you must follow in 2021 (and they’re available for brand collabs too):

Fashion shopping rule #1:  if you can’t stop thinking about it, then you better buy it!

Now for some new clothes!

Olga Ferrara – @olgaferrara_ny – Sophistication Overload

Olga Ferrara | Model and Fashion Influencer

Based in New York, Olga Ferrara is a sophisticated high-quality fashion influencer and model.  She’s also a contributing fashion editor and stylist.

High expectations here with her profile intro and she sure delivers on her content.


Transitioning well into the fashion space alongside other top macro-influencers, Olga’s content is polished at a fine level.

But let’s talk about her style.

Amazing bright colors, talented luxury designers from all over the world, and high-quality looks.

From spectacular red carpet gowns, eye-catching sophisticated tailored suits, to playful charming outfits.

And do you know what makes her content stand out?  The brilliant compositions of her shots.

Every look comes alive with stunning cityscapes, mesmerizing window views, dramatic architecture scenes, and picturesque landscapes.

Like her sexy elegant black dress with knee-high boots wrapped in a scarlet coat that could only look immensely dramatic because she’s sharing the spotlight with a captivating modern building.

Billboard-worthy shots.  Nothing ordinary here.  Very well planned and well-executed.

Even on TikTok, Olga creates tasteful outfit promos – really creating her own content theme on the platform.  Showing the world that sophisticated refined content certainly has its place on TikTok.


Olga has worked with dozens of fashion brands, in particular, with the likes of Collini Milano, Vegan Tiger, Mirat Paris, and Mukzin.

Lavynder Lee – @lavynder_lee

Lavynder Lee | Image Gallery | Fashion Influencers Featured on Afluencer

From Texas, USA, Lavynder Lee is a millennial mom, activist and she’s all about sex positivity – inspiring others to embrace their authentic selves.

Oh and it’s pretty apparent that she loves the color purple.


Lavynder’s Instagram is filled with heartwarming pictures of her children, the ups and downs of motherhood, confidence-boosting lingerie images, and enough feel-good quotes to uplift your day.

Her images are appealing, her messages are comforting and her personality is calming – even for an activist and a sex positivity enthusiast.

“You are so tired that you have no idea how you are functioning.  Then this little person looks up at you like you are the only thing that matters” – Lavynder captions some of her raw experiences as a mom.

And to prove that you can be gentle while still make an impact, here’s what some of her followers have to say:

“This picture is so powerful and beautiful.”

“You always remind me to stand up for myself.”

Lavynder’s followers certainly can’t go untouched by her influence.


With a model-like aesthetic and an inspiring personality, Lavynder is an ideal micro-influencer for brands in fashion, lifestyle, children, parenting, beauty, and more.

Kelly Lynn – @thegypsysister

Kelly Lynn | Social Media Gallery

From the USA, Kelly Lynn is an unforgettable woman of many faces—with her beauty and racey tattooed appeal making a first strong impression.

But wait for it.

This badass confident feminist is a grandmother.  Whoa, right?

And Kelly is also a business woman.  She’s so fascinating already.


This empowering woman and granny is totally slaying it on social media.

On Instagram, followers get an inside look into the various parts of her life.  From her voluptuous images and videos in a bikini, to her quirky entertaining skits and her warm moments shared with her grandson.

Whatever part of Kelly that is shared, her lively spirit radiates through every post.

On TikTok, she’s charming her followers with fun light-hearted videos.  You totally want to hang out with her—Kelly’s energy is amazing (I still cant believe she’s a granny).

And on Twitter, you’ll catch Kelly’s latest updates—like all the action on her OnlyFans page.

“I want to live the rest of my life wearing my bikini” – Kelly.  And at this point you truly admire the shameless body confidence that Kelly represents.


Kelly is a perfect collab match for fashion brands looking for influencers to promote their swimwear and lingerie catalogs.  And her pretty fun-loving appeal could make awesome beauty collabs too.

Anam Ahmad – @anamthehopelessmillennial

Anam Ahmad | Diverse Content Creator on Social Media

Based in Canada, Anam Ahmad is a fun extroverted mom with a love for fashion, the outdoors, and food.


Anam’s Instagram gallery is full of pretty—from Toronto sunsets in a pretty floral dress, comfy jeans and a shawl accessorized with classic bold sunglasses on the city streetside, to a beautiful summer walk in the park.

And not forgetting her matching floral mask.  Can pretty get any prettier than this?

Well, maybe her short and sweet captions of inspo will make you love her more.

“There will be sunshine after the storm.  Just like that life will be good after a bad phase.  We just have to power through it.” – Anam Ahmad.

