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11 Top Lifestyle Influencers for 2021

Natalie Weber

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Empowering. Full life transformation.  Multimedia journalism. Gaming. Irresistible everyday home and lifestyle inspiration.  Whole-being wellness. Inspiring women’s health and wellness.  Passionate fitness and a balanced lifestyle.

Brought to you by these amazing lifestyle influencers, this is all the inspo you need to brighten up your life.

And for brands looking for lifestyle influencers to whip up inspiring campaigns, you’ve got to connect with them about collaborating.

Here are 11 top influencers with uplifting lifestyle content that you can connect with in 2021:

  1. Gabriela Milian – @thegabrielamilian
  2. Christa Lei – @supchrista
  3. Bradford Haynes – @bradfordhaynes12
  4. Gabriela Vaduva – @gabriella.e91
  5. Tina Martyniuk – @tina_about_usa
  6. Kyle Corley – @nightlifegamers8
  7. Katrina Julia – @katrinajuliafit
  8. Alexandria McMillion – @alexandriamcmillion
  9. Brianna Amendola – @balancingwithbri
  10. Fercci – @askfercci
  11. Alexis – @alexisrau3

Let’s check them out!

Gabriela Milian – @thegabrielamilian – Lifestyle Enthusiast

Gabriela Milian | Top Lifestyle Influencer Featured on Afluencer

Based in New York, Gabriela Milian is a passionate multimedia journalist, media strategist, and lifestyle enthusiast.  And it’s no surprise that she has a striking content appeal right off the bat.

Her professional English and Spanish TV reporting background have seen her featured on major networks such as ABC News, NBC News, CNN, and Telemundo.

Yeah, if there’s a content creator to keep a close eye on, it’s got to be Gabriela.


Her bright and bubbly social media presence together with her natural on-camera talent is an instant attention grabber.

Be sure to catch her hot “Media Monday” series on Instagram where every week she hosts a live chat with a media expert in the industry.

From valuable nuggets on journalism and TV reporting, real talk about her challenges with putting her goals first, her auditioning experiences, to her personal journey—Gabriela’s catchy Instagram images are always captioned with valuable stories and insights into her life.

Her talented journalism skills certainly make way for a valuable impact on social media.


While she may be newly committed to her YouTube channel, she clearly is a rising video creator (no surprise—right?).

Some of her recent videos include “3 Most Common Beginner Mistakes People Make On-Camera”, “TV Makeup”, and “2021 Goals… This Is The Time To Take Action”.

She’s confident, credible and shares immense value in her videos.


Beauty, makeup, lifestyle, food, education, photography, wellness, and more.  Brands looking for persuasive lifestyle influencers, Gabriela Milian is only a collaboration away.

Christa Lei – @supchrista – Lifestyle, Health & Wellness Micro-Influencer

Christa Lei and her dog | Image Gallery

Based in New York, Christa Lei is a striking QTBIPOC identified Filipinx feminist, self-taught astrologer, and a loving dog mommy.

Boldly identifying as a “fat feminist”, Christa is shamelessly body-confident and self-expressive—being an inspiring source of mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

Christa is also passionate about “reducing systemic racism and disparities within healthcare” and she’s also an advocate for animal welfare.


Intriguing.  Christa’s Instagram profile is nothing short of emotion-stirring with her poetic captions and gripping stories.

Hands down, she’s a pretty incredible writer.  With every single post, Christa soulfully oozes everything she represents.

“I’m just testing the algorithm now to see if it hates queer, fat BIPOC bodies.”

From tales of her backpacking adventures, messages of gratitude, warm snuggles with her dog, colorful embracing body tattoos, cosmic slumber tarot card readings, to sharing her personal struggles—Christa is an empowering source for her followers.

“Am I cute?


Are you?

Also yes.”

Christa’s posts are full of soul with words that tug at the heart.

On her website, she shares more about her astrology and reiki passions.


Christa is an ideal micro-influencer match primarily for lifestyle, health, and wellness brands, but also for any brand that would like to reach her niche audience.

Bradford Haynes – @bradfordhaynes12

Based in California, USA, Bradford Haynes is a former professional baseball player turned actor.  You may have already seen him on your screens because he has featured on major network TV series and films.

Some of his films on Amazon Prime include “Five Blocks Away” and “Best Summer Ever”.

Bradford is also an admirable family man—being husband and father of two beautiful girls.


On his Instagram profile, Bradford’s followers are charmed into his fascinating world of films.  From moments captured between takes, film release updates, to heart-warming family posts—Bradford shares both on-screen and off-screen highlights of his real life.

