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10 Italian Influencers Commanding Our Attention

Nicole P. Dunford


Next stop, Italy! Here you’ll find multi-talented Italian influencers who seem to instinctively know how to create feeds that are pleasing to the eye. Beauty, fashion, music, lifestyle, and travel – it’s all here. There must be something in the water… whatever it is, you’re going to want these guys on your team.

Let’s get Collabing!

We’re headed to Italy so that should already conjure up beautiful Mediterranean scenery in your mind… Let’s kick things off with an Italian travel influencer whose IG page looks exactly like that and more…

Anna Pernice – @anna_pernice

Anna Pernice | Instagram Travel Posts | Italian Influencers on Afluencer

A Neapolitan living in Milan, Anna Pernice is a pro blogger who loves sharing content on her passions – travel, fashion, beauty, and food. She’s also qualified in Communication Sciences.


And boy does she have communication down to a science. Through her content, you feel transported to wherever she is – despite the fact that her captions are always in Italian. This is great because she’s really targeting an Italian audience.

No matter where she is, you can always expect to see her in a cute outfit, providing the travel fashion inspo we didn’t know we needed.

She’s got over 76k followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In fact, on her list of top 10 countries by followers, Italy is leading the pack by a mile. If this is the demographic you’re after, then Anna could be the Collab Partner you’re looking for.

Erika Agostino – @petitestyleb

Erika Agostino | Italian Content Creators Featured on Afluencer

Amateur Photographer. Blog writer. Content Creator. Beauty and Fashion Influencer. Future Collab Partner 😉 Erika wears a few hats and she wears them well. Being under 5’2”, she considers herself petite and has a goal to help women of the same stature make the most of this characteristic, turning it into a quality they love.


This Italian influencer has her 37k+ followers covered when it comes to beauty and fashion. Erika loves a great bikini pic (who doesn’t) and is always in one cute outfit or another. She makes sure to share where she got them from and lets us in on any discounts (good deals are always welcome)! She is also sure to provide plenty of skincare and makeup content – the 2 go hand-in-hand of course!

Her captions are always full of detail – whether she’s providing product benefits or sharing what makes her happy. There is clearly a desire to authentically connect with her audience and that’s probably what we love most about Erika. Collab gold right here.

Federica Sbordone – @efcarrot

Federica Sbordone | Instagram Gallery | Italian Influencers on Afluencer

A creative as far back as she can remember, Federica Sbordone is an Italian influencer and YouTuber based in Rome. She loves a good brand Collab and is always sure to give a personal touch and honest opinion.


Although she has content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, her primary medium is Instagram. This is where her 33.7k followers can find content on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She’s got everything from makeup tutorials to hair care products, fashion discount codes to wish-I-was-there travel pics. She has had great success with brands in industries related to her content, so you really can’t go wrong with Federica.

Also, her Instagram page looks very warm, no matter the season. It’s like a little happy place.

Francesca Maria Matteucci – @chesiabenedettalamodablogit

Francesca Maria Matteucci | Influencers Over 40 | Fashion Journalist

A classical dancer turned fitness instructor turned fashion journalist from Rome and a self-proclaimed storyteller, Francesca is representing the over 40s but is just as successful as any of the younger influencers in her chosen categories of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Yaaasss Fran! We love it!


A look at Francesca’s Afluencer profile will tell you she knows what she likes and puts a lot of thought into her content. She loves trending fashion but isn’t a slave to it and she loves putting different pieces together to come up with her own unique style. Something her followers can emulate and put their own spin on as well! On her Instagram page, you won’t only find fashion but beauty tips and skincare products.

Another thing about her content – it’s very opinionated. We love that. With her engagement rate sitting at a fantastic 6.7%, we’re sure all 31.8k of her followers feel the same.

Alessia Labate – @alessialabate_

Alessia Labate | Independent Artist in the Music Industry | Afluencer Round-up

Alessia is a 23-year-old Milan-based independent artist and professional in the music industry working as a vocalist, vocal producer, and writer. Besides music, she’s also into fashion (sportswear in particular), makeup, travel, and gluten-free food.


A few things Alessia is particular about include:

How her feed looks – it’s gotta look good

Captions – they should be interesting

Collaborations – she only partners with brands and artists she likes, respects, and believes in. Authenticity.

And boy is she ticking these things off. Other bits of content to look forward to includes new music, fashion posts (and discount codes – thanks, Alessia), and her just doing her thing. She’s got a quirky personality that shines through her content. As we’ve said before, we love influencers who are unapologetically themselves and stick out from the crowd. More authenticity points!

