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Influencer Tips: Reaching Out and Connecting with Businesses

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

Influencer marketing has developed a solid foundation for e-commerce, and many small and medium businesses bank on their support for PR. If you’re an influencer, seeing sponsored posts, brand collaborations, and product reviews on your feed will not come as a surprise to your followers.

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Social media users are under the impression that influencers have it easy. With all the promotional content and free PR packages, the followers develop a misconstrued impression of the influencers. In truth, cracking the code to become a macro-influencer from being only a recreational social media person can be quite challenging.

Here’s a guide for influencers that are just getting started. Use these influencer tips to build connections and network with brands.

Have a Credible Profile

When businesses decide to collaborate with influencers, they look for credible profiles that aren’t fake and haven’t developed their following through any unfair means. If you have a large following but a low engagement rate, something doesn’t add up and businesses will drop the idea of working with you.

So the first important influencer tip is to make sure your follower count and other metrics are authentic and verifiable.

Businesses need influencer marketing to boost their business, but not through inauthentic means. If you haven’t been active in the past few months for no reason, brands will pick up on that while sifting through their options. Such delays and postponements are unacceptable when you’re running a business and can incur a huge drop in sales for them. Brands want someone reliable and authentic, who offers engaging content to their audience.

Develop a Mutual Understanding

If you’re new to the world of influencer marketing, don’t set the bar too high. Brands will automatically flock to those with a large following and revert if you’re unwilling to negotiate a deal. It’s crucial to have a mutual understanding of trust and a relationship that adds value to both of your ventures.

So the top influencer tip here is to get on the same page as your collab partners from the very beginning.

Businesses will stay if you understand their vision, mission, marketing objectives, and target market while pitching their name as your go-to choice for a product/service. But your content shouldn’t sound too sales-y while you promote their brand because that’s off-putting for your followers.

In the case that it’s a win-win for both parties, consider the deal done.

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Reliable Monitoring and Reporting

While you’re entering a collaboration with businesses, bear in mind that it’s a business deal. You can set your terms and negotiate with them at the start, but understand that it’s a collaboration that shares ownership. You’ll still be the content creator and the brand the product seller, but they’re entitled to have a say in tailoring your content for their promotions.

You need to be open to criticism and listen to suggestions. Businesses value collaborations when they’re able to monitor the progress and get regular reports on ROIs. They might ask for updates or question unprecedented delays. If you’re uneasy about sharing authority, brands might not return for a collaboration.

So last influencer tip of the day: offer sufficient reporting tools to businesses you want to work with. Then you’ll see the collaboration requests continue to roll in.

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