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Posted July 04, 2019

5 Creative Brands Who Are Doing Instagram Features Right


Fashion Influencer

Thinking beyond the classic, paid posts, there are various brands that took a different spin on collabs. Making the most of ambassador circles, brands such as Nikon and Iswari set an example on efficient features. Looking at brands who utilize their content in the most creative ways, we came across 5 that instantly stood out.

Ambassador Collaboration – Daisy London

Creative Brands | Daisy London

Instead of featuring a range of ambassadors, jewelry brand Daisy London asked fashion blogger Estee Lalonde’s for a collection launch. This collab resulted in a lot of traction and the instant opportunity for a long-lasting relationship with the macro influencer. Since the launch of their collection together, Estee has been given her whole feature page on the website. The blogs detail the behind the scenes of the collaboration, as well as the influencer’s effortlessly chic aesthetic, travel trips, and styling ideas. For fashion and jewelry brands, this creative approach can be an amazing opportunity to see influencer’s honest insights.

Highlighting Talent – Nikon


A brand that’s globally recognized for its outstanding quality, Nikon works together with some of the most talented in the industry. Nikon has ambassadors all over the world, photographers with unique stories to tell. And to ensure the spotlight is on talent rather than social numbers, Nikon features the careers and main achievements of the photographers alongside their best photos in different categories. How does this benefit Nikon? They have access to hundreds of original photos that showcase the expertise of their cameras and equipment, which the brand can easily use for local, targeted promotions.

Focusing on The Morals of the Brand – The Beauty Chef

Creative Brands | Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef gained a cult status easily in the last few years. From their stunning packaging to their products that hold beauty benefits, the brand found the missing gap in the market. No wonder they chose and knew exactly how to maintain their influencer features. Saying goodbye to the regular form, The Beauty Chef interviews important women in the industry. Fashion designers and bloggers, writers and philanthropists all share their views of inner beauty and health. Chatting about the benefits of the brand’s products alongside general health tips coming from empowered women is simply the best way to get their target audience’s attention.

Spotlight on Foodies – Iswari


Based in Portugal, the superfood brand Iswari caught on to the Instagram trend early on. Staying true to its identity and products, the brand offers a recipe section, made by creative influencers. And the images speak for themselves – looking at them, who wouldn’t crave their granola cups and smoothie bowls? This technique gives Iswari an organic reach that catches the fellow foodie’s attention. All the recipes also link back to the influencers’ pages, giving them the credit they deserve.

Pure Wanderlust – Millennium Hotels

Creative Brands | Millennium Hotels

Millennium Hotels focuses on not only their lush interior designs but also the world around them. The firm regularly mixes in influencer photos of the beautiful wonders around their hotels. Following this technique, Millennium has instant access to endless insta-worthy pictures. Stunning boutiques, cozy cafes and other must-visit tourist stops. This approach adds refreshing visuals to promo posts, encouraging travelers to discover their hotels and the hidden places around them. Ideal for innovative brands looking for a more subtle and organic way, mirroring Millennium Hotels feature-idea is a great start.

How to Get Started on Similar Feature Techniques?

First, think about the kind of collaborations you usually do or would eventually like to get to. Are you working with a variety of ambassadors, or a few selected ones who resonate with your ethos? Once having a detailed idea about the type of partnerships, base the plans of the feature type of your brand identity. Ensuring the feature aligns with your aesthetic, whether it’s a multi-page blog or a beautiful collection of influencer photos, is an absolute must.




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