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Podcast Episode 32 – The Perfect App For Young Athletes | Brian Fullmer – Athlete Narrative

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We’re thrilled to present the latest addition to Afluencer’s content lineup – our podcast series featuring insightful conversations with influential brand owners. In this inaugural article, we have the privilege of introducing Brian Fullmer, the visionary founder of Athlete Narrative, as our esteemed guest.

Meet Brian Fullmer: The Mind Behind Athlete Narrative

Brian Fullmer, the innovative mind driving Athlete Narrative, takes center stage in the Afluencer podcast series. With a wealth of experience in the world of influencer marketing, Brian shares captivating insights, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped his brand’s journey.

Podcast Premiere: Delving into the Athlete Narrative Universe

Join us in exploring the enchanting world of Athlete Narrative through the eyes of Brian Fullmer himself. We’ve embedded the riveting YouTube podcast video below, offering an exclusive glimpse into the transformative power of influencer marketing.

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Main Takeaways

00:54 💡 The Athlete Narrative app was inspired by the changing landscape of amateur sports due to NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) opportunities.

02:49 🚀 The app’s concept stemmed from recognizing the game being played online where PR firms hype up athletes for opportunities.

04:00 🎓 Middle school to early high school is an ideal time to join The Athlete Narrative, but older athletes can still benefit from the platform’s monetization opportunities.

05:09 🧬 Users take a personality test to identify archetypes, shaping their branding strategy on the app for consistent content.

06:32 📱 The app provides users with curated daily posts aligned with their archetype and sport, simplifying the content creation process.

09:05 💰 The Athlete Narrative empowers high school athletes to monetize their social media presence, especially with the growing opportunities through NIL legislation.

11:52 📈 The app not only focuses on sports but also helps athletes transition into careers post-sporting, utilizing their built-up social media following.

13:41 🔄 The platform’s plug-and-play automation simplifies content creation, directing athletes to consistently engage their audience without the hassle.

15:17 💼 The Athlete Narrative employs a revenue-sharing program for affiliates, offering a generous commission structure for bringing in subscribers.

16:11 💵 The base plan for The Athlete Narrative app costs $100 per month, with a focus on providing long-term value and rewards for users.

16:40 🔍 The app offers various features including a warning system, locker room for communication, and resources like a recruiting Playbook.

17:06 💼 Athletes can input handles of desired coaches and boosters into the app, which then follows them to increase visibility.

18:31 💰 Investing early in the app can lead to future sponsorship deals, potentially making the app cost negligible for athletes.

19:11 🤝 To become an affiliate or partner, individuals can join the ambassador program on the Athlete Narrative website.

21:34 📈 While the affiliate program may not last forever, there’s substantial earning potential, especially with growing corporate interest.

22:19 🎯 Ambassadors with reach among athletes and parents, particularly moms, stand to benefit greatly from the affiliate program.

23:29 💡 The future roadmap includes launching Athlete Narrative Junior, catering to younger athletes to teach social media etiquette and safety.

Transcription Insight: A Peek into the Conversation

Gain an insider’s perspective as we burrow into the transcription of our engaging conversation with Brian Fullmer. Discover the strategies, anecdotes, and wisdom that have fueled Athlete Narrative’ success, all captured in this in-depth transcription.

In Conversation with Brian Fullmer, Founder of Athlete Narrative:


Welcome to today’s Influencers podcast. Reconnect small businesses with micro influencers and creators today. We have Brian Fulmer on with us. He’s a founder and CEO of a social app called The Athlete Narrative, which is the only social app that helps athletes build their own personal brands. Kind of a hot topic lately, especially in the I know it the collegiate level with NCAA stuff making so much money and athletes recently being able to buy this.

There are like this guy Brian shaking this party. Brian welcome and let’s why don’t we get in the background and maybe start there how really interested in how you came up with the inspiration for this narrative.


