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Why Does Influencer Marketing Work?

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

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Most people aren’t too fond of ads; no one goes out of their way to see one (unless it’s very funny, alluring, etc.). The growth and ubiquity of ad-blockers are a testament to how averse to ads most people are.

Consider a YouTube video with a sponsorship segment that disrupts a video’s flow. It’s a nuisance and often results in people forwarding past the section.

So, this leaves one question: since people dislike ads in general, and dislike them even more while consuming something they enjoy, why does influencer marketing work?

Well, the hint is in the first sentence. Funny, alluring, and interesting ads aren’t a nuisance, and the one thing that connects such ads is presentation. Coincidentally, that’s also why influencer marketing works.

Here’s more on that.

It’s All About The Presentation

Influencers can influence because people value them in some way. It could be their content, personality, sense of humor, or any number of things. And influencers know that. It’s why they’ll typically structure their posts around the part of themselves that people value. So, they’ll also incorporate your ads in a similar way.

A comedian, for instance, may make a funny skit to advertise your product. Alternatively, someone who is trusted for their information will explain why the product they’re sponsoring is worth their attention.

In all of these cases, the influencer is presenting your product in the same way in which they present content that their audience likes. As a result, people stick around and are willing to buy. However, this isn’t the only thing that makes influencer marketing work.

Other Factors That Make Influencer Marketing Work

Responsiveness: Influencers typically respond much faster to their audiences, which includes questions regarding the product.

Optional Advertising: Influencer marketing works because it isn’t shoved down audiences’ throats like pop-ups or forced YouTube ads. They give their audience the freedom to choose what to and not to consume.

Better Marketing: A YouTube creator, for instance, can dedicate more time to a product, explaining why it’s worth a buy. This is much better than a 30-second commercial since information doesn’t need to be condensed into such a short time frame.

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