This simple, classic, and stylish mom on-the-go shares everything from her everyday outfits, glimpses of her outdoor activities, mom life moments, delicious food, and everything in between.

And on TikTok, her entertaining video skits show her fun extroverted character.  Proving that her video content creation skills have potential across social media.

Anam’s pleasantly diverse content makes her a lovable lifestyle influencer for her female audience of followers that admire her easy style and her everyday mom life.


Fashion, beauty, outdoors, food, and lifestyle brands—Anam is a lovely micro-influencer to collaborate with.

Fetima Femina – @__femiii__

Fetima Femina | Beauty, Fashion, Food Influencer

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Fetima Femina is a beauty, fashion and food lover with a beautiful ethnic and modest style.


Between her well-composed gallery of images and her attractive blend of ethnic and cosmopolitan fashion, Fetima’s Instagram is an appealing scroll of fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration.

Stylish heels, contemporary striped pants, and a conservative top worn with a classic black hijab—you can’t help but fall in love with her modest style.

Oh and she also loves to travel, which effortlessly creates perfect photo canvas opportunities for her content.  As you’ll see with her creative outfit portraits shot at some of these scenic travel destinations.

Lots of heart-eyes and love for her beautiful images..

Cafes, restaurants and coffee are some of the other highlights she loves to share.


All the action is really happening on Fetima’s TikTok account.  115k+ follower kind of action.  It’s on this entertaining short-form video platform where Fatima is growing her influence—from sharing her favorite songs, creating comedic voice overs, to hopping onto TikTok trends.


From promoting coffee body scrubs to jewelry, Fetima is a fantastic influencer match for fashion and beauty brands looking to reach her network of followers.

Naoumie Ekiko – @naoumie

Based in Maryland, USA, Naoumie Ekiko is an accomplished Cameroonian model with over 10 years experience in the modeling industry.

Through her modeling career, Naoumie has worked with top brands such as Covergirl, Sephora, Steve Madden, and iPhone—just to name a few.

She’s also an actress, singer and YouTuber.

As you already may have anticipated, Naoumie’s interests include the big four categories:  fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle.


It’s fashion at first sight on Naoumie’s Instagram profile.

Her social media is mostly a stunning spread of her modeling portfolio—from gorgeous outfit shots to her featured commercials.  You immediately appreciate a sense of her thriving modeling career.

A #mondaymotivation post doesn’t get any more stylish than with Naoumie—in a chic crop top and pants with mustard heels.

And when she’s not posing for a shoot, you’ll find her catching onto TikTok and of course those lovable outfit showcase videos.

There’s something instantly lovable about Naoumie.  And that’s her warm authentic quotes and messages she sprinkles throughout her feed.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only,  Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  #cocochannel


On her growing YouTube channel, Naoumie is an encouraging source for aspiring models.  Her videos include “how to prepare for a casting”, “model products”, “how to build a modeling portfolio”, and more.


Fashion and beauty brands, Naoumie is a talented model influencer to collaborate with for your next big campaign.

Sara Maria – @i_am_sara_maria

Sara Maria | Instagram Gallery | Fashion Influencers on Afluencer

Based in Arizona, USA, Sara Maria is a high-spirited fashion, fitness and lifestyle nano-influencer that is so easy to fall in love with the moment you hit play on one of her videos.

With a number of awards under her profile including “Top 25 Women Influencers in Phoenix 2021” by the Phoenix Entrepreneur Magazine, Sara is a rising online personality watch.


On Instagram, Sara’s fun-loving personality is bubbling over through the many videos splashed all over her profile.

From the exciting giveaways that she runs frequently, cosmetic promotions, flaunting her hot new braids and sassy manicures, to enough weekly motivation clips to keep your spirits high.

If there’s any piece of content that gets her followers fired up, then it’s got to be her groovy affirmations.  Yes, groovy.  So go check them out!

Love the outfit” and “love the energy” is how the comments drop on her posts.

Sara is also an advocate for women owned businesses as well as cannabis—a beautiful diverse personality that always keeps you leaned for more.


From cosmetics to fashion, Sara Maria is a great match for brands looking to reach the engaging network of followers that nano-influencers bring.

Tammera Carter – @tammeracartermodel

Tammera Carter | Beauty and Fashion Micro-influencer

From North Carolina, USA, Tammera Carter is a graceful 5’6 model and actress.  She’s also a beauty and fashion micro-influencer.


With a stunning model physique as hers, it’s not surprising to see that she effortlessly dazzles her feed with swimwear and lingerie.

With a gentle smile, gorgeous long blonde hair, and a slender figure, Tammera’s gallery of photos are tasteful and elegant—even when she’s posing in iconic Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Committed to creating content, you’ll also find Tammera on TikTok—modeling a classic black bikini, of course.

