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Podcast Episode #02 – Losing Body Fat While Preserving Muscle | Doland Ruiz – Lose 10 in 30 Days

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Hello, dear listeners! Get ready for another fantastic episode in this week’s podcast series. We’re about to dive into an enlightening conversation with a remarkable brand owner who’s on a mission to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle tailored just for you. And who’s the driving force behind all this awesomeness? It’s none other than the incredible Doland Ruiz!

Introducing Doland Ruiz: The Genius Behind “Lose 10 in 30 Days”

Attention, health and fitness enthusiasts! Today, we are thrilled to introduce the incredible Doland Ruiz, the mastermind behind Lose 10 in 30.


Doland’s journey into the world of health and fitness is nothing short of inspiring. He became a certified personal trainer, delving deep into the science behind health and wellness.


In our conversation, Doland emphasizes the importance of focusing on shedding excess body fat rather than just numbers on the scale. His approach involves a gradual 3-step strategy to ensure a healthy transformation.


Doland’s book offers a sustainable way to not only lose weight but also build a healthier, stronger body. He understands the struggles many face on their fitness journey, which is why his program starts gently, gradually introducing calorie tracking and a structured deficit.


What sets Doland’s approach apart? It’s his dedication to helping people achieve their goals while maintaining their health and strength. 


As for marketing his “How to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days” book, Doland believes in the power of word-of-mouth and testimonials. He’s excited to collaborate with influencers, especially those in the health, fitness, and beauty niches, to spread the word about his book. If you’re an influencer with an audience keen on improving their health and fitness, Doland’s program could be a fantastic fit for you.


Podcast Extravaganza: Diving into the Lose 10 in 30 Days Adventure

Come along on a fantastic journey into the Lose 10 in 30 Days universe, guided by the one and only Doland Ruiz! We’ve sprinkled the captivating YouTube podcast video right here, giving you an exclusive peek into the magical realm of influencer marketing.

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Key Takeaways

00:00 🌟 Introduction to Dolan Ruiz and His Fitness Journey

– Introduction to Dolan Ruiz and his background in health and fitness,

– Discussion about his certification as a personal trainer and focus on weight loss.

03:03 💪 Weight Loss vs. Losing Body Fat

– The distinction between losing weight and losing body fat,

– The importance of focusing on excess body fat for health,

– Gradual approach to achieving a 10-pound weight loss in 30 days.

05:08 🥦 Diet and Nutrition in the Weight Loss Process

– The significance of diet and caloric intake,

– The gradual approach to calorie deficit,

– The role of high protein intake in preserving muscle mass.

08:07 🏋️ Strength Training and Fitness Routine

– The importance of strength training in the weight loss journey,

– The gradual approach to deficit and maintenance,

– Tips for maintaining muscle mass during weight loss.

11:25 📣 Promoting the Book through Influencers

– Targeting influencers in the Health, Fitness, and Beauty categories,

– Preferred platforms for promotion (TikTok and Instagram),

– Commissions and tracking for influencer promotions.

Transcription Tidbits: Sneak a Peek at the Chat!

Get ready for some behind-the-scenes action as we dive into the transcription of our lively chat with Doland Ruiz. Unearth the secrets, stories, and nuggets of wisdom that have fueled the spectacular journey of Lose 10 in 30 Days—all right here in this juicy transcription!

In Conversation with Doland Ruiz, Founder of Lose 10 in 30 Days


Thanks for joining us today on our influencer podcast. Got a special treat for our health, fitness, wellness minded folks. We’ve got author Dolan Ruiz here, author of How to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days, kind of a number one fitness book on Amazon, looking to get some additional traction with influencers. We’re going to talk to Dolan today about some health tips, lifestyle tips, ideas about losing weight and doing so in a healthy manner. So let’s start there and then we’ll eventually get into our collab opportunity. So Dolan, let’s kick things off. Tell us about yourself, your fitness journey.


Hi Brett, thanks for having me. Yeah, I’ve always been into health and fitness, working out that type of thing, but it wasn’t until kind of my late twenties that I started getting more just more serious into it, more on an educational aspect of it. So I actually took a course to become a certified personal trainer, and so I got my license for that. And from there I just started researching just whatever people need. And it seems that most people are looking to lose weight and not that many people are looking to gain muscle as compared to losing weight. So that’s what I started focusing on.


