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Posted July 03, 2019

7 HOT Influencer Programs for July 2019

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

July is here with happy vibes. Bright energy. All the things you’ve been working on since the beginning of the year are starting to take shape – or at least showing signs of. Rewards of your hard work are on the horizon. Your ideas are starting to come together. I have a feeling that July is going to be a fantastic month. And with this month’s HOT seven influencer programs, your month is about to get BRIGHTER.

By the way, a BIG brand has just dropped an influencer program and of course, we have it here for you.

All the travel, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, video entertainment, and jewelry influencers – we have seven hot brands for you to promote this month:

  1. Glam Passports – Travel Influencers
  2. Thrifty Threadz – Fashion Influencers
  3. HoneyBrows by Jasmine Chan – Beauty Influencers
  4. Sylvialuxy – Beauty Influencers
  5. Pleavure Store – Lifestyle Influencers
  6. TikTok – Video Entertainment Influencers (the BIG one)
  7. Aakarshan By Aditi – Jewelry Influencers

1. Chic Travel Accessories for Travel Influencers

Glam Passports

Hot Influencer Programs | Glam Passport

Is there anything better than traveling? Nah, I don’t think so. Jet setting. Hotel living. Beach bumming. Adventure exploring. The sweet life of a travel influencer. They have the best job ever and I’m jealous. If you’re all about the travel life and you inspire the lifestyle of wanderlust with your followers, Glam Passports would love to collaborate with you. Their hot program is recruiting influencers to promote their chic collection of travel accessories. Warning: you won’t be able to resist the temptation of impulsively booking your next holiday.

Interested? Catch them on Instagram on @glampassports and drop ‘em a DM.

2. Boutique Vintage Apparel & Accessories for Fashion Influencers

Thrifty Threadz

Hot Influencer Programs | Thrifty Threadz

If anything dazzles the Instagram universe, it’s a fabulous fashion sense. Fashion influencers know how to do this best. And what more could a vintage fashionista need than darling apparel and accessories from Thrifty Threadz? Pop your Instagram feed with statement black and white checked clout goggles to inspire irresistible vintage vibes. A sweet selfie in a white ruffled crop top will brighten up anyone’s feed. And for a splash of color and happy vibes, the retro rainbow top will be worth sharing too. Promoting these vintage items from Thrifty Threadz will be such a pleasure.

Thrifty Threadz is looking to collaborate with fashion influencers, so apply here if you’re keen to join their sizzling program. You can also catch them on Instagram on @thriftythreadz_.

3. Microblading for Beauty Influencers

HoneyBrows by Jasmine Chan

Beauty baes looking for a hot item to promote that your followers will love, check out HoneyBrows by Jasmine Chan. She’s a certified microblading artist that will give you amazing eyebrows that last up to three years. Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is less invasive than cosmetic tattooing. She won’t just microblade any eyebrows on you, she’ll recommend the best shape suitable for your facial features. Sounds pretty professional, doesn’t it? Jasmine is based in Bradenton, Florida so influencers that have a following in that area are welcome to collaborate.

HoneyBrows by Jasmine Chan is looking for influencers to promote her services so if you’re interested, pop her a DM on Instagram @honeybrows_jc or on Facebook.

4. Beauty Gadgets for Beauty Influencers


Sylivialuxy's Hot Influencer Programs

There are two kinds of influencers. One that posts a pic or a vid with a short caption to their massive audience. Then there’s the more thoughtful and opinionated influencer that invests themselves in truly giving value to their followers through thorough reviews and demos. If this is you and you’re a beauty influencer then Sylivialuxy would love to collaborate with you through their hot influencer program. Sylivialuxy is a USA, Germany and UK review agent looking for influencers to review trending beauty devices and products like the rechargeable blackhead remover, the wax warmer machine, the pimple patch and more.

Interested? Catch them on Facebook or drop them a DM on Instagram @sylivialuxy.

5. Trending Gadgets for Lifestyle Influencers

Pleavure Store

From a fun mini foldable camera drone, a fascinating mobile phone telescope, an innovative virtual laser keyboard to useful everyday stuff like silicone dishwashing gloves and a cordless mini sewing machine – what more could a lifestyle influencer need to pop their feed? If you’re on the hunt for trending innovative products to promote, then Pleavure Store is your brand to collaborate with. I actually lost track of all the attention-grabbing stuff because they just have a massive range of hot products. Promoting and selling can’t get any easier when you’re working with these products.

They’re looking for influencers, so hop onto it and pop them a DM on Instagram @pleavure to collaborate with them.

6. Video Creation for Entertainment Influencers


TikTok Hot Influencer Program

This is the big one. TikTok has just dropped a scorching influencer program. So if you’re big on video content for entertainment on social media, you shouldn’t miss this one – especially if you already use the TikTok app. They’re looking for influencers to create and share cool videos. Sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it? You earn based on the performance of your videos – which could be up to $5,000. Whooooa. Get creating then, ‘cause you never know when your next video will break the internet.

You’ll need to register and there are qualifying criteria based on your YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account. Apply here to get the process started.

7. Authentic Indian-Inspired Handcrafted Jewelry for Jewelry & Fashion Influencers

Aakarshan by Aditi

Are you an influencer with a love for unique authentic jewelry? The kind of pieces that are rare to come by but captivate the soul. Much like the jewelry from Aakarshan by Aditi. A collection of enchanting handcrafted Indian inspired jewelry awaits influencers with the heart for these special pieces to showcase to their followers. Matched with the right influencers, this boutique jewelry brand will be a pleasure promoting.

They’d love to collaborate with influencers, so if you’d like to enchant your followers with these handcrafted jewelry pieces, drop them a DM on Instagram @aakarshan_by_aditi.




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