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Posted on November 04, 2019

There is a Reason Restaurants like Working with Influencers

Social content and consumer behavior go hand-in-hand. There are surveys that show how deeply social content “influences” consumer habits and online shopping. For instance, 71% of people are likelier to buy something after they read something good about it online on social media. The stats are no different when it comes to the dining-out scene. And that’s […]

Posted on November 01, 2019

Using Facebook for Influencer Marketing

Poor Mark of the “Social Network” is still recovering from the Cambridge Analytica scandal—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questioning him just days ago. When the news broke and we all witnessed Zuckerberg go through a lengthy, grueling trial, many thought that the era of Facebook had come to an end. But has it? On the contrary, Facebook continues […]

Posted on September 20, 2019

Are You an Unstoppable Foodie? Social Media Influencing is Just What You Need

Social media influencing is not a trend. It has become a way of life. Think about it. Among the one thing that almost all millennials in all countries of the world have seen is the food-photo ritual. It goes like this: a person is at an eatery. They order food. The food arrives. But they […]

Posted on August 28, 2019

Which Is More Important: Reach or Impressions

So you’ve been trying to increase your visibility and influence on social media. And you’ve come across the two different metrics critical to the success of your social media strategy — reach vs impressions. But did you know that these metrics are closely linked and oftentimes even grouped together? That’s because they both have a […]

Posted on August 27, 2019

Instagram Hashtags For Influencers (with Infographic)

What do influencers do best? Inspire and educate through the sharing of content, right? Well, great news — this post on Instagram Hashtags for Influencers comes with an awesome infographic. Great for sharing! First up. Instagram. Yes, we do stress a great deal about Instagram marketing. But for good reason. Instagram has slowly been climbing […]



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