From her grabbing portrait photos, elegant boudoir images, to her creative animated product shots, Tammera’s social media is a mature artistic spread of both beauty and fashion.

And sometimes, a snap of her lush eyelashes with a mascara product is all the promotion needed to get her followers hooked.


Beauty, lingerie, and fashion brands looking for influencers — Tammera Carter is a great micro-influencer match for your next collaboration.

Marie Do – @matetdo – Parenting in Style

Marie Do - Fashion Gallery

Based in Southern California, Marie Do is a charming wife and mom with a love for fashion trends, home decor, and DIY—a beaut with a pretty tasteful style.


Yes.  Marie’s Instagram feed is as polished and as sophisticated as her attractive aesthetic.

With an image-rich gallery of outfits like a comfy knit paired with a glossy faux leather skirt, knee-high snakeskin boots dressed with a fall mini-dress, and easy loungewear—whether she’s dressing up or down, Marie’s style is an instant love at first sight.

Lots of heart-eyes for her heartwarming family photos, charming home pics, and her wallpaper-worthy travel shots.

Yup, Marie’s wanderlust will give her followers lots of travel FOMO—from scenic ocean views to incredible cenote experiences.

Every single photo is posted to impress.

She’s all about amazing pictures and not to mention those hot hashtags!  Often, no caption needed.


On her blog, Marie shares more about mom’s life, fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.  Followers can explore posts like “Motherhood & Autism” and “Amazon Fall Fashion Trends”.


Marie’s brand collabs include Nordstrom, Lulus, Facetheory, Fabletics, and so many more.  She also promotes products from her Amazon storefront.

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands—Marie should be your number one choice if you’re looking for stylish micro-influencers.

Jasmine Jones – @ellelise – Casual Chic Fashion Micro-Influencer

Jasmine Jones - Fashion Image Gallery

Radiating straight out of Georgia, Jasmine Jones is a fashion and travel lovin’ mom of twin girls (Elle and Elise) that will brighten your day with her pretty little world—post after post.


With a cute casual feel-pretty everyday style, a bright smile, a warm personality, and her sweet girls—Jasmine’s beautiful Instagram profile is magnetic.

From loveable outfits to day trip adventures with her daughters, you can’t help but feel inspired and drawn into her uplifting lifestyle.

Jasmine loves sharing exciting family trips to markets, nature centers, aquariums, museums, orchards, and more.

Oh, and she certainly knows how to keep her feed hot with her entertaining experiences like her surprise adventures and pandemic date nights.

Not forgetting her fab fashion photos that she drops regularly.

“I love your dress” and “I love your blog” are some of the comments bubbling all over her posts—proving just how engaged Jasmine’s followers are.


If you love her, then you’ll only love her more when you visit her blog.  Her fun tiny house experiences and epic posts like “A Wicked Good Time: An Eerie Halloween Dinner” and “We Got Slimed!!!” will certainly entertain and inspire you with a good dose of blog reading.


Jasmine is an ideal match for casual-chic fashion brands looking for micro-influencers as well as family-friendly travel and recreational brands in the Georgia area.

Brett Thomas – @brettexclusive

Brett Thomas | Instagram Profile

From the USA, Brett Thomas is a quirky-style LGBTQ influencer and he’s also an EDM DJ.


Between his bright bubbly personality, zany style, friendly smile, and fun entertaining energy – there really is a lot to love about Brett.

His Instagram profile is packed with humor and memes, plus his bright funky sense of style.

From half-head pink hair, diamond tattooed neck, crisp mint green shirt, coral pink cap, everyday hoodies to meetups with extravagant drag queen icons, and his EDM music – Brett’s content is catchy and fascinating all round.

Besides his active social media presence, you can also catch him out and about at various events and shows.  Yes, Brett is quite the socialite and is definitely a people’s person.


For laughs and light-hearted entertainment, Brett is buzzing on TikTok with entertaining skits like “what if the TV watched you” and so many more videos around current affairs.


With a striking and fun profile, Brett is an influencer match for brands looking to reach his entertaining LGBTQ audience.  And in case you need influencers to rep your fashion event, Brett’s bubbly personally is a win.

Kara Rodgers – @beautiful501girl – Streetwear Micro-Influencer

Kara Rodgers | Streetwear Micro-Influencer

Kara Rodgers is a light-hearted and bright-hearted streetwear lover based in Florida, USA.


Relaxed hoodies, fresh tees, and sporty racerback tanks.  This is how Kara rolls her streetwear and athleisure style on Instagram.

And what’s a streetwear girl without a hot pair of classic white sneakers that pop her feed—guaranteed to grab the attention of her followers.

