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The Role of the Influencer in Consumer Behavior

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

The Role of the Influencer in Consumer Behavior

People speak a lot about how anyone can become an influencer and what they do. There’s even more talk about how people can become great influencers. Although these are crucial ideas to discuss, the truly successful influencer can tap into something deeper. People like Huda Kattan or Josh Ostrovsky. Who has left a trail that all aspiring influencers follow, understood something that most people forget; they know how to work consumer behavior.

In this process, successful influencers achieve huge sales volumes for their associated brands. And enhance the success of a business’s marketing strategy. They enable this enhancement by attaching their own personas with the brands. By using their following from their own niches to their partnered brands. Influencers drive consumer buying decisions far more effectively than any other marketing strategy because they understand consumer behavior.

Understanding The Consumer Behavior Chain

When a product or service hits the market, a lot of other events take place. This revolves around the consumer because ultimately all sales are driven by these people. Service providers and manufacturers roll out ad campaigns. Email marketing. And content marketing to make the connection between the product and the customer.

The idea here is to inform the customers in ways that would compel them to buy the product. All marketing comes down to how well you can inform the consumer. The second you spark their interest, it’s a short step to making them buy the product. All the content itself set aside, with marketing strategies, the most important question is…

Which platforms are the best mediums to introduce our products to the customer?

Enter the Influencer

The Role of the Influencer in Consumer Behavior

The rise of social media and the internet has completely changed the way marketing strategies are executed. A major reason for this is the rise of entire consumer groups and resulting insights that were never seen before.

Take Huda Kattan as an example. She became a billionaire make-up expert because she could tell people the best ways to do better make-up. Millions of people go to her social media to listen to her because she has the knowledge that they need. They trust her to be right. Her knowledge and success add to her credibility for future content.

See the connection? You just need to convince her to market your products somehow. Then the advantages of your products become part of the knowledge base that people seek out from her.

As such, a collab between an influencer and a business could be mutually beneficial for both parties. Firstly, by plugging into the stream of advice the influencers are presenting. Secondly, getting access to consumer groups that are directly relevant to their services; ultimately dictates consumer decision making.

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