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Top 210+ Influencers to Watch in 2021

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Creating inspiration, dropping entertainment, and sharing a whole lot of love for their passions. These top 210+ influencers to watch in 2021 are making an outstanding social media impact in their categories.

Here with Instagram influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, podcast creators, and TikTok’ers.

Fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, wellness, health, food, travel, yoga, parenting, pets, entertainment, photography, cannabis, and more!

  1. Olga Ferrara (@olgaferrara_ny) – Fashion Influencer
  2. Jasmine Jones (@ellelise) – Fashion Influencer
  3. Kathleen Dougherty (@thekateexperience) – Beauty Influencer
  4. Hayley Hall (@hayleyhall_uk) – Beauty Influencer
  5. Andy Anneville (@andyanneville) – Fitness Influencer
  6. Nick Trueman (Winning With Shopify Podcast) – Podcast Influencer
  7. Alondra (@alondradessy) – TikTok Influencer (Fashion & Beauty)
  8. Alexandria McMillion (@alexandriamcmillion) – Lifestyle Influencer
  9. Erin Christ (@bodybybreakfast) – Wellness Influencer
  10. Marc Ryan (@hashimotoshealer) – Health Influencer
  11. TASTY! By Brandon & Jorge (@tastyideas) – Food Influencer
  12. Ashley Alexander (@gatherandfeast) – Food Influencer
  13. Eric Rubens (@erubes1) – Travel Influencer
  14. Chelsea Y (@chelseakauai) – Travel Influencer
  15. Peter Walters (@peterwaltersyoga) – Yoga Influencer
  16. Cathay Madeo (@cathymadeoyoga) – Yoga Influencer
  17. Taylor Franklin (@franklinfamilyof5) – Parenting Influencer
  18. Nika & Kira (@2husketeers) – Pet Influencer
  19. Zippy Sandler (@zipporahs) – 50+ Influencer
  20. Salice Rose (@salicerose) – Entertainment Influencer
  21. David Christopher Lee (@davidleephotography) – Photographer Influencer
  22. Bess Byers (@imcannabess) – Cannabis Influencer

… and so much more!

So let’s go check them out.

Olga Ferrara (@olgaferrara_ny) – Fashion Influencer

Olga Ferrara | Fashion Influencers

Afluencer’s Top Fashion Influencer of 2020. Olga Ferrara has been flourishing on the social scene lately with outstanding content (as always).

From hot partnerships with brands such as payment card LANISTAR for the ultimate shopping spree to chic outfit hauls for stylish inspo that wow her fashion fans to shop away, click after click.  Because that hot pink plush jacket with glossy black leggings is guaranteed to make a thumb-stopping appearance on your feed.

Dropping Parisian designer intros, Olga’s sophisticated fashion influence continues to make a statement.

Jasmine Jones (@ellelise) – Fashion Inspiration

Jasmine Jones | Fashion Inspo

Underneath the masks that have become part of the outfit, fashion-loving Jasmine Jones has been a light-hearted fashion inspo to her followers—showing the fun and bright side of the everyday mom life with her girls.

“Start today with a grateful heart” she captions.  Do you know what else helps?  A flattering denim shirt dress with suede nude knee-high boots.  And don’t forget to accessorize with your gorgeous smile.

Yup, Jasmine continues to serve moms with pretty style and bright smiles on her Insta feed—just what we need.

Kathleen Dougherty (@thekateexperience) – Beauty Treats

Kathleen Dougherty | Beauty Treats

New season, new beauty treats.  That’s what your lovely everyday girl, Kathleen Dougherty, has been whipping up in her makeup purse.

Keeping her followers treated up with must-have skincare and beauty essentials for the cold weather. From intensive healing lotion, cruelty-free honey silk facial serum, to sweet lip treats, and warm eyeshadow pallets.

And also seductive giveaways to celebrate her growing fans!  Lots of goodies and TLC for Kathleen’s followers.

Hayley Hall (@hayleyhall_uk) – Beauty Influencer

Hayley Hall | Beauty Influencers

Beautiful Hayley Hall has been showing up on Instagram with enough feel-good and look-bright content to uplift your spirits.

From movie nights in with pampering eye masks to fun stocking suffer ideas like Lapland body cream, lip balm, hair ties, toilet spray (LOL), and magnetic lash extensions.  All this plus pretty outfits.

Lots of FOMO if you’re not engaged with her yet.

Andy Anneville (@andyanneville) – Fitness Coach

Andy Anneville | Workout Motivation

Just in case you lost your motivation in the past year, fitness coach Andy Anneville is a super-powered reminder to keep hustling for those gains.

“…don’t let minor setbacks keep you down” – Andy.

