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7 on Fleek Clothing Brands Looking for Flaming Fashion Influencers

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Did someone say shopping spree?  Influencers, it’s online retail therapy vibes right here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some fashion shopping – with the brightest beaming face and smiling eyes emoji.

Feel good, new clothes.  Same thing.

Fashion influencers, are you ready to finesse your followers?

From charming Asian fashion, stylish handbags, hot streetwear, sassy slay queen outfits to gym wear, prom dress experiences and sustainable clothing.

We’ve found these 7 hot clothing brands looking for fashion influencers like you:

  1. YesStyle – Asian Fashion
  2. Poppy & Peonies – Handbags
  3. The Hype Hotel – Sneakers & Streetwear
  4. BADASS – Sassy Apparel
  5. Unbowed – Hot Gym Wear for Men & Women
  6. Prom Dress Yours – Prom Dress Shopping Experience
  7. EcoVibe Style – Sophisticated Sustainable Clothing

So let’s get your feed on fleek, already!

YesStyle Influencers – Asian Fashion Brand

YesStyle Brand Advertising: Korean Culture Week

Asian fashion is a breath of fresh air to anyone looking for a splash of something new.  It’s all in the charming sense of feeling when you pull on those cute heart embroidered white socks.  Or the extra smile that you wear when you throw on that oversized tee with an adorable little animal print.  This is the beauty of Asian fashion from YesStyle.  From Korean to Japanese styles, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, these collections will steal your heart away.

Influencer Program

Fashionistas, all you need is a qualifying Instagram account to collaborate with YesStyle.  Earn a 5% commission on sales made through your custom link. Get your own 10% discount code. And get your social media buzzing with sponsored giveaways.

So influencers, looking to promote a clothing brand that focuses on Asian fashion?

Apply here to become an influencer for YesStyle.

Poppy & Peonies Influencers – Handbags

Handbag Brands Looking for Influencers - Poppy & Peonies

Handbags for days.  For dressing up.  And to dress down.  It’s hashtagging handbags here at Poppy & Peonie.  Get stylish affordable handbags and wallets – every lady will love.

Influencer Program

If you’re a fashion guru obsessed with handbags that cannot resist the temptation of growing your collection and sharing your passion on social media, then you need to sign up for the Poppy & Peonie influencer program.  Consider this your new personal business.

There is a startup cost of $175 which gets you a wonderful startup kit with merch to the value of $600.  As an influencer, you’ll have an earning potential of up to $500. 20-30% commission payouts. 25-50% product discounts.  Free products. Incentives. And also cash bonuses.

Influencers also have access to the Poppy & Peonie training program where you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge and resources to get you going successfully.

What more could a handbag lover and influencer need?

So go ahead and get noticed — you may very well be the influencer this fashion brand is looking for!

Apply here to become an influencer for Poppy & Peonies.

The Hype Hotel Influencers – Streetwear Fashion

Hype Hotel - Streetwear Fashion Brand Looking for Influencers

All you need is a neat pair of sneakers and a hoodie and you’re the freshest outta the streets.  But The Hype Hotel takes streetwear up a little extra.  Why? Well, why not. Streetwear enthusiasts, are you ready for the freshest Jordans your feet could ever swag in?  Or the ultimate Louis Vuitton sneakers that will pretty much leave you speechless? Then how about pairing your streetwear sass with camo cargo pants and a crisp statement tee – fresh outta The Hype Hotel.

What can I say?

All you need at this stage is to turn up some hip hop and flip your skateboard to make your day lit.

Influencer Program

Are you all about the streetwear lifestyle?  Do you love sharing these vibes on your social media?  Then you are the ideal fashion influencer that this awesome streetwear brand is looking to collaborate with.  Influencers earn commissions on sales and could potentially earn discounts off merch, too.

Apply here to become an influencer for The Hype Hotel.

BADASS Influencers – Sassy Clothing Apparel

Fashion Brands Looking for Influencers - BADASS

Are you bold, sassy and not afraid to show it?  And certainly not afraid to flaunt it, either. You’ve got the personality and you’ve got that amazing bod.  All you need is BADASS for more sassy.  Racey crop tops, oversized “honey” tees, and slaying neon dresses.  Yup, you never go unnoticed – on or offline. Because you can never slay too much, can you?

You light your Instagram up with your glamorous posts that your followers can never get enough of.

Influencer Application

Slay queens, the next best thing to happen to your wardrobe and your ‘gram is BADASS.  Share your fashion favs, promote the brand, then earn a commission on sales through their influencer program. You’ll also get discount codes to share with your followers.

Think you’re one of the BADASS influencers this clothing brand is looking for?

Apply here to become an influencer for BADASS.

Unbowed Influencers – Hot Fashion Gym Wear

Unbowed - Promote hot Gym Wear as an Influencer

No wardrobe is complete without gym wear that’s inspiring.  Fitness apparel that motivates you to get up and out and move.  From hot muscle tanks, sleek high-waisted leggings to supportive bras.  Oh and we all need that one statement tank that will boost the fitness animal out of us and “the strength of the pack is with the wolf” tank from Unbowed hits the spot.

Guys and girls, Unbowed will have you all geared up for the gym.

Influencer Program

Influencers of all body types and cultures, would you love to join an amazing family of people that care about creating an inclusive community that shares a common passion for fashion? Promote gym wear that you love while inspiring healthy living with your followers.

Apply here to become an influencer for Unbowed.

Prom Dress Yours Influencers – Prom Dress Shopping Experience

Prom Dress Yours - Influencer Program

Prom only comes once, right?  And so does the entire experience that leads up to the big day.  Prom Dress Yours is the ultimate prom dress shopping experience for you and your bestie.  This is a shopping bus trip from your school that will take you to the best prom dress boutiques in town.  You’ll even get a guide book with great discounts and a goodie bag full of product samples. Pretty cool, right?  Finding the perfect prom dress with your girlfriend couldn’t get any more exciting than this.

Influencer Program

Would you love to be a Prom Dress Yours influencer to your school?  Then join their influencer fam and share this awesome prom dress shopping experience with your friends.

Apply here to become an influencer for Prom Dress Yours.

EcoVibe Style Influencers – Sophisticated Sustainable Clothing

EcoVibe Style - Clothing Brands Looking for Fashion Influencers

Environmentally conscious style queens, your next sophisticated outfit is a click away at EcoVibe Style.  From beautiful kimonos and scarves for every season and mood; to charming body-hugging bodycon dresses and the finest crop tops.  Sustainable clothing doesn’t get any more tasteful, yet so fashionable, than this.

1% of profits go towards organizations that help the planet.

Influencer Program

If there’s any “for the earth” clothing brand that will be a pleasure promoting, it’s EcoVibe Style.  This collaboration opportunity is for bloggers, vloggers and content creators with a passion for ethical brands that would love to share beautiful sophisticated clothing collections with their followers.

Influencers earn a commission of 10% on sales and also have access to tools and resources.

Apply here to become an influencer for EcoVibe Style.




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