Yeah, Yeah. So, so first of all, super, super happy to be here. We’ve been doing a bunch of these podcasts because it’s it’s kind of spread like wildfire quickly because as you said, it’s literally the only app that does this. And it was kind of spurred from what you talked about that the, you know, now and for those that listen to your podcast, they may not be super in-depth in the sports world, but what that means is name, image and likeness.

So for the first time in the history of amateur sports, they can actually get paid. Now they can get paid for their name, image and likeness. And up until just recently, collegiate athletes and high school athletes, all the money went to the organizations, to the schools, to them. So for what’s available now is as the athlete now finally has the power.

And that’s kind of the brainchild of how this came about, in part as well as it’s just the reality there’s a certain game being played online. So I’ll back up a little bit. And one of our other founders, his son, is a professional soccer player. He’s a study 15, 16 year old kid, and he was invited over to a tryout in Spain for a professional soccer team in Spain.

And when it was over there, he was watching his son play with some other kids and they are kids because a 15, 16 year old and he’s realizing there are a couple of kids out there that have absolutely no business being out there. They’re not good enough to be out there. And he starts asking around. He’s like, What is this kid doing in here?

What is this kid doing? Like these three or four should not be out here. And then come to find out, Well, this kid, his dad owns a PR firm and this kid hired a PR firm and so on and so forth. And the reality is, is there’s a game that’s being played online and there’s hype put around everyone.

And it’s good hyper. It’s bad hype, but certain kids and their parents had the forward thought to go hire a PR firm to put all this hype around these kids, to get them exposed and get them into opportunities that they wouldn’t have ever had. So he then came back from it, and he’s a he’s a physical trainer by by his normal day job or what he was and came back and approached me and my brother, who were both 17 years in the banking and finance industry and said, Guys, I have this crazy idea.

What if we made it where every kid had a PR firm? What if we automate the system? What if we take care of it all for them? And these kids are now able to monetize their system? And we instantly went, This is total game changing. And we went, All right, we’re going to have to we’re gonna have to change what our careers are and we’re going to have to jump headfirst into this.

So we created this app and we can go through the, the ins and outs of it. That is, I think we should because you’re you’re listeners are going to want to know about it. But it came from realization that, you know, there’s a game that’s being played online and only a handful of people have the ability to actually play that game.

Does that make sense?


Yeah, that’s very cool. So let’s go through that mechanics of maybe what age they would start. I mean, I’m coaching my daughter’s basketball team, bunch of nine year olds, of course, with big aspirations. At what point would either someone like my daughter or one of our teammates and what one would they consider the athlete narrative? Does it ramp up as you add these teen years and you’re starting high school?

I mean, I know all this stuff starts so early these days. I mean, colleges got eyes on recruits in middle school. What was that arc look like for your users?


It’s typically late middle school or early high school is when someone should join. But that’s also doesn’t suggest that it’s like if you’re a junior in high school or you’re even a sophomore in college, you still should jump on this because that’s going to benefit you. But in ideal situation, like in a vacuum for like the perfect client, they’re an eighth grader or a ninth grader.

And that and that’s the perfect start for them because, as you know, social media takes time. It doesn’t it doesn’t happen overnight. And it’s the consistency that that that we need. So the earlier the better. But don’t take that to mean that if you’re like I said, if you’re a senior in high school, you still need to get on this because we will monetize your stuff quicker than anyone’s going to and we’re going to get you new money quicker than anyone else is going to, and you’re not going to do it on your own.

Everyone says, Well, I could do this on my own. I’m sure you could, but you’re not going to. So let let let let let’s simplify it for you.


Oh, sure. Makes sense. Yeah. If you can just install. So you got an app store, Google Play, right? And you guys got it all baked in. So take me through what that looks like then. Let’s say I get my daughter’s in middle school, right? She’s in eighth grade, like, Hey, let’s get her on the app. What? What is that process look like?


