Why You Need a Brand Motto and Mission for Marketing in 2023

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Why You Need a Brand Motto and Mission for Marketing in 2023

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

 an athlete wearing Nike shoes.

You might think “just do it” is Nike’s slogan or “to make people happy” Disney’s vision. Technically, the former is classified as a tagline, whereas the latter is the vision statement. But to sum it up, these words are what people remember these brands by. That’s the essence of a brand motto.

The mission, vision, tagline, and motto define what the brand stands for and what the experience of using or interacting with them is like. If watching Disney movies makes people happy, then spreading happiness is their motto. If wearing Nike shoes helps athletes up their game, then grit and perseverance are what the brand stands for.

Brand mottos are synonymous to the brand logo in a different medium. That’s why they’re crucial for the identity of your brand.

What’s a Brand Motto

A motto doesn’t describe the many features and specifications of your product or service. It doesn’t list down the benefits of availing your service. It may not even mention crucial details like the price or quantity.

They are quirky statements that trigger brand engagement. They’re not describing what the brand is; they’re adding value to the experience they offer. They give buyers the motivation to take the leap of faith (if your brand is new) and bet their money on it.

The few words that you put in your brand motto can make or break a consumer’s buying experience. There’s no space for verbosity or dilly-dallying around the topic; you’ve got to hit the nail on the head and say exactly and succinctly what you need to.

A brand motto on a tag.

Mottos as Brand Representatives

The most crucial aspect of brand mottos is that they reflect your mission. The words you use to write your motto should capture the essence of your brand and embody the mission you’re out to achieve.

For that, identify the values that your brand preaches. Is it perseverance, tenacity, beauty, originality, creativity, adventure, or something else? Once you know exactly what you’re offering, you can find words to convey it too. Brand mottos, in this sense, are very mission-centric and aim to capture the personality of your brand.

Do Brands Have Personalities?

Brands generally collaborate with influencers to give their marketing strategies a personal touch. By choosing a human representative to market your brand, you’re giving your brand a personality.

This highlights the need for brands to have a personality. Buyers are no longer looking for goods to fill their pantries or accessories to line their closets. They’re buying experiences and nobody sells experiences better than a brand that has a living presence.

Your brand can connote its personality through the colors it chooses for the logo, the motto it uses, the influencers it pairs with, and also the marketing strategies it employs. So make sure your brand personality is one that’s most compatible with your target audience.

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