His posts are often coupled with entertaining captions, great stories, and some charming wit.  Yeah, Bradford’s talents shine through his social media content too.

What is notable about his profile is that Bradford does have a community of actors that follow him.  This is evident by the conversation highlights in his comments section.


With a portfolio of films, endorsement deals with Fortune 500 companies, as well as commercial and print features, Bradford’s influence is certainly a valuable match for brands looking to reach his audience of followers.

Gabriela Vaduva – @gabriella.e91 – Micro-influencing Lifestyle

Gabriela Vadua | Fitness & Wellness Influencers Featured on Afluencer

From Belgium, Gabriela Vaduva is what a beautiful, fun, outgoing, healthy lifestyle looks like.

Her love for life, fitness and wellness plus her easy going and always positive attitude make her such a pleasure to follow.


At first sight, Gabriela has a gorgeous model-like attractive aesthetic and her beautiful spread of Instagram images keep you scrolling for more.

Her sleek black signature fashion style is especially notable—simple but sassy enough to make a statement that you can’t resist admiring. Snapped by charming picturesque canals, her vibe is full of beauty.

From fun TikTok skits, attractive city portraits, to healthy dinner and Netflix times with delicious meals like veggies and mini veggie burgers—Gabriela’s beautiful healthy lifestyle is nothing short of good energy.

And of course her Instagram wouldn’t be complete without her uplifting and inspiring quotes.

“You are growing into consciousness and my wish for you is that you feel no need to constrict yourself to make other people comfortable”.


Gabriela is a stunning micro-influencer match for beauty, skincare, lifestyle, fitness and wellness brands.

Tina Martyniuk – @tina_about_usa – Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

Tina Martyniuk | Instagram Lifestyle Influencers Featured on Afluencer

Based in Pennsylvania, USA, Tina Martyniuk is an English, Russian, and Ukranian speaking travel and lifestyle Instagram blogger.


At first sight, Tina appears to be the average lovely everyday woman.  But in her niche audience of followers, she’s an inspiring influence to Russians interested in the USA lifestyle.

Her posts are organic, high-quality, and very informative to her Russian-speaking community.  From local travel snaps in Pennsylvania to iconic sights like the Rockefeller Center New York and the Statue of Liberty—Tina’s high-engagement posts are proof of her influence in this niche.

While most of her Instagram content is in Russian, Tina does share the occasional English caption.

“Feeling beautiful during warm spring days” with smiles and yellow flowers in her hair.

Chasing waterfalls, sharing useful videos about her trips, and the pleasant appearance of cats on Tina’s Instagram feed are some of her content highlights.

Helping Russion speaking followers discover a new lifestyle in the USA, Tina is a trusted source to this niche community.


Lifestyle and travel brands looking to reach Tina’s audience—Tina is a pleasant micro-influencer match that will turn up a valuable collaboration.

Kyle Corley – @nightlifegamers8 – Gaming Streamer

Kyle Corley | Alabama-Based Fun-Loving Gaming Streamer

Straight out of Alabama, USA, Kyle Corley is a fun-loving streamer that is all about doing what he loves:  gaming with his fans.


Catch this rising nerdy nano-influencer on Instagram with all his streaming updates as well as all the latest stuff to drop on the Twitch scene.

Speaking of Twitch, his 500+ follower profile is where all his gaming action is happening.  This is where fans and followers engage with Kyle’s committed passion.  Yup, daily streaming kinda passion.  His brand name “Night Life Gaming” is how he rolls.

Some of his recent gaming broadcasts include Warzone, Roblox, and Call of Duty.

Want to know when to catch him live next?  Check out his streaming schedule on his website.

And what’s a cool streamer without cool TikTok vids?  Kyle is spreading his influence on multiple platforms.  And you’ve got to just love Kyle’s pleasant and fun personality online.

Kyle does share little bits into his personal life, which makes him ever more relatable to his followers.


What has Kyle been promoting?  Nerd merch.  So he’s totally your guy if you’ve been on the hunt for influencers for promoting lifestyle-inspired products and services.

Katrina Julia – @katrinajuliafit – Coach, Creator and Entrepreneur

Katrina Julia | Entrepreneur in Wellness, Business, Travel

Need a 360-degree lifestyle transformation?

Katrina Julia is the lifestyle entrepreneur that will inspire you to create the health, wealth, and business that you desire for yourself.

Katrina is a transformation coach and creator of Fit Life Creation – a lifestyle community designed to equip her followers to succeed in their transformation journey.