Sporting a statement tank “drink coffee, read books, be happy”, Kara’s bright and encouraging personality is all over her social media.

Her posts are filled with short (but meaningful) uplifting captions like “do you” and “believe in yourself so that others do”.  It’s the little messages like this that bounce out at you with feel-good vibes as you scroll through your social media.

Over on Kara’s Facebook profile, she posts casual status updates with some light-hearted thoughts that are received with lots of love (and laughs) from her friends and family.


Kara’s latest brand collaboration has been with fashion brand, Unapologetic.

Streetwear, casual, and athleisure brands—Kara is a motivating micro-influencer match that is dedicated to her promotion efforts.

Antonio Ocampo – @whoisdonantonio

Antonio Ocampo - Chicago based fashion influencer

Based in Chicago, Antonio Ocampo is a men’s fashion and lifestyle influencer with an attractive casual contemporary style.


Antonio’s charming model-like appeal is an instant like on social media.  His look, his style, and his vibe without a doubt all create the perfect representation of men’s casual fashion.

With a cool easy-going personality and an attractive style, Antonio’s Instagram profile is an easy follow.

Rooftop nightlife cityscapes in a smart casual nude sweater and sleek black jeans, streetside vibes in a muscle-hugging crisp white tee, everyday chill in fresh black streetwear, and perfect blue ocean beach views in swim shorts.

Antonio’s pictures are pretty neat with some hot streetwear shots against color-popping walls.

And his charisma only grows on you as he shares posts of his son with loving captions like “blessed to have you in my life”.


For men’s fashion and accessory brands, Antonio is your go-to man if you’re looking to collab with micro-influencers.  He’ll also be an ideal match if you’re looking for sleek model product photos.

Shiona Deliozar – @shiona.not.fiona

Shiona Deliozar | Fashion Influencers Featured on Afluencer

From Missouri, USA, Shiona Deliozar is a part-time fashion model, future economist, and a rising nano-influencer with an attractive witty personality.


Before you even get scrolling on Shiona’s Instagram, it’s her “US treasury + model” bio that grabs your attention and winds up your curiosity.

A pretty face.  Beautiful smile.  Model aesthetic with a casual-chic style.  A social activist.  And a Masters in Economics student.  Shiona is quite the striking influencer on social media.

From studio-like model portraits, creative glammed up roadside shoots, classical architecture shots, to fun miniskirt snaps in the snow with a stash of licorice sticks.  Shiona composes high-quality images with streaks of her witty personality—keeping her followers entertained and engaged.

Her stirring captions like “listen to that crazy voice in your head, it makes life more interesting” paired with her quirky glammed up dress and sneakers look, are some of her talented ways she drives her audience engagement—as high as 9%.


Recently, Shiona has been promoting cosmetics with a rallying spotlight on the brown skin industry.

Fashion and beauty brands, Shiona Deliozar is certainly an awesome nano-influencer match to collaborate with.

Shanita Harrison – @tomboyishly_cute

Shanita Harrison - Instagram Posts

From the USA, Shanita is a badass beauty with a fierce personality and an unforgettable sweet charm.


Shanita is sass at first sight.  From her beautiful bold braids, striking lip color, sassy nose ring to her fearless eyelashes.  Her unique presence does not go unnoticed.  In fact, Shanita will captivate you at first and charm you next.

Her badass style wouldn’t be complete without her outspoken energy.  Free to speak her mind, raw and unfiltered – staying true to her authentic self.

Shanita’s Instagram profile is full of video content – giving her followers a front seat show of her intriguing personality.

Whether she’s enjoying a night out, venting, sharing personal updates, or just unwinding – Shanita indulges her followers with her lovable light-heartedness and regular drops of deep thought-provoking messages.

Did I mention that she loves music?  Catch her with the volume up to her favorite tunes or dancing it up in entertaining TikTok videos.

If Shanita is your vibe, you’ll either love her or you’ll really love her.


Shanita is an ideal match for brands looks to collab with for music, fashion, beauty, and entertainment micro-influencers.

Piper Landon – @piperoninsta – Singer with Style

Piper Landon | Singer and Fashionista

From the USA, Piper Landon is a singer and fashion lover with a cherry personality.

She’s an easy-to-love darling – from her sweet casual style to her singing, performing, and creative work.


Piper is your fun-loving, always smiling, jeans and tees, and pretty rompers kinda girl.

And summer isn’t summer without Piper in a fun one-piece swimsuit and a bright donut pool float.

Darling dresses, cute jeans, romantic ruffled tops, and lovely leopard prints all with a pop of her gorgeous signature red lip smile.

She’s all the pretty and feel-good inspo you could need on social media.

And the show only gets better when you listen to her music – go on and hit play to listen to her latest single “Seasonal”.


