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Prepping for 2020: The Top Trends to Incorporate in Your Strategy as a Social Media Influencer

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

They say that forewarned is forearmed. And with the New Year being just around the corner, brands and businesses with foresight are right to look toward trends that will be big in 2020. And while we’ll continue to see several existing social media influencer trends carry on to next year, many new ones are expected to join the fray.

These trends could be a cool new social media platform (although we’re all praying hard that it isn’t TikTok), some new influencer technology, or a revolutionary feature. Come what may, it’s still vital to keep up with all the trends that, for now, appear to be top contenders for the New Year.

Countering the lack of organic reach

If you use Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that your newsfeed isn’t all that diverse anymore. All you see are posts by a few of the same people. Where did all those pages you liked and followed for memes go?

They went away as organic reach did, something that is steadily declining on social media—and particularly on Facebook. The trend that’s happening here: social media platforms want to “tailor” content better for you, so they sift out a lot of stuff they think you won’t engage with.

Prepping for 2020: The Top Trends to Incorporate in Your Strategy as a Social Media Influencer

This is bad for business. Since you can’t be sure that the brand you promote hasn’t also silently disappeared from people’s newsfeeds.

The solution? Facebook ads. Social media advertising. These need be a crucial element of your strategy since it helps you maintain your digital presence.

Go All-In With Video

This is a trend that is already on many influencers’ agendas since it’s so obvious: social media consumers want easy, palatable, quick content. They’re likelier to watch a 2-minute video than read a long post. This doesn’t mean that businesses should fire their content departments—because content is still king. But video is now its queen, and a queen must be appeased.

Incorporate video marketing as an important element of your marketing strategy. There are very few better ways to capture the attention of a mass audience as easily, quickly, and effectively.

Don’t Do What David and Dan Did

David and Dan who? The guys who ruined Game of Thrones for all of us. And also the guys who, once upon a time, made it so great. See, they assumed their audience was stupid and would take sloppy writing at face value, without thinking too much about it. Yeah, well, the exact opposite happened.

Know what—your audience isn’t dumb: they know how to avoid ads, and they’re allergic to content that is overly sales-y. You’ll lose them, sooner or later, if you go down this path.

The trend you should adopt is developing social media content that is valuable, engaging, and interesting—yes, even if it’s for your ads. This is where your content creation comes in to save the day—so use it wisely!

Best of Luck for 2020!

We, at Afluencer, can’t wait to see how you progress as a business in 2020! Sign up to our platform to stay updated with trends and to connect with brands looking for top social media influencers.




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