Yeah, absolutely. There’s a lot of really cool features. So the first thing she’s going to do is she’s going to take a very similar to, like a personality test. And we’ve identified ten separate archetypes that exist in sports, ones that are like rags to riches, the underdog hero, the veteran mentor. And she’s if you’ve ever taken a personality task or a disk test, it’s very, very similar.

We had a guy with a bunch of degrees from like MIT and other stuff. Help us design this. He’s a part of the company. They take 37 questions and those 37 questions then spit out what type of personality they are on and off the field. Why that matters is then we take that archetype and let’s say they’re an underdog hero and we take that archetype and we build house for them with that throughline, with that branding.

So that that branding is consistent so that one day they aren’t posting, Hey, I’m grinding at the gym and then the next day they’re posting kitty cat videos. Well, that’s so all over the board. That doesn’t make any sense. And they’re exhausted because they’re high school kids. They don’t really know how to do this anyway. So we then deliver into their app every single day three posts that they get to choose from.

So every morning they will wake up and they will see three separate posts that are curated and personalized to them as well as their sports, as well as the series of questions that they ask, which some are personal so that they can then tell their story and tell their brand and get their eyeballs on them. And it’s as simple as they’re going to wake up every morning.

They’re going to see the three separate posts and let’s say it’s a game day and they’ll be able to see, okay, cool. This post that you guys provided aligns with a game day. All they’re going to do is quickly read it, be like, Yep, that sounds like my voice. They’re going to there’s a it speaks directly to their camera role.

They can then go directly to the camera roll, choose the image, choose the video hit upload, and once they hit approved, it will post to every single thing that they’ve tied to it. So our our app speaks directly to matter. It speaks directly to access, speaks directly to Tik-Tok. All they do is hit a proof and it post to everything instantaneously.

For them.


They don’t. It’s very cool on the automation side. So are you injecting then kind of like a script that they’re reading and then you’re putting their likeness or video over that? Like it’s a record of of what you’re suggesting that they post or is it even you’ve already got that stuff and they just it’s already done.


Yeah, it’s already done.


Is that from the ramp up process then part of that where you have their likeness in terms of their image and.


Yeah, so, so it’s the work, the wording, the hashtags, all of that’s already in there for them. It depends on, it depends on what post they choose, what prompts they’re going to choose. If it’s just a let’s say someone test it out to have like a very stoic personality. One of the posts that we’re going to have in there is like a stoic quote.

Well, there’s nothing for them to do outside of put an image next to the stoic cloak. But if it is if it isn’t like, hey, today is a post about you grinding in the gym, okay, The prompt is going to tell them, grab a video of you grinding in the gym and then they’re going to upload it and then it throws it together.

That makes sense.


Yeah. Got it. That’s very cool. Yeah. So you’re walking them through it and it’s inconsistent, like you said, with that archetype. Like you said, you’re, you’re a role player, right? So we want to say grinding or you’re, you’re, you’re a star. So we want to see high example of output, Right. Okay.


Yep. And what people don’t realize at this point, like, like why does that matter now is predicated on eyeballs on you. Like, like everyone hears about the huge numbers from the Ohio State quarterback or the SCC like, but for the vast majority of them, they’re not going to get that money from the university and they may get a little bit of money from the university.

They’re not going to get. What they’re going to get is they’re going to get money from the local businesses inside of the community. And what these players don’t realize, like like we’re based out of Idaho, that we’re born and raised here where this company is. Idaho just approved nil for high school. So like wrap your mind around that.

High school students now can get paid. Well, if Idaho did it. We’re like the most conservative state in the nation. If Idaho did it like all 50 states are going to follow very quickly on this. Okay. So now high school kids, if we can get them four or five, 6000 followers, which it’s not hard to do with consistency and time, they then can go to these local businesses and leverage it and said, you want to give me you want you want me to shout you out, You want me to do this, You want me to do this, okay?

