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Tapping Into the Millennial Market: Affecting the Environment as an Outdoor Influencer

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

Most of us already know that online shopping has overshadowed traditional shopping, but do you know who the savviest online shoppers are? As it turns out, based on market research, millennial shoppers do most of their shopping online. And these are the people you need to understand better if you want to grow your outdoor influencer brand.

The Changing Shape of the Influencer Business

Previously, social media influencing was more or less about putting out content for an established audience—and this was done mostly on Facebook. Then, Instagram came about, and the world suddenly became more photogenic: pictures were everything. You’d think that the modern consumer would be content with pictures of food, products, happy workers, and satisfied customers—but nope.

The millennial consumer market wants outdoor influencing!

New Trend in Town: Outdoor Influencers

Tapping Into the Millennial Market: Affecting the Environment as an Outdoor Influencer

Don’t just share pictures of what you’re trying to market, such as a food delivery service, with the millennial crowd on social media. Show your audience what you’re doing. People want to see you trying these products and services. They want to see your reactions. Why do you think those “Kids React” and “Elders React” videos are so popular?

Because consumers like to see human interactions with services and products. It gives them a better idea of what a particular product or service is like. Features such as Facebook Live are a great tool to utilize for outdoor marketing, so make hay while the sun shines.

But That’s Not All

If you think being an outdoor influencer ends at sharing videos with your audience, think again. You’ll also need to tailor your content—what you’re saying in the video—to make it more valuable and appealing to the millennial market.

Instead of putting up a nicely edited photo of the food or making a video of yourself eating it, share interesting stuff about it: like how hard it is to get such and such consistency right, what would be a great side dish to go with it, and whether or not you can store it over the weekend.

Add something to their existing pool of knowledge, and your audience will love you.

Be Environment-Conscious

The millennial crowd, in particular, is crazy about the environment. This could go two ways for you:

  • You could get canceled.
  • You could use it as a crucial part of your marketing strategy and hit Irish gold!

We’d suggest you take Option B. It will help you as an outdoor-loving influencer, boost your followership, and help the brand you have collaborated with.

Looking to Partner with Brands and Businesses?

Are you a social media influencer with considerable reach? Do you feel adventurous enough to take on the exciting millennial market and collab with outdoor brands? Then sign up with Afluencer today! And reach out to people who are looking for you. Contact us if you have any other questions.




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