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Unresponsive Influencer? Here’s How to Reconnect With Them

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool being used by brands today to enhance their marketing strategies. They sign brand deals with influencers who promote their products and services on their social media platforms.

Most influencers work with multiple brands at a time. They often sign up for deals with brands, but when it comes to delivering, they tend to go silent, leaving the brand in a fix.

Here are some ways you can deal with such a situation and reconnect with an unresponsive influencer:

Follow up politely with Unresponsive Influencers

When trying to connect with an unresponsive influencer, all you can really do is be polite, yet consistent with following up. Being rude or harsh will only encourage them to further ignore you. Structure up a reminder email, assuming positive intent, like maybe they forgot, they haven’t had the time, or your previous email had gone in the junk folder.

send reminder emails to get in touch with an unresponsive influencer

Offer them an incentive

If the influencer you have struck a deal with is unresponsive to your emails, consider offering an incentive to encourage them to post. You can provide some store credit that they or a loved one can use. Providing store credit is much cheaper than paying an influencer an additional sum upfront.

Secondly, you can offer an affiliate link, this way, the more sales generated from their link, the more money they can make. Affiliate links are known to be the most popular way to encourage influencers to post. It also gets them to post more often to remind their followers about your products or services.

Paid campaign reminders

brand executives reconnecting with influencers

If you are following up on paid or sponsored collaborations with unresponsive influencers, you hold more power. As a brand, you can decide the timeline and pay them once the content has been created. The timeline for the campaign is also decided by the brand and so influencers know that if they don’t comply, they won’t make any money.

If your influencers are yet to take things seriously, and still remain unresponsive, you can try the following:

  • Send calendar invites to remind them of the agreed timelines.
  • Send an email that states clearly you need a response within a certain time period, beyond which the deal will no longer be on. This way your brand can move on to find another, more suitable influencer to do the job.

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