And they then can start making money. I think the statistic is over 90% of Division one athletes live below the poverty line like process that these guys are going out in front of millions of people. But when they go home at night, they’re hungry. They have no money and they’re just scraping by. Even with nil. Now, if you take like a middle of the road, you know, Division one area, the division two female soccer player, you know as well as I do who dominate social media, females do females kill it on social media.

So if she’d been with us and we use her daughter, she’d been with us since she was a eighth grader or freshman in high school, we would have her graduating high school with 5 to 10000 followers. And then she’s going to go into the small local community as a hooper, and we’re going to get her another 5 to 10000 followers.

She can then go in and actually leverage with all these businesses and make, you know, 1500, 2000, 5000 a month. Okay. Which then makes her life that much easier. And she’s actually taken advantage of the eyeballs that are on her as well, is getting herself more exposure for bigger opportunities at bigger schools. We always tell people all the time, like we’re not a recruiting platform, like we’re not, but we will absolutely get more eyeballs on you for bigger opportunities because here with the most eyeballs wins.

We all know that.


Yeah, right. Which helps you out. So Idaho really beat Texas and approving high schoolers like this. So where’s that timeline? And I mean, I can see you I think your point out on females, of course, dominate social media. I could also see I mean, when you said that, I mean, I imagine high school football in Texas, even here in California, I mean, that would be huge.

Like these communities. I mean, that’s the core collegiate or even pro sport. So that could be the fuel. It beats that I got to working in the dining hall for these. Oh.


Oh, yeah, yeah. And like, like don’t kid yourself. Everyone wants to be a little influencer. Everyone wants to be a little influencer. And for a 4 to 8 year period of the student athletes life, people care very deeply about them. So take advantage of it and get all of these eyeballs on you. You can go through collegiate athletes and some of them, some of them get it like there’s a there’s a USC basketball player.

She’s female, she kills it online. She’s one of the very few that actually gets it. But then the rest of them don’t really get it, but they still have 5 to 10000 followers because people are craving information and craving stuff from these collegiate athletes. So you might as well give it to them, monetize it, and let’s go even one step further.

Like why it really matters is life after sport for these kids, That’s really our North Star. The vast majority of them, even if they go to college, they’re not going to go professional. We all know that. So let’s fast forward. Let’s say to your daughter, she came on as an eighth grader, a freshman. She stayed with us all through college.

Come her junior year. We’re going to reach out to her and I’m going to name your daughter, whatever her name is, Stephanie. We’re going to reach out to Stephanie and say something. What is your what’s your goal after college? Like? Are you going professional? She’s going to respond to us and say, you know, I’m not great. Take this career assessment test with us and let’s see kind of where you test out in a career.

And I always use this analogy, analogy. She’s an athlete, so she’s probably aggressive, she’s probably competitive, which probably is going to lead her to some form of sales. Okay. She then has back that I actually have a cousin or an uncle or a brother or someone. They run this huge insurance agency. So I’ve got a connection in the insurance agency and I’m great at sales.

Fantastic. All your senior year of college, what are we Start dripping into your post business and insurance so that that 15 20,000 audience that we’ve spent the last eight years building start seeing you as more than just an athlete and come right at the end of your senior year when you’re graduating single guys was a great run, has been amazing being an athlete.

But please give me an opportunity to give you a quote on your next insurance. As I joined ABC Insurance Company. How much easier of a transition is it into the real world for that athlete now that they have 20,000 Rolodex, 20,000 people Rolodex now the younger people have no clue what the heck I’m saying when I use the term Rolodex.

But like actual raving fans that go, Oh my gosh, I liked it. I like Stephanie, I like her. Why don’t we actually give her an option and why don’t we actually let her give us a quote on insurance that’s monetizing it, that’s using the power of the eyeballs that are on you versus just focusing purely on your sport.

And we understand why so many athletes don’t do it because they’re so focused on their sport, they they can’t think of all the content. It’s not fair to them. But that’s where we come in, like, we’ll do all of this for you. Just hit a proof. That’s literally all you have to do.


