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7 Hot Mix Influencer Programs to Jump-Start Your 2020

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Aaaaah.  It’s 2020.  It’s February.  But it feels like January 2.0.

No stress, no sweat influencer fam.  We’ve got you covered with these fresh 2020 influencer programs to get you jump-started with your brand collab campaign.

Eyelashes on fleek.  Raving superfan merch.  E-commerce extensions. Bamboo sunglasses.  “Back to the 90s party” tees. CBD. And the best user experience.

So beauty and fashion influencers, tech influencers, health and fitness influencers – check this out!

These 7 brands are looking for influencers just like you to join their 2020 partnership programs:

  1. Endure Beauty – Organic Skincare & Eyelash Extension Care
  2. FanRav – Superfan Merch
  3. MageComp – Magento Extensions
  4. Bambuddha – Bamboo Sunglasses
  5. Designs by Royi Berkovitz – Art Inspired Fashion
  6. MoMed – CBD Pain Relief Products
  7. Optiin – Funnel Builder

2020, here we come!

7 Influencer Partnership Programs of 2020

Endure Beauty

Endure Beauty | Organic Eyelash and Skin Care

Look good.  Feel great. And eyelashes on fleek all year round.  There’s no better way to flutter your glam into 2020 than with Endure Beauty.  Get organic eyelash care and skincare made for all skin types and especially for those with sensitive skin.  And if you’re in the business of beauty, Endure Beauty will get you kitted up. From the professional studio pack for estheticians, the beauty spar lash wash, under-eye therapy gel pads, lash artist case, wands, trays and of course all those gorgeous lash extensions.

Influencer Program Application

This is the perfect collaboration opportunity for influencers in the beauty niche – especially professionals.

As an influencer of Endure Beauty’s 2020 partnership program, you’ll earn commissions on sales.

Flutter those eyelashes for your followers and apply here to become an influencer for Endure Beauty.


Products to Promote | FanRav Influencer Program

Now, here’s a brand that will deliver on everyday feel-good vibes powered by your favorite people and things that you absolutely thrill over.  It’s at FanRav that superfans of PewDiePie, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Stranger Things, Impractical Jokers and more will get their fan merch.  From tees, wall art, accessories and more. Get these everyday items in lovable pop-culture themes and popular personalities.  Happy days!

Influencer Program Application

It’s not every day that you get an exciting influencer opportunity, but today is that day for you, influencers.

FanRav is looking for influencers to join their program and create their own line of branded merch that your followers can rock in 2020.  How cool, right?! They’ll handle absolutely everything, end to end. And then you simply split profits made from your line.

You most certainly don’t want to miss this one.

So go on and apply here to become an influencer for FanRav.


MageComp | Influencer Programs 2020

If perhaps you have an e-commerce site built with Magento or you happen to work with the Magento software, then you must check out MageComp.  Get handy Magento extension solutions from migration services, upgrade services to performance optimization.  Boost your Magento store performance with MageComp. It’s 100% bug-free, comes with 90 days of free support, and you also get a lifetime free upgrade.

Influencer Program Application

This influencer opportunity is perfect for developers and agencies with the right following.  Especially if your audience has an interest in the Magento e-commerce software.

Influencers get a 10% commission on sales plus 10% discounts.

Apply here to become an influencer for MageComp.


Bambuddha Sunglasses | Partnership Program

Lightweight.  Durable. Polarized.  Made from bamboo. And they float.  Bambuddha sunglasses just look amazing and you really can’t do without a pair in 2020.  They enhance vision, reduce glare, and soothe your eyes. And did I mention how fab you’ll look too?  With 100% UVA and UVB protection, lenses made of polycarbonate, packed in a charming bamboo case – they are absolutely irresistible.

Shop Aqua, Cat Eye’s, Dark Summer, Dragonfly, Lollipops, Rainbows and more in their collection.

Influencer Program Application

Look, I think almost any influencer can whip on a pair of Bambuddha’s and make their followers fall in love and buy.

So if you want to rock these sunglasses on your influencer feed and earn a 15% commission on sales, then you must join their 2020 affiliate program.

Go on and apply here to become an influencer for Bambuddha.

Designs by Royi Berkovitz

Trendy Fashion of 2020 | Designs by Royi Berkovitz

Something beautiful is created when art and fashion meet.  And Designs by Royi Berkovitz will charm your heart with lovable art inspired fashion and accessories.  From “The Airshow” custom watch, supercool sunglasses swimsuit, “hello” giraffe crop top, “The 3 Monkeys” crop top to the coolest thing any 90s kid will have heart-eyes for—the “Back to the 90s party” tee.  Day made!

Influencer Program Application

Think these cool art inspired fashion items will fly on your social media?

Then you ought to know that influencers of the Designs by Royi Berkovitz program earn commissions of 10-20% on sales.

So what are you waiting for?

Apply here to become an influencer for Designs by Royi Berkovitz.


MoMed | Hemp Oil Pain Relief Products

Life is pretty alright when you’re feeling great.  But let pain get the best of you and all goes downhill.  Simple things become a struggle and the brightness from your day is taken away.  But not today. When pain comes to knock you down, you need MoMed.  A.K.A the mother of all pain relief.  Get topical physician formulated hemp oil products like the roll-on hemp oil, CBD gummies, hemp oil warming lotion and handy kits like the cooling bundle.  Experience the pain-relieving benefits of CBD hemp with MoMed.

Influencer Program Application

Are you enthusiastic about sharing the love for CBD products and promoting its benefits with a brand like MoMed?

If you’re an influencer of 2020 in health, fitness, and wellness, then their affiliate program is perfect for you.  Influencers of MoMed get free products and also earn a commission of 15% on sales.

Apply here to become an influencer for MoMed.


Optiin Influencer Program | Website & Funnel Builder

And now for the best user experience.  I’m talking about your website and the possibility of designing better, faster and cheaper with Optiin.  Get features like an easy drag and drop visual tool, split A/B testing and detailed analytics.  Optiin will surely help you build your funnel for the best user experience on your website.

If you’re serious about driving conversions, then get your funnel built and optimized with Optiin.

Influencer Program Application

Are you an influencer with an audience that’s looking to sail through 2020 with a service like Optiin?

If you’re a marketer, developer, or agency in the digital space, then this is an ideal brand collab opportunity for you.

And the most awesome thing about this 2020 partnership program is that influencers earn a recurring commission of 35% on signups.

So get started now and apply here to become an influencer for Optiin.

Sidenote: For those of you who aren’t aware – we publish an influencer program guide every month. If you are new to our site, then you may have missed some of our previous gems! So be sure to browse through our earlier posts to catch up on other awesome guides, like our 7 Hot Mix Influencer Programs that we released last October.




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