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When Should You Use Video Email Marketing

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

We’ve already discussed the various benefits that come from incorporating video email marketing into your digital marketing strategy. Now you understand its importance. The next question is when you should incorporate videos in your email marketing if you want to see results.

Want to achieve the benefits? Then you shouldn’t just dive in and start adding videos to your emails. Not without prior thought as to why that particular email will benefit from a video.

If you don’t get your timing right you risk spamming your subscribers with irrelevant videos. Leading them to unsubscribe. Or your videos may just get overlooked. And so it won’t have the desired effects of an increased number of opened emails.

Workplace productivity | When to use video email marketing

When Should You Add Videos To Your Email Marketing?

There are several times that have proven to be particularly suitable for introducing videos to your emails.

Such as:

1. When you’re introducing something new

New Product cards hanging from strings

Whether it’s a new line of products. A new service. Or even a new look for your brand. The introduction of something new presents a terrific opportunity to start incorporating videos into your email marketing. Whenever there is a new and exciting addition to your brand’s offerings, make sure that your customer base is aware of the new options.

You can focus on promoting the new product, or simply introducing a new way of doing things. Avoid videos that are too long or too bogged down with information. It’s much better to make a short “teaser” video introducing the novelties. Or have several different short videos that showcase different aspects of the products or services.

2. When you want to explain something

Tutorial screen on ipad with a coffee in hand

Tutorials are one of the most versatile and successful forms of video email marketing. Since our brains are much better at processing and retaining information that is delivered in a visual manner as opposed to a textual one, video is the perfect format to use when you want to explain a concept or process to your subscribers.

Including a video that presents all the relevant information in an effective yet still entertaining way will help your customers stay interested as well as gain a better understanding of the concept featured in your video. Video tutorials make up some of the most popular content across multiple video platforms and there is no reason why you shouldn’t include them in your email campaigns as well.

3. When you have something to celebrate

Illustrated celebrations | Using Video Emails to share company celebration events

A creative celebration video email is a great marketing strategy to grab your audience’s attention and make them feel included in the festivities.

Did you reach an important goal for your company? Are you nearing your brand’s birthday? Is there a holiday coming up?

There’s no shortage of reasons to celebrate. And with those celebrations comes an infinite number of ways to creatively include them in your email marketing campaigns.

Including a video in the email will bring the celebration closer to your audience. Giving them the chance to see your success. Building trust as well as interest in your company.




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