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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Influencer

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

What makes us write an ultimate guide on how to become an influencer? Why do a huge number of millennials want to be social media influencers over any other career option?

As of 2019, the social media influencer marketing industry is a $10 billion one—and people who’re business-savvy know what a great feat that is. Among all the social media websites that are being used for the purpose, Instagram tops all, accounting for 93% of all influencer campaigns in 2018.

It’s clear that the industry and the job description have their allure. And the fact that it works so well is testified by the willingness of countless brands to work with social media influencers.

No one knows this better than the team behind Afluencer, a platform that brings together brands and social media influencers. We know that brands would give anything to find the perfect social media influencer for their product or service.

And that’s why we’re sharing our ultimate guide to becoming an influencer.

So how exactly do you break into this niche?

Start by Taking Your Audience Seriously

Creating a network of leads through your audience

Even if your audience is limited to 3 people, make sure you’re generating generous content for them. And when we say generous, we don’t necessarily mean a great deal of content. We mean quality content that adds something to their existing pool of knowledge.

Trust us when we say this; if you’re making authoritative, informative, useful content that is also interesting, word will get around sooner or later. Even with 10 people, you have a chance to spread out into a specific niche as long as your content is optimized for your audience. Knowing what your target audience is, of course, your first priority.

Don’t Hold Back

If you feel like you have spent far too much time accumulating your knowledge (let’s say, you’ve spent weeks upon weeks going through e-books and other resources to build your existing pool of industry-specific knowledge) and you don’t want to share it with others—think again. Why would people begin following you? Why do people subscribe to forums like Thug Notes? Because you already put in an effort accumulating the knowledge that they don’t need to spend time on.

Don’t hold back. It will only make you look like you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Be Unique

Let’s say, you’re starting out as an authority on fitness. You are clearly not the only one. There are hundreds like you out there, saying more or less the same thing in their posts. What makes you different? Why should people follow you?

Perhaps you cover fitness for people who are recovering from a long illness. Maybe you cover a fitness gig for new mothers. Or perhaps you’re just a fitness freak who posts only in the night? Find something that makes you stand out and build on it.

Also, be sure to post consistently. Don’t spam your followers’ newsfeed with unnecessarily frequent posts but do post regularly. And remember, quality over quantity!

About Afluencer

Afluencer is an online platform bridging the gap between social media influencers and brands. You can sign up here or get in touch with us for more details.




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