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Making the Best of Your Christmas Discounts with the Help of Influencers

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

Christmas cookies on a grill tray | Making the Most of Christmas Discounts

Think of yourself as a single mother or a college student struggling to stretch every dollar to make ends meet. And then comes a holiday like Christmas, which is the highlight of even their gloomiest days when buying eggs and milk for tomorrow is a low chance.

Even though waiting tables or working at a salon half-day won’t pay the kids’ expenses, and the student loan doesn’t guarantee a luxury life, they still want to go home to their families with Christmas gifts. And it’s for customers like those that special Christmas discounts and holiday sales mean everything.

Getting in the Customer’s Shoes

As a brand, that should be the niche you target through your holiday Christmas marketing campaign. But reaching out to such customers can be a challenge. There are many impediments in the way. Such as a) identifying the lot, b) tailoring your strategies to communicate with them, and c) making sure they reciprocate. That’s where influencers come in.

They already have a social media following, and their lifestyle advice is the holy grail for their followers. You only need to gauge the blogger to know if their followers will be interested in your brand.

Sharing fashion accessories or services for Christmas will instantly get thousands of users looking you up, thereby increasing website traffic. Here’s more on why you need to collaborate with influencers, especially for Christmas sales and discounts on your products.

COVID-19 Christmas Needs Something Different

Your business has suffered enough due to the ongoing pandemic. You’ve already lost a lot, and you need to pick yourself up before it’s too late. The Christmas marketing needs your A-game because the challenges you’re facing now won’t be static. The market will keep changing, and so should your game plan. A mass marketing campaign that was developed at the start of the year won’t cut it. You need a hands-on approach to deal with the curveballs that come your way.

Every day is new, with the pandemic still governing most aspects of commerce. You need to make your marketing material relevant to that. This means having contingency plans for in-store Christmas discounts if the active COVID-19 cases rise again and places are shut down. Working on the website to minimize server downtime during peak hours before the sale ends. And customizing packaging for safe deliveries with a festive touch.

An influencer will help by getting the message across faster than your emails or website updates can. People may ignore the emails from you that directly go to their spam folder. But they’ll be hooked to the gram for Christmas stories by their favorite influencers. Collaborate with them to integrate your brand into your customers’ lives for Christmas this year.

Happy family sitting on the sofa in their pyjamas celebrating Christmas.

Keep It Festive Despite The Pandemic

The social media world is the most obvious portrayal of how the pandemic has altered our lives for arguably the worst.

This showcases the struggle that content creators and content consumers face to plow through the restrictions and keep the charm alive. Social media is where people seek refuge from the horrific reality. It should remain that, which is why influencers are trying to keep the atmosphere as festive as can be given the circumstances.

Families who have lost loved ones to this ruthless virus are still scrambling for bits of happiness, and content creators are reaching out to them through their platforms. Your brand needs to collaborate with them to be one with the masses and show empathy by granting Christmas discounts to make happiness a little more affordable. The influencers share ideas to celebrate this happy occasion despite everything, and your product or service can be the reason someone’s Christmas is made beautiful.

Are you looking for social media influencers to market your brand? You’ve come to the right place, just in time for Christmas.

We cater to influencers and brands and sign you up for a hit Christmas marketing this year! Check out our new programs or contact us for more details.




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