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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Career as a Fashion Influencer


Fashion Influencer

Being a fashion influencer sounds like the absolute jackpot to everyone who adores the creative side of the industry. Getting dressed by brands and taking part in catwalk shows is just the tip of the iceberg of this career’s benefits. But how do you get there? Well, by mirroring some of the biggest success stories. And by reading 5 essential tips we have gathered for you.

1. Be confident in your personal style

Fashion Style

Starting any list wouldn’t be right without this aspect. When looking at successful fashion influencers, whether they’re from the old school Lookbook era or stepped into the scene recently, you’ll notice a very simple first step for success. They all have their very, very own and unique aesthetic. Their wardrobe, even the smallest details accentuate their own spin on fashion, making them stand out from the rest. So, trust your instincts! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with adding new trends to your wardrobe. But instead of chasing every new wave, curate a few pieces each season that already suit your closet.

Our Tip: Create a design aesthetic that will add character to your platforms, making you as a fashion influencer instantly recognizable. This doesn’t have to be overcomplicated or loud – if your style is more on the subtle, minimal side, showcase that with finessing details. Once people can identify you from individual photos, soon brands will too, and you’ll be on the perfect path.

2. Master the art of fashion shots

The Art of Photography

After getting your design influences down to a science, making sure your photos perfectly represent that is number 2 on our list. Capturing the outfit, or moment you stand for is a huge part of your platform. When it comes to layouts, think a range of traditional and formulas such as flat lays, street style shots and color-coded pictures, or let your imagination run wild. As long as your photos are just as great as your fashion sense, you’re on the right track.

Our Tip: Although having a formula or structure to your Instagram might seem boring at first, well-done outlays never fail. Whether it’s the color palette, image style, having an aspect that ties it all together will result in bigger popularity. And ultimately making you a fashion influencer not to be messed with.

3. Join fashion communities, events, and store appearances

Fashion Communities

Similar to all different industries, as an influencer, connections, and networking are incredibly important in the world of fashion. And to be honest, these opportunities can be so much fun as well! The options are endless with runway shows, independent concept store openings, pop-up markets, and various events. Meet and chat with like-minded fashionistas off-line to slowly build your own little community of blogger, designer, stylist, and PR friends.

Our Tip: Besides live meetings and events, why not also look into guest blogging? Look up different blogs and mags, or do cross-posts with other bloggers! This is a great way to not only get backlinks from well-read pages but to also build up your readership. 

4. Don’t be afraid to be picky with collaborations

Fashion Influencer Collabs

Because you’ve established your personal style, staying true to it is a must. Once you reach 2,000 followers and have a signature character, a mix of fashion brands will slowly start reaching out to you. Some you’ll love, others will have a very different artistic direction. While collab offers can be tempting, we recommend that you always choose based on your honest opinion. There’s nothing wrong with being honest, especially if your followers’ interests won’t match the brand’s target audience.

Our Tip: Before accepting any collabs, even just a shout out or a freebie, think whether they’re going to be the right match for you. Forced posts, especially for fashion influencers can be very easily spotted, making your readers question your validity.

5. Branch out to lifestyle, makeup and any other interests

Lifestyle and Makeup

Do you love experimenting with makeup, cooking or any other random quirks that some people might enjoy reading about? These details can add even more value to your fashion platforms, and show a whole new side of your influencer personality. An aspect many influencers like sharing about is their travel stories – a niche that effortlessly merges with style notes.

Our Tip: Try to find a balance between blending a few non-fashion posts and shifting away from your industry too much. It can easily get confusing to your followers, especially if they’re there to get fashion inspiration and outfit envy.




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