Her love for photography and creating comes alive on her blog where she shares more on fashion, lifestyle, and travel.


Piper has promoted diverse brands in clothing, hair, and health.

This stylish charming gal will certainly be a pleasant match for brands seeking out fashion influencers with happy feel-good vibes.

Tarik Rever – @tarik_rever – Fashion Influencer with a Mission

Tarik Rever | Artistic Gothic Model

You haven’t seen an extraordinary gothic style till you’ve seen Tarik Rever.

From the USA, Tarik is an artistic model with purpose.  An activist of equal rights and animal rights, a vegan advocate, and also an advocate for positive body imaging.  Wow, right?


Tarik will make you look twice, twice.  Yeah, there’s a beautiful mysteriousness about him that will strike you immediately – definitely one of a kind.

His Instagram feed is an energetically emotion-stirring gallery.  It’s not very often you see enchanting golden blonde locks met with a fiery gothic style – from intense red Japanese kimonos to iconic ivory Egyptian style suits.

As his content captivates you, it won’t be long before you learn (very much to your surprise) that he has a physical disability.  And that’s when he drops a futuristic portrait promoting wearable tech for the disabled.

Empowering in dramatic style.


Tarik’s 7k+ subscriber YouTube channel mainly features movie reviews with some wellness and activist related topics.


Tarik is presently the spokesperson for the Social Bleu App.

He also promotes vegan fashion as well as eco-friendly clothing.

Lauren King – @elle_kae – Streetwear and High Fashion Influencer

Lauren King | Instagram Fashion Blogger

Lauren King is your Insta-fab fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Based in Los Angeles, Lauren sweeps her followers off their feet with her love affair between streetwear and high fashion.


Between her gorgeous beauty and her easy-to-love-fashion style, her Instagram profile feels like you’re flippin’ through a fashion magazine.  A spread of beautiful photos:  from casual chic outfits, trendy loungewear, to racy tops and bikinis – accessorized with fitting captions like “quarantine + chill” of course.

“This is perfection” – yes, indeed!

YouTube Channel

Things really get interesting on her 7.45k subscriber YouTube channel.  Here she posts catchy videos like “I spent $3000 to look less ugly” that’s hit over 200k views and irresistible videos for fashion lovers like “Zaful bikini try-out haul”, “luxury unboxing – Prada” and more.

You’ll catch Lauren on her travel adventures too.


All of Lauren’s content comes together so nicely on her blog where her YouTube videos and gorgeous photos are complemented with sweet blog posts.

And did I mention she’s also on TikTok?  Yeah with a growing 78k+ follower audience.


Lauren’s brand collabs include Revolve Clothing, Sephora, Flawless Beauty, Peter Thomas Roth, and more.

A trendy style plus diverse content creation skills, Lauren is an easy win for brands wanting to collab with fashion influencers of her caliber.

Olivia Reese – @liv.reese – Fun, Vibrant and Ready to Collab

Olivia Reese | Actress, Model and Beauty Enthusiast

Fresh outta the USA, Olivia is a fun-loving fashion and beauty enthusiast.  She’s also an actress and a model – so yes, her social media content is a pleasure indulging in.


Her love for fashion and beauty couldn’t look any more fun and vibrant.  Olivia’s Instagram posts are playful, peppy, and pretty as a picture.

Eyepopping looks like her bubblegum colorful pastel tie-dye hoodie, skirt, and tee with a vintage camera bag, or a dazzling sequin lips top.  Olivia is cute and catchy.

And yes, I agree that “this look is everything”.

She’s also your chunky sneakers, jeans, and fluffy sweater type of girl.

With a personality as fun and lively as hers, it’s no surprise she’s entertaining it up on TikTok too.

YouTube Channel

Olivia has a fairly new YouTube channel, but her try on hauls are promising as far as her video content goes.


Olivia’s collabs have been with brands that love working with fashion influencers, such as FabFitFun Box, Toms, Shein Beauty, SheGlam, and ROMWE.

Paris Chanel – @therebirthofparisc – CEO with Diverse Fashion Sense

Paris Chanel | CEO of a modeling and talent agency

From the USA, Paris Chanel is a fashion blogger with a diverse style.  She’s also the CEO of a modeling and talent agency.


Paris calls herself a “glam tomboy” that loves to dress according to how she feels.  This explains the interesting twist to all the styles she shows on her Instagram profile.

Whether she’s rocking 70s vibes with retro sunglasses, styling 80s vibes with sweatpants and crop tops, flirting with a pretty boho dress in spring or whipping on fab Coachella festival vibes – Paris’ diverse style is inspiring and her bubbly personality won’t go unnoticed.