I find that a lot in my own life as well. You’re in your twenties and you don’t have time for taking care of yourself, but you kind of think, oh, I’m close to getting back into shape, but you’re actually not. As each year goes by and you slip further and further and then hopefully come back around as you did. So with your book, how’d you come up with the idea for 10 pounds in 30 days and why not 20 or 30 pounds in 30 days? And I’m guessing based on your focus and the importance of building muscle alongside of this, that that’s a more sustainable long-term approach to gain the muscle. You lose the fat and that’s why, hey, maybe we’re going to drop some net pounds early on, but it’s not a huge weight loss because we’re trying to transform the body. But I’ll let you go ahead and you can educate me on.


That’s awesome. Yeah, correct. I do see a lot of products that promote something like 10 pounds a week or something ridiculous like that, which would be like 40 a month. But that’s one of the things that I write in my book and also in the blogs that I used to write that when they’re doing that, you’re not losing the type of weight that you’re trying to lose because when people say lose weight, that’s one of the points of 10 and 30 fitness, that you’re not really trying to lose weight, you’re trying to lose the excess body fat. And I think that’s one of the major problems in health, at least here in the United States, people are focusing on weight and they to be focusing on the extra body fat because it’s not the weight that’s going to kill you and shorten your lifespan, it’s the extra body fat, particularly around women.

So in order to do that, 10 pounds in a month is actually pretty aggressive from an educational standpoint. And what I focus on is trying to get rid of the body fat while preserving muscle. And I really believe that that’s the key to doing it the correct way, preserving muscle. The way to do that is by keeping your protein up, lifting weights, that’s very important. Assistance training, even when you’re trying to lose weight, when you’re not thinking about putting on distance training lot with high protein is what’s going to be the key to letting you lose the body fat and eventually lose 13 pounds a month.


And if I made you pick one thing, and that was kind of leading into my question, I was going to ask about nutrition versus fitness. So if we’re going to say, okay, we’ve got one initial lever to pull to get this thing going, would it be then strength training over nutrition, which I guess would be protein intake? So strength training is going to be number one, and then protein’s going to kind of be what you would want to supplement that From an impact standpoint,


I would say if we had to put it in order, of course all things work equally. We all know that and we figure that. But if we had to put it in order, I would say diet is number one when it comes to losing weight. And more specifically under the diet category is making sure you do not go over your prescribed daily caloric intake, which I prescribed in the book based on your exact body weight. So I give you a number, you multiply it by your weight and that’s your maintenance. And then there’s another number, a lower number, and that number is your 20% deficit. So if you’re eating at a 20% deficit, which again is pretty aggressive by fitness standards, if you stick to that every single day, you will lose the 10 pounds in a month. So I would say making sure you do not go over your 20% deficit number is number one followed. Number two by equally high protein and resistance training, those would’ve to be equal in my book.


And as you go forward then, on the deficit, do you bring people closer to their maintenance level or do you recommend always having some level of deficit, maybe not 20%, but sort of that some percentage to keep you on the lean side, or are we going back to C level, if you will, and just consuming and doing the strength at that point?


Right. Well, that’s one of the things of 10 and 30 fitness that I don’t start you off at 20% deficit. A lot of people or most people are not used to even being accountable at all of how much they’re reading. So if you go from just eating for pleasure to suddenly going to a 20% deficit and keeping track or better yet planning your calories for the day, too much of an impact. So I start you off, if you’ve never counted calories and you’re not really into exercise, then I start you off at maintenance for the first week, just keeping track of your calories, getting used to knowing what you eat and how much you eat in a day. And then week two, I start you off at a gradual deficit, something like 10%, week three would be 15%, and finally week four would be the 20% deficit. So it’s gradual. It’s kind of the beauty of my book because we don’t want the impact to deter somebody.


You don’t want to be hungry right away and then that deters you because starving all the time and you float away.


Right? And then also, once you reach your goal, there’s no need to keep eating at a deficit because you’re not trying to lose more body fat or more weight. So at that point, you would hit your maintenance number, which I’ll tell you as far as I calculated, the maintenance number is 15. So you would multiply 15 times your lean body weight if you’re trying to lose weight. And that would be maintenance. And of course, you all always have to adjust for activity levels and genetics and everything. So if after a week you’re on your maintenance and you end up going up in weight and you did everything correctly, then 15 was a little too much. Try 14 for week two.