She has built a community of followers that are enthusiastic about changing their lives.  On her personal Instagram profile, she shares a wealth of video content around topics such as how to create courses, how to create content like a boss, how influencers do marketing, and how to build a lifestyle brand.

Katrina keeps it real as she shares highlights of her travels – recently to Mexico and Bulgaria.  Of course, giving her followers some wellness inspo along the way – like bicycling your way through your travel adventures as a great solution to your fitness needs.

Being a speaker, author, athlete, host, videographer, philanthropist, and an amazing community creator – Katrina is certainly an inspiring social butterfly that will pull all her skills out to create uplifting social campaigns.

Alexandria McMillion – @alexandriamcmillion – Home & Lifestyle

Alexandria McMillion | Home and Lifestyle Instagram Influencer

Alexandria McMillion is your influencer that shares irresistible everyday home and lifestyle inspiration.

In her words, she’s a “small-town girl sharing her small-town world” – and she couldn’t make the small-town life any more welcoming.

Because who wouldn’t want to cozy up with her this winter over a cuppa coffee in the cutest sweater mugs?

“Aww these are so cute, I want one for my mug”, one of her many engaged followers respond.

And speaking of followers, her social media engagement rate is rocket high.  19.49% high. ‘Cause, what more do you expect when Alexandria is so authentic with everything she shares.

From homeware finds, to ideas on changing up bathroom items, to organizing her home, to her style favs and the occasional sweet treats.

Yup, this is certainly the sweet life of Alexandria.  A personality that feels as close as a friend with a lifestyle charm that is as warm as her heart.

Alexandria makes a simple life feel pretty lovely – something we all need, don’t we?

Brianna Amendola – @balancingwithbri – Health & Wellness Influencer

Brianna Amendola | Inspiring Health and Wellness

Brianna Amendola is all about inspiring whole-being wellness.

It’s through her journey with Autoimmune Disease that she became passionate about health and wellness and helping others discover their full potential.

On her website, you’ll learn more about her challenging health history and discover how she can help you along your transformation journey.

She’ll inspire you to uplift your mind, body, and life with her insightful posts.  From creating valuable awareness like “unlearning is just as important as learning” to pep talks like “don’t ever keep yourself in a box letting limiting beliefs rule how you live your life.  You can achieve so much when you throw the whole damn box away”.

Get influencer-inspired by her yoga lifestyle, learning the importance of diet and exercise to books and before and after images.

And Brianna will also keep it real with posts on topics such as OCD, depression, and anxiety.

She’s an inspiring source of realness and wellness.

Fercci – @askfercci – Positive Dose of Health & Wellness

Fercci Instagram Bio | Health and Wellness Influencer

Fercci is an admired influencer who is all about living a “balanced BS-free lifestyle”.  While in the process, inspiring women to self-discover around their own health and wellness.

Fercci will give you a dose of daily positivity and she’ll also keep you intrigued with her hot topic posts and fascinating experiences.

“Let’s talk about sexual confidence… Measuring ourselves to unrealistic standards can make us insecure yet one of the sexiest things someone can have is sexual confidence… So what to do about it?”

Yeah, you’re going to have to indulge in her engaging content for yourself.

And then on her new YouTube channel, she’ll keep you even more hooked with videos like “trying reiki for the first time” where you’ll learn about what Reiki is and what chakras are all about.

She’ll keep you consumed with very fascinating topics.

Then head on over to Fercci’s blog where she posts on all things wellness.  From skincare, weight loss, training, cleansing diets, and more.

Alexis – @alexisrau3 – Fitness & Lifestyle Influencer

Alexis Instagram Bio | Lifestyle and Fitness Influencer

Alexis is a fitness lover that is all about living a passionate lifestyle of balance.

She’s gorgeous.  Her body is hashtag fitness goals.  She’s newly married and is starting this exciting chapter of life.

For followers that resonate with this season of life, Alexis is absolutely lovable.

On her Instagram influencer profile, she shares clever content pieces to intro her passionate workout vids and you can’t help but admire her fitness apparel in the process.

Her authentic passion for this lifestyle is evident as she surprises her followers with stories about how she and her husband went to the gym every day on their honeymoon – just because working out makes them feel great.

“Awesome, makes me want to stay fit and get more motivated” – is how she inspires followers.

Hop on to her YouTube channel where she shares more about her personal life – from moving, workouts to her first home.

From her sunkissed images, motivational workout videos to her inspiring personality – Alexis is a pleasure to follow.

Followers can happily shop for this influencer’s lifestyle favs on her Amazon shop.

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