Over on her delightfully professional blog, she blogs on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle – with posts like “stay at home chic” and “Memphis fashion week”.

Paris’ blog posts feature spreads of beautiful images with tasteful organized copy.

YouTube Channel

Followers can explore some of her video content on her growing YouTube channel where she shares some brand campaigns as well as outfit looks.


Paris certainly has an impressive portfolio of partnerships.

Some of her brand collabs include Reebok, MVMT, bebe, and so many other brands that are fond of partnering with fashion influencers.

She’s also been featured on Blushcon, GQ MX, Maxim SA, FHM Spain and Playboy MX.

She’s even done a Coca-Cola promo – in style, of course.

Autumn Whewell – @autumnwhewell – Influencer with Stylish Fashion Adventures

Autumn Whewell | MBA Student with a love for fashion

From the USA, Autumn Whewell is a fashion influencer that empowers stylish adventures.

Oh and she’s also an MBA student.


Autumn’s bright white Instagram feed flirts gorgeous color accents of fashion items like the hot red leather jacket, yellow lemon top, and that cute coral crossbody bag.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful her chic vintage style is?

Yeah, who would have imagined that a tee with a velvet pleated skirt could look ever so lovely?  Or how stylish a t-shirt paired with paper bag pants, court shoes, and a classy clutch could be for a lunch date.

Autumn’s Instagram profile is filled with gorgeous image and caption compositions that will probe anyone to click that “link in bio”.


For more fashion inspo, check out Autumn’s delightful blog where she shares tempting posts such as “Life Is Short, Buy The Shoes”, “Pink Ruffled Sleeve Skinny Denim Nude Sandals Outfit”, and “Fashion California Dreaming”.


Autumn’s latest brand collab is with Averraglow, skincare experts who often work with beauty and fashion influencers.

Kendra Hagerman – @kendrafoundit – For the Love of Fashion & Home

Kendra Hagerman | Fashion and Home Design Expert

From the USA, Kendra Hagerman is a fashion and home enthusiast that digs up all the best deals for her followers.  Shopping big and spending small is what Kendra is all about.

While she may be a nano influencer, her sophisticated and professional content aesthetic is notable and you’ll want to keep an eye on her as her influence grows.


Kendra’s Instagram profile is like discovering a bag of goodies – making her profile an immediate follow to anyone that stumbles upon her.

She’s a mom with a classic casual style – lots of nude tones and classic patterns.  A calming and easy-going way to dress through life.

So if you love her style then you’ll want to keep up with all the sales she finds.

Like her fav $30 “I want to feel cute but don’t want to put any effort into it” overalls.  Or a wardrobe staple minimalist tan leather crossbody bag.  And you bet if you can get deals like 70% off, you’ll certainly stay close and ready to checkout on your favs.


To complement her lovable Instagram profile, Kendra shares all and more on her Kendra Found It blog.

She’s honestly that friend that’ll tell you all about where she found those gorgeous sophisticated Loeffler Randal Sandals at a bargain.  So you know when she drops a post, it’s a post full of bargains.


Many of Kendra’s posts promote various brands and online stores such as Shopbop.

Sofija –  @sofi_ja069 – Fashion, Beauty, Travel, and Food Influencer

Sofija | Fashion and Beauty influencer based in Germany

“Fashion is my passion.”

Sofija is a fashion and beauty blogger based in Frankfurt, Germany, known for her chic and sophisticated aesthetic to her content.


Sofija is on the rise with her authentic reviews and fashion expertise.

The influencer admits to her followers that overall, “Fashion is my Passion!” In addition to the plentiful fashion/beauty based lifestyle assemblage, “Sofi” is an avid world traveler.  She captures through her Instagram daily updates and ventures, giving her followers the closest eye to a look inside her life.


Her blog, Sofi’s Mode and Beauty Welt, is a charming and engaging array of reviews, lifestyle tips, beauty essentials, and most importantly a wholehearted depiction of a look inside the influencer’s tasteful lifestyle.

Her content topics mostly center around fashion appeal, beauty reviews, and even some food collaborations to give her audience the freshest recommendations.


Sofija’s latest brand collaborations include Deal of Sweden, Mollerus Bags, Pixi Beauty, Manaka’s Frankfurt (Furs), Dr.Bringmann (Beauty Doc).

Malvika – @stylebymalvika – This Influencer Is No Stranger to Luxury Fashion Brand Collabs

Malvika | Top 5 up and coming fashion influencers

Based in Los Angeles, Malvika is one of the top five up and coming fashion influencers according to Pixlee.

She has also been featured on Refinery 29, and The Cut, to name a few.


Malvika’s radiance and ‘down to earth’ persona is encapsulated and shines through her social media channels.

