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Growing Your Audience on Twitter: The Dos and Don’ts

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

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Twitter is an excellent platform for growing your brand and establishing a close connection with your audience. Sharing meaningful content on your Twitter feed regularly allows you to add value for your followers, establish credibility within the industry, and become a go-to resource for your target audience.

But as with any other social media platform, Twitter also comes with its own set of rules, and etiquette—play by these rules, and you’ll be rewarded with a responsive audience; fail to do so, and you have, at best, an uninterested audience.

If you’re looking to create an authentic Twitter feed and grow your social media influence, here are some suggestions you should follow and some pitfalls to avoid.

The Do’s & Don’ts When Growing Your Twitter Audience

DO Optimize Your Profile

Nothing says ‘spam account’ like a default profile photo and an empty feed. Add a high-quality profile photo and header image to your profile. And write a simple and relevant description for your bio with lots of keywords to help people find you.

Use the link in the bio to highlight specific landing pages and posts. Although Twitter gives you space for only one link, you can always sneak another into the bio. Use this to promote a specific product or offer and muster up more visits to your website.

DON’T Overuse Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to make your posts super-targeted—but use too many, and you run the risk of losing out. Hashtag overdose can make users feel like you’re spamming them, which is just annoying.

Marketing analytics company, TrackMaven, found that engagement drops by an average of 17% if you use more than two hashtags. For best results, stick to a max of two hashtags per tweet, each under 18 characters.

DO Post Consistently

Post consistently to enhance top-of-mind recall and user engagement. Start with three posts per day and increase the number over time. Apart from marketing posts, you should share content and insights from industry leaders, customers, and related resources. Also, post behind-the-scenes snaps of your work to gain interest from followers.

DON’T Use Auto-Commenters

Engaging regularly with large audiences can seem overwhelming, but under no circumstances should you opt for auto-commentators. Generic auto comments are annoying and easily detectable by social media savvies.

Scrolling through Twitter feed | Growing Your Audience

DO Analyze Your Account

Analytics is the name of the game. Social media marketing today requires close monitoring and understanding of analytics. Twitter offers in-depth insights into followers, new visits, engagement rates, retweets, and more.

If you’re new to analytics, the new Twitter Dashboard allows you to view the movement of metrics over one week, 30-day, and 60-day intervals.

DON’T Tweet Without Investigating

It’s tempting to tweet about a trending topic and build user engagement quickly, but you could be hurting your brand identity and credibility in the process. Always research a trending issue in detail before you make any tweets about it—if you can’t find credible sources, avoid discussing it.

Additionally, only stick to topics related to your business to ensure relevance for your followers.

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