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Posted July 29, 2019

7 HOT Influencer Marketing Programs – August

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Keeping the high mid-year momentum going strong, we’ve sourced another HOT seven influencer programs for your marketing ventures.

So put your creative marketing cap on for all the exciting images and video campaigns you’re about to drop with these lovable brands.

Dance, Family, Fashion, Beauty, Jewelry and Hair Influencers; these are the 7 influencer marketing programs compiled just for you:

  1. NYC Dance Arts – Dance Influencers
  2. Seed + Bloom – Family Influencers
  3. Kiddie Vibes – Kids Fashion Influencers
  4. SUN CLOUD – Beauty Influencers
  5. Bird On A Wire Designs – Fashion Influencers
  6. Sun Kissed Jewelry – Jewelry Influencers
  7. Bounce Essentials – Hair Influencers

Happy followers and enticing commissions await you. So let’s get to it!

7 Marketing Opportunities with these Brand’s Influencer Programs

1) Dancewear for Dance Influencers

NYC Dance Arts

NYC Dance Arts | Influencer Marketing Program

Dancing all day, every day. With music, this is your heartbeat. Flipping dance videos on the regular for your tribe of followers – to inspire and create smiles. Because what matters more to a dance influencer than sharing their love for dance? If you’re as passionate as this and you’re in the US, then NYC Dance Arts would love to join their influencer program to market their dance classes and fresh dance merchandise.

With 1-6 month partnerships, as an influencer, you’ll get enticing rewards and also 20% off their merch. You can expect to work on exciting video content collabs to share with your followers.

Apply here to become an influencer of NYC Dance Arts and also follow them on Instagram here.

2) Pre & Perinatal Classes for Family Specialists

Seed + Bloom

Book Your Free Consultation with Seed + Bloom

Baby bumps. Ultrasounds. Food cravings. And also all the baby-on-the-way highlights and lowlights.  Mommies-to-be with an online presence, here is your chance to collaborate with Seed + Bloom. They offer childbirth classes and birth doula services based in Berks County and the surrounding areas. And for those that need more flexible sessions, then there is an online prenatal support program that is a convenient option with phone and email support available. As a pre & perinatal psychology educator, they also offer sibling education sessions.

If this sounds like the perfect service you and your baby bump could promote to your audience, then guess what? If you join their influencer program, they’ll offer you 50% off their services and on top of that, you also get some lovely baby gear.

Drop Seed + Bloom a DM on Instagram about becoming an influencer.

3) Kids Bags for Children’s Fashion Influencers

Kiddie Vibes

Kiddie Vibes Fashion Influencers

If you’re a children’s fashion influencer looking for a vibrant product to splash on your Instagram feed, then it has to be these dazzling kids’ bags from Kiddie Vibes. They’re bright. Colorful. And beautiful. And they’re so lovable – any little girl will want one. Do you love them enough to promote them? Well, it so happens that Kiddie Vibes are looking for fun fashion influencers to launch their gorgeous merch into the social media universe.

Collaboration with Kiddie Vibes will involve creating and sharing images and also video content.  Influencers will be awarded 40%.

If you’re keen on marketing these kiddie bags, then drop them a DM on Instagram about becoming a brand ambassador.

4) High-Pigment Lip Gloss for Beauty Influencers


Beauty Influencer Marketing Program - Sun Cloud

Beauty influencers: experts in looking amazing. Because makeup – it’s more than just a cosmetic. It’s a style. It’s a mood. And sometimes, it’s all you need like a pop of high-pigment strawberry red lip cream on your lips to look chic and feel beautiful. If you’re all about inspiring this fun and appealing take on cosmetics, then SUN CLOUD would love an influencer like you to join their program and promote their high-pigment lip glosses. They’re long-lasting and the full pack of colors is what every girl needs.

Influencers are rewarded 50-70%, giveaways plus free products to review.

Apply here to become an influencer of SUN CLOUD. You can also find them on Instagram here.

5) Unique Bags for Fashion Experts to Promote

Birds On A Wire Designs

Bags Bags Bags | Birds On A Wire Designs

Fashion influencers with an obsession for bags won’t be able to resist this one. What more could a bag lover need than Bird On A Wire Designs? Those that have an eye for unique design will truly adore these bags – so much that you just have to share them with your fashionista followers. From the Chaffy bag, a holiday must-have; to the Genei bag, a casual staple – the content capabilities of promoting these products is simply inspiring.

They’re looking for brand ambassadors to market their products internationally and so you could be one of them. They offer a 3-month contract, giving you access to their latest products in exchange for publishing one photo per week.

Drop Bird On A Wire Designs a DM on Instagram to apply to become a brand ambassador.

6) Classic Modern Jewelry for Jewelry Influencers

Sun Kissed Jewelry

Named Necklaces | Sun Kissed Jewelry

From sparkly dainty bracelets for special occasions to charming name necklaces for everyday wear – falling in love with Sun Kissed Jewelry is easy. These classic and modern jewelry pieces warm hearts and create smiles, making Sun Kissed Jewelry an appealing brand to promote for any jewelry influencer. And the good news is that they’re looking for brand ambassadors to collaborate with.

As an influencer, you’ll get free merch that you’ll be expected to create one Instagram story of. You’ll also be rewarded a 25% commission on sales made through you.

Apply here to become an influencer of Sun Kissed Jewelry. You can also follow them on Instagram here.

7) Natural Textured Human Hair for Influencers to Market

Bounce Essentials

Natural Textured Hair - Bounce Essentials

Many women find inspiration from those that share their transformative hair journey. From dealing with problematic hair to creating beautiful styles and working with all kinds of hair products. This is how the glory of hair influencers brings so much value to their followers. And Bounce Essentials is actually looking for brand ambassadors to share this real value with their audience. If you collaborate with them, then you’ll get to promote their range of 100% natural ethnic hair extensions. Whether you’re just enthusiastic about hair or if you’re a professional stylist, they’d love to collaborate with you.

Become a brand ambassador, and you’ll be rewarded a 10% commission on sales you make.

Apply here if you want to become an influencer of Bounce Essentials.




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