On her Instagram profile, Malvika’s thousands of followers get an inside scoop of the influencer’s “Behind the Scenes” Luxury Fashion and Beauty action at events.

Her Instagram consists of aesthetically pleasing content that is specified for a down to earth and “laid back” vibe for her followers, all while maintaining her affiliation with Luxury Brands and insights.

Malvika’s followers get a display of her sophisticated style and an authentic look inside her life.


On Youtube, Malvika combines style and cosmopolitan taste for her subscribers.

With a focus mainly on vlogs, Malvika gives her subscribers the ultimate experience and guide to Luxury brand reviews and lifestyle video content.


Some of Malvika’s collaborations have been with brands such as Dove, YSL Beauty, Givenchy Beauty, SIJO, Lancome, Jimmy Choo, and Fairmont Hotels.

Amy Osiason – @_amyo__ – Inspiring LGBT Fashion Influencer

Amy Osiason | Model and Queer Activist

Based in Los Angeles, Amy Osiason is an androgynous model and queer activist that shares the highlights of her style and lifestyle with her followers.


Amy’s Instagram profile really feels like an authentic uplifting LGBT community inspired by her fashion and modeling passions.

With a casual style, Amy shares her favs – from clothing to underwear to swimsuits.  Whether she’s out wearing her Hawaiian shirt “lesbian uniform”, rocking her motorcycle in khakis, or taking a swim with her girlfriend – Amy pleasantly connects to her followers with brilliant captions and messages.

“DM me your autumn look and I’ll share and tag you in my story” – skillfully keeping her followers engaged.


Some of Amy’s brand collabs include TomboyX, RodeoH, StarFire Water, Express and other brands that love working with fashion influencers.

A highlight of Amy’s modeling work is a Lyft ad campaign she featured in that showcased the diversity of the trans, non-binary, and GNC community.

Deianira Rosa Bernardi – @deianira_bernardi_official – Vintage Fashion Goddess

Deianira Rosa Bernardi | Vintage Fashion Enthusiast

From Italy, Deianira Rosa Bernardi is a lover of fashion and accessories with a sassy vintage style.

Oh, and compulsive shopping couldn’t feel any more rewarding than when you hang out on Deianira’s Instagram profile.


With a bold and beautiful hairstyle, a slightly eccentric look, plus her sassy choice of accessories – Deianira’s striking vintage goddess-style aesthetic is head-turning.

Her Instagram profile is a hot spread of blacks and whites with accents of eye-catching color – from high-waist shorts, flared bottoms, leopard print bikinis, to tees and mini-skirts.  And most of her looks are sure to pop with flashy eyewear.

And she’s clearly a lover of outdoors.  You’ll find Deianira at the beach, park, or gardens – in style.


Deianira’s brand collabs include Abiby, Soufeel Jewelry, Zaful, Lalalab, Wondersunglasses, and so many more.

With her content mainly in Italian, Deianira is the perfect match especially for fashion brands looking to reach this demographic with the help of Italian speaking influencers.

Vaishali – @vivacious_wish – Mommy Influencer with a Passion for Fashion

Vaishali | Dallas-based Mommy Blogger

Based in Dallas, Vaishali is a lovely mommy fashion blogger sharing her own pretty styles with her followers.


There’s so much to love about Vaishali – from her sweet-natured personality, her unexpected fun and entertaining content, to her pretty fashion style.

What’s on her Instagram?  Dresses and dresses, and so many more pretty things.

An adorable sunset orange summer dress paired with playful platform wedges with padded insoles couldn’t be a more inspiring way to dress in comfort.

Wowing her followers away in an exquisite violet dress – nope, not to a ball.  She’s taking the trash out.

Whether she’s dressing up for date night, Zoom meetings, or for her latest entertaining TikTok videos #momsoftiktok – Vaishali’s style is nothing short of pretty.


On her blog, Vaishali shares more about her mommy lifestyle, and her fashion followers can indulge in beautiful blown up outfit lookbooks.


Some of Vaishali’s brand collabs include top brands that regularly work with fashion influencers, like Sheln, Zaful, Modcloth, Reebok and Blanqi.

Sudhanshu Verma – @thedopeboyyyy – Creative Fashion Influencer of 2020

Sudhanshu Verma | Men's Fashion Guru

Men’s fashion couldn’t be better represented than by Sudhanshu Verma.

From India, Sudhanshu is a talented fashion enthusiast – so talented that he’s been awarded “Creative Influencer of the Year 2020”.

When you explore his Instagram profile you’ll know why.


With a classy smart-casual style plus formal and streetwear in the mix, Sudhanshu is an inspiring source for men’s fashion.