Yeah, that’s great. I’m a plug and play aspect of it, so take me through. Brian. The split in terms of your mind is the business owner as the founder where you’re directing your marketing efforts today. So I see this from the parent perspective, right? Especially as the athletes get into middle school, high school. It’s a it’s a probably more of a parental appeal and until they turn 18, at which maybe they sign themselves up if they’re in college, like you said, thinking about that transition and monetizing in college, are you also marketing then to the local businesses?

How does that split look from your standpoint in terms of like your user base?


So are you when you say marketing to like our are we getting it out? Help me understand what you’re.


Yeah, exactly. So I’m just putting myself in your shoes. I’m like, okay, well, if I’m Brian, the first thing I need and it sounds like you’re doing great with it, I need the athletes, right? And which means I probably need their parents right on the app to download and help them out with it. Right. So, so I guess so marketing to the parents And then who else?

My reaching out to? Am I reaching out to the local businesses that may sponsor them, or is that.


A little.


Organically on its own? What does that look like?


Yeah, a little bit. I mean, the business is ultimately for the athletes. The businesses come to us because they want they want athletes that they can trust to speak on their behalf. So the businesses that once kind of reverse, but like there’s a couple of different ways we’re attacking this is the is a traditional social media way. And then we’ve also got a whole bunch of affiliates nationwide already.

And we’re we’re very proud of our revenue sharing program where we’re paying the affiliates like the point of sale affiliate is getting 15%, which equates to $15. And it’s at one time we’re very open about it. We do we do $15 per month per subscription that that it exists. So we believe the average life of a subscription in our system will be between six and a half to seven years.

So you make that year, if I’m an influencer who has a reached a parents and has a reach two kids, I’m making $15 per month per subscription or six and a half year period. And then there’s also we’ll go we’ll go to levels deep because there are some influencers and other affiliates that they don’t have the direct access to the athlete, but they have the access to the people that have the access to the athlete and they get $7.50 per subscription per month.

So we’ll all go to levels D Gotcha.


Very cool. So and then those are all for the lifetime of the user. So you’re paying, right? Yeah, that I love that. That’s very generous from an app. I think it’s smart also because you’re aligned with the longevity of the user. So you’re, you’re hooking them up. But I like that you guys do that a lot of times.

You see, hey, we’ll give you the first three months of the first year. In your case of year, six and a half, seven year lifespan is nice to be able to reward them if they bring you. So on that line, how about how much does the app cost or what are the different plans?


Yep, right now. Right now we only offer the base plan, which is $100 a month and we’re very open. We actually did this. Most people are shocked at that cost because there’s a whole bunch other features, like there’s a warning system in there as well, as well as there’s there’s a locker room where they’re able to communicate with each other as well.

And we provide a whole bunch of resources like a recruiting playbook and other stuff. So there’s a lot of features that we don’t really have time to go on. Like we have a we have a scout system where the athletes are able to go in and let’s say your daughter wants to play basketball at USC and there’s a feature in the app where she’s able to go in and put the head coach of USC’s handle, the assistant coach and the boosters, up to eight separate people that are all affiliated with USC.

Okay. And we will end up working in the background to follow on behalf of your daughter all of those people and the people that follow them. Now, why does that matter? If you know anything about the algorithm, if you are following and in and you have followers from people of the USC coach, it’s only a matter of time before you start showing up in the USC coaches feet and the boosters feed and the position coaches you.

So we’re able to let these athletes kind of be almost like snipers where they’re like, I really want to go to X school and they can put up to eight separate handles in there. And then we find so again, there’s a whole bunch of different features. But at $100, if you went and did everything that we did and brought in, it would cost you anywhere between like 850 to 1250 a month to do what we’re doing for $100.

And there wouldn’t be an automation, there would be a human that would be writing a post and it would be it’s a nightmare, right?


Which is why it’s going to be expensive if you do it on your own. Right, because you need a human. And now you’re kind of into that agency land, which is naturally going to be more expensive. You guys able to automate what you did? That’s great to keep it at that. When I was thinking like, it’s the small business price point, right?

