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Influencers for TikTok Commercials? Why Not?

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

TikTok loading screen on mobile

You might know TikTok as that app where Gen Z uploads bizarre heartbreak videos with slow-mo endings. But what you’re missing is that it has also become a major social media website.

Influencers and brands can’t afford to disregard TikTok’s effectiveness in spreading brand awareness, whether it’s through marketing or commercials.

Why TikTok?

It might have started as an under-the-radar micro-video sharing app, but it blew up real quick. Gen Z looks at TikTok like millennials look at Facebook and Instagram. So could these TikTok influencers be the new faces in social media commercials?

Owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, the app has 1.5 billion downloads. The New York Times even went as far as to say that TikTok is rewriting the world.

At the moment, it has 800 million active users from around the world. And it causes “stirs” on a daily basis—the most recent being the entirety of Britain being outraged because an American TikTok star made “British tea” while butchering all standards of tea-making. To be fair to the Brits, the tea looked terrible.

The point is: it’s popular. If a tea-making video can go viral overnight, causing an uproar on Twitter, and unite formerly colonized Commonwealth countries in favor of Britain, you know the platform is important.

How Ripe is TikTok for Marketing and Commercials?

Influencer recording commercial video for tiktok

Very ripe, and not just because of its popularity. TikTok’s core demographic is young people. So if you’re selling products that they might find interest in, it can be beyond lucrative.

At this point, it’s important to remember that TikTok relies on people just like any other social media platform does.

However, the mode of communication on TikTok is more personal than it is on Facebook or Twitter. It demands a face on the screen at all times—and what’s the one way you can ensure that you’re putting a good enough face across on TikTok?

Partner With a TikTok Influencer

Social media influencers understand how fundamentally different TikTok is compared to other social media platforms. They use it, they know what Gen Z wants to watch. And they know how to spin content in order to attract your target niche.

You’ll require the help of someone who is tech-savvy, a good videographer, an avid social media user, and someone who knows what the latest trending topics are.

If you’re looking for TikTok influencers for marketing and commercials, you can find some of the best influencers right here at Afluencer.




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