From sharing his inspiring post-injury fitness milestones, sporting hot fitness apparel and footwear, to dropping epic workouts and motivating captions—Andy is guaranteed to keep you moving forward.

And he’s just launched an exciting 1:1 training program.

Nick Trueman (Winning With Shopify Podcast) – Podcast Influencer

Nick  Trueman | Winning with Shopify Podcast

The e-commerce entrepreneur podcast of the moment has got to be Winning With Shopify.  A must-listen productive companion for your coffee, jog or drive.

Latest episodes loaded with value:  Scaling Your Growth With Pinterest Advertising, Growing Your Shopify Store With Facebook Ads, Build Great Revenue From Google Shopping, Going International On Shopify, and an epic Google Ads Masterclass.

If you have an online business to build, then you’ll find so much to learn on this Podcast.

Alondra (@alondradessy) – TikTok Influencer

Alondra | TikTok Sensation

What’s been going on with sassy Alondra on TikTok?  Well, she’s gained almost half a million followers more.

This gorgeous lady has been keeping up with funny TikTok trends and dancing it up with fashion outfit hauls—dropping partner coupon codes as she entertains away.

And on Instagram, this pop culture macro-influencer is blowing up her feed with fast fashion, racy lingerie, and hot swimwear.

Alexandria McMillion (@alexandriamcmillion) – Lifestyle Influencer

Alexandria McMillion | Lifestyle Influencer

Alexandria has been a delightful source of lifestyle inspo.  This small-town home and lifestyle influencer has grown by a few thousand followers since we last checked in with her.  And she’s keeping her Instagram feed exciting with awesome bits and pieces.

Gift ideas, cute black and white animal print ankle socks, teeth whitening, tech for the home, and cool stuff like a mystery scratch-off book filled with adventure challenges.  Alexandria’s posts are packed with lifestyle goodies you do not want to miss out on.

Erin Christ (@bodybybreakfast) – Wellness Influencer

Erin Christ | Body by Breakfast Instagram Feed

Months of lockdown and several extra pounds later—you know what we all need?  Some good food, self-love, and positive vibes from Erin Christ.  And that’s exactly what she’s been serving her followers lately.

In her “how to start loving your body” series, Erin inspires self-love affirmations, giving thanks to your body, dressing your body with love, filtering your social media feed, and doing something that makes your body feel good.

Making happy Sundays for positive Mondays and enjoying peanut butter Snickers cookies is what wellness is all about—well, at least in Erin’s world.

Marc Ryan (@hashimotoshealer) – Health Influencer

Marc Ryan | Health Influencers

From sharing chapters of the “Tao Teh Ching” book to inspiring journaling of your mind. As always, Marc Ryan is home to a wealth of support and inspo for thyroid health.

Lately, this licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner has been sharing his in-depth research findings on thyroid hormone testing, coupled with informative illustrations.

And you’ve certainly gotta love his regular “Hashimoment” posts where he goes on to share mindful thoughts—the latest has been on the importance of forgiveness.

TASTY! By Brandon & Jorge (@tastyideas) – Food and Laughter

TASTY! By Brandon and Jorge

Good food and lots of laughs—this is all happening at TASTY! By Brandon & Jorge.

From the most delicious vanilla bean scone treat, chocolate chip pound cake, French apple cake, cheezy pizza bread to Christmas Ale under the tree.  And also yummy guacamole giveaways and seafood restaurant gift cards.

TASTY! By Brandon & Jorge have been whipping up fun video recipes in the kitchen that your tastebuds certainly can’t miss.

Ashley Alexander (@gatherandfeast) – Food Influencer

Ashley Alexander | Food Influencers

Just when you thought food couldn’t possibly get any more spectacular, Ashley Alexander continues to serve show-stopping recipes—post after post.

From a chocolate and beetroot layer cake with an avocado cacao fudge frosting, a lemon raspberry cake, to an exotic bagel grazing board you simply can’t wait to share with your loved ones.

You can almost taste the food through her pictures—they’re that good!

Eric Rubens (@erubes1) – Travel Influencer

Eric Rubens | Photo Gallery | Travel Influencers

For a big travel content creator, Eric Rubens has been keeping it real with his followers about how travel has indeed slowed down.  But as long as he can and it’s safe to do so, Eric’s wanderlust hasn’t gone away.

From wallpaper worthy drone shots of California beaches, surfing, and sunsets to footage of a pod of orcas in Alaska and a heart-warming pregnancy reveal with his wife in scenic Bora Bora—Eric is a reminder of how beautiful the world is.

Eric’s picturesque escapes and outdoor experiences are still inspiring for the travel-loving soul.

Chelsea Y (@chelseakauai) – Adventure Lover

Chelsea Y | Instagram Travel Posts

Hawaii born adventure lover, Chelsea, has been keeping her travel loving spirit alive and sharing just enough to make you forget all your troubles.