But it wasn’t. And even though you’re selling to it, kind of technically sound to consumers, but when I think of what you’re talking about, it’s kind of like a business app because there’s an ROI to it, right? You can’t you put in early and build an app and then down the road you’re going into the likeness, the sponsorship deals.



The vast majority of these athletes, I believe within roughly a year at most, will not be paying for the app. And the reason they’re going to be paid, they’re going to be making more than what the app costs. And then at that point, they’re almost like a golden handcuff. They can’t drop the app because they’re making so much off of the consistency of it and they’re making so much off the messaging of it.

That’s like like I don’t have an option. I’m making 7000 bucks a month. I don’t care that it’s costing me $100 because if I drop it, all of this is going to stop.


Yeah, yeah, it makes sense. So from an influencer standpoint then, Brian, how can people with the reach if their creator or whatever, reach to other parents, how can they get a hold of you? How can they become an affiliate partner of athlete narrative?


Yeah, so on our on our website the athlete narrative dot com you’ll see an ambassador program as well as we’ve got we host a phone call every Wednesday night with new ambassadors to educate them because it’s really important that the ambassadors understand the product so well. Every Wednesday night we’ll go through and will educate them. But step number one would be jump on our website.

Athlete narrative dot com and then click the ambassadors and then just click the become an ambassador. That’s really, really simple to do We’ve we’ve made a super simple and we’ll hold your arm throughout that process and then we give we’re not a typical like affiliate ambassador play where we just say hey you’re an affiliate ambassador like how about it?

No, no, no, we’re going to give you a playbook. We’re going to educate you on how to actually sell this. We’re going to educate you on the actual steps of this if it’s needed. Now, there are there are those that won’t need it, but there are plenty of affiliates that actually need some material and they actually need some content.

And we’re happy to provide all of that. Our social media people will happily provide you whatever you want.


Oh, that’s awesome. That’s very useful. I’ve run affiliate programs previously and that’s always the number one thing is, hey, here’s your affiliate link. That’s okay. What do I do with it? What are you going to write and press? Right. That’s huge. Being able to get them going on and say, here’s the tab, just post this to Facebook. You can tweak it if you want, but use this as a template, uses a template on these different platforms that big because that’s in my experience, 90% of partners just want to click and and share.

I mean, they’re.


Awesome, right? And I don’t blame them. They already put in the work to have their big following. They just they just want to be able to monetize on that following. And if it’s a good product they like, I completely get where that mentality coming from. That’s why we, that’s why we operate that way of like now we’ll give you, we’ll give you and don’t hesitate to tell us this is what I need.

This is what I expect. Great. If you’re if you’re going to do this first, we don’t we don’t foresee the affiliate program being a forever play, to be super candid with you, because we believe this. We’ve got enough big corporate things that are happening that this will be a household name within the next 12 to 18 months. So if I’m an ambassador, I go hard and I go hard for a 12 to 18 month period.

And I think they’re just because we like we’re already signing up for full school districts whole universities are jumping on. But there’s still a tremendous amount of money to be made. Again, if you run the math on that $15 per month per subscription and some of these people’s reach just it’s not going to be hard. And we have affiliates making 20, 30, $40,000 a month.

And again, that lasts for the entire life of it. Now, I don’t want you to misunderstand where I say like an affiliate play won’t be fair. We’re not going to cut off affiliates. But I think there will become a point where you’re like, they’re going to be like, Yeah, I know about this. So I don’t know. I’m like trying to sell this to me.

I know about.


It. Yeah, sure. Right. Because you’re you’re hitting that critical mass pretty soon where that snowball starts rolling and then you’ve got people coming to you and it’s it’s kind of like being an Amazon affiliate now, Right? It’s not you can’t really it’s very difficult to make money because everyone else want and they pay like they don’t have to write.