Alessia already has many roles to play in her career – shall we add an Italian influencer and your next Collab partner to the list? 😉

Ilaria Rizzo – @sognatricerrante

Ilaria Rizzo | Instagram Travel Posts | Influencer from Italy

“Wondering dreamer in love with life and travel”. We love the sound of Ilaria! On top of being an Italian influencer, she’s also a blogger, copywriter, and social media manager. Another influencer wearing many hats.


What is it about Italian influencers having consistently amazing-looking feeds? You can’t help but feel captivated – as if you’ve been whisked away on one of Ilaria’s adventures. She does a good job of exploring all that Italy has to offer – showing her followers the hidden gems in the small towns of Italy.

Her captions, all in Italian, are very detailed and provide even more insight into her travels, as well as some personal lessons such as gratitude. Tell you what, we’re grateful for Ilaria and her content!

Ilaria is inviting us all to be infected by her joy and inspired by her travels. We certainly are. Hit that Invite to Collab button.

Viviana Zetazeta – @vivianzetazeta

Viviana Zetazeta | Lifestyle Blogger | Instagram Posts

Viviana is an Italian influencer and lifestyle blogger with Italy at heart.


Another one #djkhaledvoice.

This feed is simply gorgeous. Sophisticated. Polished. 100% Italian-inspired. From skin care to makeup, fashion to travel, face masks to lifestyle, Viviana’s content is always perfectly executed. Almost as if it’s wrapped with a bow and delivered by the Content Concierge wearing white gloves. It’s the finer things in life.

Unlike many other influencers, Viviana herself rarely makes an appearance in her content except through her captions. You’ll find either products or models in her images. This leads us to believe that Viviana is all about the product and the message.

Her captions are in Italian and her content celebrates all that is Italian. If you’re looking for an influencer who puts her people and her product first, then this could be the Collab of your dreams.

Rosy De Santo – @rosynavy

Rosy De Santo | Fashion and Beauty | Instagram Posts

This Italian influencer is a dog lover with a passion for fashion and beauty. On Insta, she’s got over 25.1k followers and a great engagement rate of 3.2%.


Let’s talk about her fashion posts because they really are to die for. Her outfits look as if they’ve been put together with minimal effort, ‘coz she’s just cool like that, but still appear fashion-magazine-worthy. Rosy has also teamed up with fashion brands. You certainly don’t want to miss out on this!

Her beauty posts are just as inspired, serving us makeup looks we didn’t know we needed. FYI blue eyeshadow has been elevated from what it was in the 80s and now looks amazing!

Her many followers can also enjoy a peek into Rosy’s life – her boyfriend features frequently, as well as her two Siberian huskies. We live this combo of glam and real life.

Suhrya Drama and Makeup – @suhrya

Suhrya Drama and Makeup | Italians Featured on Afluencer

Suhrya, like many of us, finds it easier to express her thoughts via written word than verbally – hence why she’s got a blog over at suhrya.com. What started off as a lipstick review blog ended up being a place to share her love for beauty, travel, and so much more.


Chilled vibes. That’s what we get here. Yet in an elevated sort of way, not in a couch potato type of way. There are lots of scenic shots from her trips around Italy, and of Suhrya just being Suhrya. Even her captions are chilled. Simple. Social media can be hectic at times and this Italian influencer’s pages are a reminder to slow down, enjoy life, and just… well, chill.

However, don’t be misled. Chill does not mean she does nothing all day. She’s partnered with many brands over the years and hopes to continue to do so in the future. She has a total of 14.2k followers across both FB and IG and is poised to keep growing.

Nico Senatore – @nicosenatoreofficial

Nico Senatore | Music and Fashion | Italian Influencers

Last but certainly not least in our round-up of Italian influencers is Nico Senatore. How does he bring out his creative side? By sharing his love for music, men’s fashion, and so much more.


Off the bat, his love for fashion is clear. Nico keeps it simple with the basics brought to life with well-placed color. As a singer, the content surrounding music is also big on his Instagram page. He makes sure to tell his 16.9k followers when a new song cover is out. Who doesn’t love a good song cover?!

Nico has worked with brands in both the tech and fashion niches, and we have a feeling he’s only getting started. If you’re looking to Collab with an Italian influencer on the rise, then get in touch with Nico.

Our final thoughts (after a lot of Google Translate): Wow, what a round-up! These Italian influencers have a lot of things going on – playing many roles but getting ish done! And can we also just take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics of their Instagram feeds? They’ve all somehow managed to perfect the art of being authentic, true Italians, and still manage to play the influencer game to perfection.

Ciao Italia!




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