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Which Social Media Platform Has the Best ROI?

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

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Social media ROI seems to be pretty straightforward. Posting a tweet may involve an initial investment to pay the labor costs of a social media manager. The tweet attracts users, who may then purchase your goods or services, and so, there’s a return on your investment in your tweets.

However, once you dig into it, it gets a bit more confusing. For instance, the return on investment also depends on the price of your product, which, in turn, depends on the cost of its inputs.

So, it’s not just the labor costs of the social media manager, but also the labor and material costs of the product. Beyond that, how exactly do you calculate social media ROI? Analytics can be useful, but it’s still hard to work around the above problem. Here’s how to deal with social media ROI and which platform has the highest ROI.

What is Social Media ROI?

ROI can be calculated as the revenue generated and investment divided by the investment amount and multiplied by 100. However, this is just regular ROI, which you can measure in terms of revenue. Social media ROI, in contrast, considers metrics like reach, conversion rate, and click-through rate to be more important than revenue.

These metrics color how you generate your ROI figures and the metrics are themselves determined by your goals. If your goal involves maximizing conversions, then your ROI figures will be in the form of “X conversions for every $100 spent on social media marketing”. Defining what constitutes a social media marketing cost depends on you, but it typically includes things like staffing costs and time.

Which Platform Offers the Best ROI?

As mentioned above, the best social media ROI will depend on your goals. Here’s what the different social media platforms are good for:

Facebook: The best ROI for building a loyal community of customers and improving brand awareness.

LinkedIn: Ideal for generating new leads and improving one’s authority.

Instagram: The most conducive for gauging customer interest, engaging with customers, and launching new products.

Twitter: Maximizes shares and clicks. Ideal for relationship building due to the brevity of conversations and ease of sharing.

Update: Heard of the latest invite-only social media platform, Clubhouse? We’re really starting to see the user numbers on the platform grow. Fast! And they haven’t even rolled out the android version yet! Yup, currently, the Clubhouse app is only available to download on iOS devices. But yeah, we would certainly be interested to see what it can offer in terms of ROI.

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