Very good. So let’s get into the specifics of marketing the book here. What’s some of the feedback that you’ve gotten so far, and then what are your future goals in terms of promoting the book?


Yeah, I’ve gotten great feedback. A lot of people really enjoy it and it works for them. It also worked for me, and that’s why I decided to write the book. I put together my plan, and I did it a couple of times and people notice, people notice you losing 10 pounds or even gaining 10 pounds. I actually started with a gained 10 pounds program for myself because I got a little too skinny. And people noticed when I did that, when I did the first month of gaining 10 pounds in 30 days when I went back to school because I was in college when I did that, people just complimenting it and were kind of surprised. It’s only 30 days, and if you gain 10 pounds of muscle, that’s a big deal. And people notice. And then again, I did it. And when I was in my thirties, when I was at work, same thing, I did my own program for gain and people were looking at me and saying, wow, you’ve been hitting the gym. And they weren’t saying, you’re gaining weight, you’re gaining fat, or you’ve been eating a lot of pizza. No, they were saying you’re putting on muscle. So in the same way people notice when you lose the 10 pounds in 30 days because it’s actually a pretty drastic difference. And if you do it twice, I mean that’s 20 pounds in just a couple of months, people will notice. And people have been putting some pretty good comments on the Amazon reviews and also on my website, people are liking it and they’re sharing it with their friends.


That’s great. That’s great. So I assume next step here is to get the word out further. Keep building that Amazon presence, the reviews, all the good comments. And I assume this is what kind of took you over to the influencer world. What most attracted you about working with influencers and creators in terms of getting the word out about how to lose 10 pounds to 30 days?


Well, I think there’s no better marketing than word of mouth and testimonial marketing. If you have somebody that you trust, maybe you’ve been following ’em for a while, maybe you know them personally and you see them do it, you’re going to want to know and you’re interested in doing it yourself. You’re going to want to know what they did and you’re going to want them to share with you. So I think that’s one of the best ways to market anything. And nowadays, I think social media marketing like TikTok or Instagram, especially for health and fitness, it’s one of the top ways, if not the top way to market any kind of health and fitness product. When you have influencers showing what they did, they’re showing you the brands that they love, they’re talking about, they’re posting videos, they might be doing the exercises. I think that’s just a fantastic way to market anything.


Seems like it’s a natural methodology also that would really lend itself, well, you’ve done a great job describing it for me today, and this is the type of thing that very logical in terms of the calorie deficit building the strength that someone could do a great job explaining to their followers. So let me turn things and talk to our influencers out there, and specifically about your collabs that you have going with our how to lose 10 pounds in 30 days. So what types of influencers and creators and micro influencers and partners and whatever term we want to use, but what types of people are we looking to work with to promote the book?


I’m looking mostly in the health, fitness, and beauty categories. My book seems to be purchased, I would say something like 60% by Women and 40% by Men. Right now what I’m reaching out to is influencers who have an audience of mostly women who market health, fitness, beauty products to women. Of course, it’ll be grateful into, but most of the influencers that I reach and I contact are usually women. Some men, I’ve invited some men, and as long as they have a pretty good following, either on TikTok, it would be my number one platform preferred. And then Instagram would be second. And as long as they have a pretty good following and they do promote products, I will invite them or I’ll accept their applications.


Great. And then we’re selling the book through your website here. I know it’s available on Amazon, but for the purposes of the collab here, what did the influencer be sending people to your book website to then make the sale there and then have their commissions be tracked via that platform?


Correct. Yeah. The book sales on Amazon, that’s where it’s been selling for like six years. But for the influencers, they would be selling it through my page through a specific page, and it’s all automatic. It has everything ready to go. I don’t even have to touch it. They get paid the percentage that they signed up for.


Perfect. Well, thanks for joining us today, Dolan, how to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days. Any final words that we can share with our influencers for you? Here, I’ll give you the final word.


I would say stay positive. Always look forward. Life is great. Stay healthy, stay fit, have fun!


Stay healthy, have fun. You’ll look like Dolan here taking the interview in. Lose the Pounds. But like Dolan said, keep the strength so we don’t get skinny soft here. You got to do the strength training throughout so that it’s all about looking good, ultimately being healthier throughout all of this. So great. It was great stuff. Thanks again, Dolan for joining.


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Reflecting on a Journey of Innovation and Influence

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