It was it was great while it lasted And that’s really what that’s really what I see this and that’s why I think nationwide right now we have about 74, 76 ambassadors. A lot of them are ex-professional athletes because it speaks strictly to them. But the ones that are actually doing the best are the ones that have the reach with directly with the athletes and with the parents, because it’s two separate cells.

Why an athlete wants it and why a parent wants it are two separate reason. At the end of the day, the parents probably the one writing the checkbook. So all those that have huge followings with moms and dads in particular moms, those are the affiliates. If I was an affiliate, I would be look at my chops over the same.

I know how many. I know how many middle to upper middle class mommies follow me and are engaged with me. And that those would be the ones that I think would just absolutely fantastic on this.


There we go. So our moms influencers listening. Watch and we’ll get the link to your collab on influencer Brian under this as well for athlete narratives so they can click apply and reaches through there. Let me get you out of here with this one. What future goals? I know everyone’s always asking as an app person what’s next on the roadmap?

You tease it a little bit, but anything that you can share with us in terms of what’s coming next for athlete narrative?


Well, what’s coming next is similar to what you said athlete narrative. JR We are getting asked for those grade school and younger kids, so a hybrid, cheaper version that gives gets their feet wet and teaches them decorum and protection and other stuff like that. Because like it or not, social media is not going anywhere and they need to be taught properly how to do this and they need to start and it’s starting to start at a younger age so that what we’ll be rolling out shortly is athlete narrative.


Junior Very cool. Athlete narrative. Junior Yeah, No, I totally agree. I mean, I spend all day talking to brands and when they’re looking at ways to reach customers, I mean, this is it. It’s social media. We don’t necessarily know what the it’s going to look like in terms of platforms or delivery. Right. Some of the stuff is going from static to reels and and Tik Tok has come up and all that.

But we do know social media is, like you said, is not going anywhere. So this is.


So and it’s and the secret sauce to social media it’s not it’s not real. It’s not trending audio. It’s the secret sauce to any form of success. It’s consistency. And that’s where everyone fails, is they can’t be consistent with because it’s really hard to come up with content. That’s again where we make it super simple. You have the post every single day.

You don’t have to do anything outside of it. A proof.


That’s huge. That’s awesome. Brian Palmer from Athlete Narrative, thanks so much for joining us, taking us through the very cool app world of athletes. And I know your affiliate program, all that good stuff. Appreciate you joining us.


Beautiful man. I appreciate. Thanks. Thanks for having me.


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As we wrap up this enlightening podcast experience with Brian Fullmer, we invite you to consider the valuable takeaways and inspiration has has shared. Looking to harness the power of influencer marketing? Afluencer is here to guide you on that transformative path.

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SXSW Influencer Marketing 2024: What Brands Need to Know

Bold brand activations and experiential marketing tactics were the center of attention at SXSW 2024. Organizers tapped into visitors’ appetites for in-person and spontaneous live experiences, and the conference was flooded with attendees worldwide. We’re starting to see more of the pendulum swing back to in-person events. But this time with a twist—curated formats that […]

Podcast Episode #41 – Adding CBD To Coffee | Ralph Amato – Amato Coffees

We’re thrilled to present the latest addition to Afluencer’s content lineup – our podcast series featuring insightful conversations with influential brand owners. In this inaugural article, we have the privilege of introducing Ralph Amato, the visionary founder of Amato Coffees, as our esteemed guest. Meet Ralph Amato: The Mind Behind Amato Coffees Ralph Amato, the […]


Podcast Episode #40 – Collab With The OG Mom Blogger | Stacey Wallenstein – The Mint Chip Mama

We’re thrilled to present the latest addition to Afluencer’s content lineup – our podcast series featuring insightful conversations with influential brand owners. In this inaugural article, we have the privilege of introducing Stacey Wallenstein, the visionary founder of The Mint Chip Mama, as our esteemed guest. Meet Stacey Wallenstein: The Mind Behind The Mint Chip […]