Dream trips.  Turquoise waters.  Exotic beaches.  And palm trees.  From diving with whales to swimming in mystical blue waters—Chelsea’s social media feed is nothing short of magnificent.  But before you feel like these trips are out of reach, she’s running amazing travel giveaways like the 2021 island hopping dream to Palawan in the Philippines.

You’ll also catch Chelsea making pictures indoors at home.  Sharing her challenges and inspiring her followers with uplifting captions.

Peter Walters (@peterwaltersyoga) – Yoga Influencer

Peter Walters | Yoga Influencers

For yogis like Peter Walters, yoga is more than just about a stretch and a pose.  It’s a mindful wellness lifestyle.

Peter has been sharing poses with perpetual peace messages, much-needed pandemic meditations, and mindful thoughts around current events.

“.. experience the total and utter completeness of what’s right in front of and within you” – Peter.

And because we could all do with a bright start to the new year, Peter just launched a 31 New Beginnings Yoga Challenge.

Cathay Madeo (@cathymadeoyoga) – Yoga Expert

Cathay Madeo | Yoga Poses

Yoga expert, Cathay Madeo, has been inspiring the use of Mudras in her practice lately.  Like the Gyan Mudra to focus better, increase energy, and also elevate your mood.

She’s also been keeping her community of yoga instructors busy with challenges, awesome yoga Reels, and helpful videos like how to hold a handstand balance longer.

And you can’t help but love her earthy toned yoga apparel spread throughout her Insta feed.

Taylor Franklin (@franklinfamilyof5) – Parenting Influencer

Taylor Franklin | Parenting Influencer

Taylor Franklin has been so much inspo to moms lately.  Her Instagram has been full of goodies from shopping gift card giveaways to some pretty awesome product finds that will certainly bring smiles to your little ones.

Fantastic toys like flower pot dolls, activity-packed DIY craft projects for the kids, fun toilet sprays, lovely ideas to personalize gifts, and also some healthy mom-life inspo with a dose of daily superfoods like coconut milk powder in your morning smoothies.

And incase you can’t keep the kids down at naptime, then Taylor has the perfect no-nonsence book to getting your little ones to nap.

Nika & Kira (@2husketeers) – Pet Influencer

Nika & Kira | Instagram Posts

Nika & Rira are sleighing it on Instagram this holiday season.  Christmas hats, lights, reindeer gear, and selfies that will certainly wow you all season long.

From mesmerizing holiday photos to river adventures—these huskies will without a doubt light up your feed and your heart.  It doesn’t get any merrier than this folks.

All you need is love, a husky kiss, and I suppose a cute dog love hoodie would also be nice.

Zippy Sandler (@zipporahs) – 50+ Influencer

Zippy Sandler | Social MEdia Influencers Over 50

Checking in with one of our fav 50+ influencers, and Zippy Sandler is still inspiring her followers to live better and brighter lives—kinda what we all need right now.

From cleaning up your credit report (take it from her), a good outdoor yoga session, pampering skin routines, art-inspired jewelry, to positive messages shared all over her social media through the little bits of her daily life.

She’s in fact totally cool too—I just caught her promoting a smartwatch.

Salice Rose (@salicerose) – Entertainment Influencer

Salice Rose | Social Media Entertainer

Salice Rose hasn’t stopped dropping her sassy energy on Instagram—entertaining her followers daily.

From comical Reels and TikToks like “when you at someone’s house and the toilet won’t flush” to raw relationship pep talk, her big personality is always felt.  Catch Salice glammed up with dramatic eyelash extensions, bright beautiful locks, extravagant nails, and badass hoops—even if she’s at home most of the time (as most of us are).

And you certainly gotta love her eye-catching hair vitamin partner promos.

David Christopher Lee (@davidleephotography) – Photographer Influencer

David Christopher Lee | Phototgrapher & Traveler

The last couple of months have been full of changes, and photographer David Christopher Lee has taken the opportunity to work on a personal transformation.

Since beginning his fitness journey, he has a new appreciation for nature—inspiring a beautiful image gallery of ancient abandoned reliks in energetic national parks, spectacular views of the Evergreen Lake, and off-the-grid remote experiences.

David has also been documenting his wellness journey, which has been welcomed by his followers.

Bess Byers (@imcannabess) – Cannabis Influencer

Bess Byers | Cannabis Influencer

Bess Byers has been sharing a good dose of cannabis on her Insta feed. Totally living up to her self-named #cannabess hashtag for sure.

Bright smiles, “Save Our Planet” tees, cannabis-infused cookies, the casual joint, trips to cannabis farms, and also fun weekends away.  And of course, mental health check-ins with her followers because it’s been a wild year.




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