Above all his content creation talent really is the highlight of his influencer capabilities.  Professional quality images that are very well composed – telling fashion stories complimented with the art of buildings and street scenes couldn’t look any more appealing.

Yes, his Instagram profile is aesthetically satisfying to the eye.  And it only gets better with his thoughtfully well-executed captions like “Remember, the shirt chooses you”, “live a life of sustainable luxury” and “sometimes you can make a statement without saying a single word”.

And Sudhanshu certainly doesn’t need to say much to make a statement.

His images grab your attention and his captions make you curious for more.

“Such a cool style” and “love the tee”, his followers always engage in admiration.


Sudhanshu’s collabs include brands like Leaf Studios, Lifestylestores, CarltonLondonIndia, and more.

Men’s fashion brands, Sudhanshu is without a doubt your guy if you’re looking to reach the Indian demographic.

Prashant – @who_prashant – King of Mellow Fashion Style

Prashant | Master of men’s fashion, grooming, and technology.

If mellow is a style, then Prashant is a charming expression of this in men’s fashion.

Men’s fashion, men’s grooming, and tech.


Prashant shares his pleasantly smooth casual style and personality through an appealing gallery of portrait shots.  Well-crafted images with a studio-like feel certainly suggest that Prashant is committed to delivering quality in every post.

Mellow couldn’t look more stylish than with his simple chinos, crisp jackets, and lovable pastel yellow and blue tees.  All presented beautifully with inspiring captions like “stay original and let the world copy you”.

From his style to his personality, Prashant is a rare find amongst influencers, where he’s easy-to-love and a master of men’s fashion.  With an engagement rate of over 6%, his posts are “totally like your outfit” comment-worthy.


Prashant’s collabs with top brands such as Amazon, Mcaffeine, Wingslifestyle, Domino’s and more.

Raina – @savvifashionista – Balancing that Mom Life with Fashion Influencer Life

Raina | Fashion and modeling influencer

From North Carolina, Raina is a fashion and modeling enthusiast.  Plus she’s also a boy mom of three.


Easy going and easy flowing is what Raina’s style is all about.

She certainly makes the “mom life” look calm and carefree.  Well, nothing that a summer hat, sunglasses, a teal maxi dress, and a bright smile can’t fix.

And just in case you’re also as tall as she is (5”11), Raina will inspire fashion hacks like “wear a maxi dress as a maxi skirt” because it sure works like a charm.

She shares much-needed inspo with all her mom followers.  Of course, a cute animal print top is the perfect thing to liven you up when you’ve just had a baby 12 days ago.


Raina’s brand collabs include Sojo Eyewear, Livho Eyewear, Madison Braids, lippyClip, and crookums.

Raina is one of those exclusive nano influencers who make for a promising match for fashion brands with a focus on moms.

Mirna – @mirnabeee – Bringing Fashion Influence Outdoors

Mirna | Toronto-based outdoor lifestyle enthusiast

Based in Toronto, Mirna is an outdoor lifestyle enthusiast with an essential fashion style.


Beautiful basics – that’s what Mirna’s Instagram style is all about.  But with her interest in outdoor life, all the basics come alive.

Whether she’s exploring beautiful flower gardens, escaping to the river, hiking up to natural attractions, touring art galleries, or away on a tourist adventure – Mirna’s simplistic fashion style is the perfect fit for all these activities.

From essential athleisure, ripped jeans must-haves, cozy knits, pretty tops, to basic tees and tanks.

And because we’ve all got to dress up sometimes, Mirna wows her followers when she does.  “OMG dress looks stunning”.


Mirna’s brand collabs include Ecotan, Adams & So, Steviefox Beauty, Unity Athletic, and many more great brands that work closely with fashion influencers.

Ilis Olivas – @ilisolivas – It’s All About the Swimwear and Lingerie

Trotting around Europe, Ilis Olivas is an outgoing fresh-faced swimwear and lingerie lover.


Bikinis and bikinis.  Pools and beaches.  Sunshine and water.  Ilas Olivas is all the fun and vibrant swimwear inspo.

From cute two-piece suits, color-popping bikinis to trendy beachwear must-haves like tropical prints and coral colors.

Whether she’s getting that tan, lounging around, or enjoying cocktails – Ilas Olivas teases her lifestyle of leisure with her lovable swimwear and tasteful lingerie style.

With a slender figure and a lively personality, of course, she’s the girl to whip on a fiery festival costume and dazzle the show.

And did I mention that she’s a mom?  Yup.  This gorgeous bikini influencer is also a mother.  Yeah, I’ll let you splash away in surprise.


Ilas Olivas would certainly be a match for swimwear brands looking for fashion influencers to help them reach audiences in Europe.




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