Posted on December 26, 2020

3 Ways to Give Your Holiday Marketing Campaign a Boost

With the second wave of COVID-19 at large, this holiday season differs from the ones in the previous years. Nowadays the number of shoppers buying products online is significantly larger. Many brands and companies are desperately looking for ways to promote their products online and reach their target audience. With people politically divided and customers […]

Posted on October 31, 2020

Finding Influencers: Should You Use an Agency or Go It Alone

Social media has become a powerful tool for advertisement and branding. More than 50% of the total global population uses internet platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. And the numbers have been rising drastically since the start of the pandemic. With the massive number of active users on these platforms, many brands are using […]

Posted on August 22, 2020

When Should You Use Video Email Marketing

We’ve already discussed the various benefits that come from incorporating video email marketing into your digital marketing strategy. Now you understand its importance. The next question is when you should incorporate videos in your email marketing if you want to see results. Want to achieve the benefits? Then you shouldn’t just dive in and start […]

Posted on February 19, 2020

What Is Your Influencer Community and Why Is It Important

There’s a buzzword making rounds through our influencer marketing world and is sure to leave a mark on 2020. Influencer Community. The influencer community and its management are certain to be this year’s focal point. More brands and influencers are beginning to realize the potential of nurturing their community. In order to get these benefits […]

Posted on February 09, 2020

Is TikTok Really the Future of Influencer Marketing?

TikTok is quite a controversial name. Some love it, some find it useless, and some fail to understand what it’s all about. If you’re a brand looking for an influencer for your marketing campaign, then it’s important that you understand how TikTok can benefit your business. So in this article, we’ll briefly explain a little […]



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