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Why Being on the Right Side of History Matters for Businesses

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

Two American women in an politiclly-correct marketing ad campaign belonging to different races joining hands against racism.

Being on the right side of history matters today more than ever! The social atmosphere is riddled with political undercurrents, be it racism, identity politics, or minority rights. And this affects the way your end-users think.

But how does it concern businesses?

Brands are breaking away from the conservative role of ‘providers’ and moving toward the idea of a brand family. The buyers look for more than just quality and price.

They want to know if the brand is:

  • supportive of LGBT rights
  • prejudiced against certain races
  • upholds supremacist ideologies
  • gender-inclusive

Here are some ways to be politically correct with influencer marketing.

Be Gender-Inclusive

As we progress toward accepting LGBTQ rights in the mainstream and granting marginal gender groups the dignity they deserve, the business community needs to join hands in this struggle. Brand advertisement is a potent way to release powerful messages in society. The way you represent your products and services says a lot about how gender-inclusive your brand is.

Politically-correct marketing ads don’t just speak to men and women, but also to non-binary persons who may identify differently. It’s useful to have a gender-neutral tone in your ads and be welcoming toward all gender groups.

The back of a man wearing a sleeveless shirt that says no to homophobia, violence, racism, and sexism and promotes peace, love, and equality.

Include Diverse Ethnicities

It’s essential to craft ethnically-diverse ads that target different languages, sects, ethnicities, and racial groups in the country. This makes your business relatable to a broader spectrum of consumers and enhances the outreach of your brand.

You’re not just doing a favor to the community but also diversifying your target market. With a politically-correct marketing strategy, you avoid racist propaganda on your brand page and maintain a neutral tone in all your sales pitches.

Check for Bias

If your marketing campaign is run by a particular race and intended for the same race, then it’s inherently prejudiced against other races. Prejudice is most pervasive against POC and minority religious groups. This can reflect poorly on your business and lead to negative publicity. You don’t want to lose a chunk of your sales or receive backlash on social media because your marketing campaigns are not politically correct.

Things as simple as not having foundation shades for dark-skinned people or faux hair for red or black-haired customers show your bias against those groups. Being wary of your marketing content ensures you don’t rub people the wrong way.

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