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10 Top Fitness Apparel Brands Looking for Influencers in 2022

Natalie Weber

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What gets Fitness Apparel Brands to the top of their domain? Do these fitness brands have awesome influencers promoting their workout gear? Or do these brands simply have the best fitness products on the market?

What about both!

Hot workout resistance bands. Powerful progress cut-off tanks.  Military-style fitness tees. Game-changing leggings.  Comforting activewear. Stunning laser-cut sports bras and leggings.  Badass muscle tanks. And more amazing hot leggings.

And let’s not forget you.  Creating uplifting and inspiring fitness content for your followers.

Fashion-conscious health and fitness influencers, we’ve got some hot brand collab opportunities that are right here for you.

Here are 10 top fitness apparel brands of 2022 looking for influencers to market their top of the range workout gear:

  1. Chicks Who Lift
  2. VELA
  3. SportsWRLDD
  4. Progress Gym Wear
  5. TohoFit
  6. Curve Envy Fitness
  7. Girls Got Fitness
  8. Love Fitness Apparel
  9. The Omega Fitness
  10. Fervid Fitness Apparel

Ready.  Set. Go!

Chicks Who Lift — Fitness Apparel for Women

Chicks Who Lift | Fitness Gear Brands

In case you needed some fiery workout inspo, then Chicks Who Lift will get you pumped up with apparel for your next training.  Designed in London and made in the U.S.—get squat-proof leggings, moisture-wicking sports bras, and more.

Designs like Wild Cat, Silly Cow, Tigress, Big Bear, Python, Snow Leopard, and Zebra will fire up the fitness animal in you—and maybe even inspire someone else too!

Influencer Program

Chicks Who Lift is looking for fitness, health, and fashion influencers to collaborate with and promote their brands gear.

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales
  • Discount code

VELA — Workout Resistance Bands

VelaBand | Hottest Workout Resistance Bands | Afluencer Fitness Apparel Brands

Squats. Lateral band walks. Hop bridges. And more squats. No pain no gain right? But how about more gain? More gain with lower-body resistance bands from VELA.

Along your fitness journey, sometimes you need a little push. VELA is that push that you’ll love, every squat along the way.

These trendy fitness bands will take your workouts to the next level – available in stylish camo designs.

Fitness Influencer Program

Fitness influencers, inspire your followers to work out with VELA’s hot resistance belts.

Create your own workout using VELA and post to Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales
  • Free products

SportsWRLDD — Basketball Jerseys

Sports Wrldd | Fitness Apparel Brands | Basketball attire

Whether you’re a basketball fanatic or you’re an avid player, among all your collectibles and gear, you can never have too many jerseys—right?  So bounce on over to SportsWRLDD and check out their collection of basketball jerseys, available in some of your favorite teams and players.

SportsWRLDD jerseys are made from breathable heavyweight polyester that is dry wicking and embroidered with player names and numbers.  Shorts are also available.

Fitness Influencer Program

USA streetwear and men’s fashion influencers—SportsWRLDD would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales
  • Your followers get free shipping

Progress Gym Wear — Fitness Apparel Brand

Progress Gym Wear | Fitness Apparel Brands Featured on Afluencer

Progress.  The thing we’re all chasing after on a daily.  Moving forward towards our goals. Fitness is certainly one of them.  So motivation, inspiration, and a whole lot of positivity are welcome.  Especially when it comes from Progress Gym Wear.  Progress statement cut-off tanks and t-shirts in appealing black, khaki, sand, blue and red colors are a fantastic dose of feel-good.

Progress is your fitness apparel companion that will boost you through your journey and inspire you to keep making progress – for men and women.

Fitness Brand Ambassador Program

Are you passionate and dedicated to the fitness lifestyle and would you love to join #TeamProgress?

Then here’s your chance to become a Progress Gym Wear influencer and help grow their fitness apparel brand.

Earn a commission of 10% on sales and also get a 15% discount on your own purchases.

You must be passionate about the health and fitness lifestyle and must be able to take high-quality photos.

TohoFit — Military-Style Fitness Apparel

Ladies Fitness Apparel | TohoFit

When the going gets tough, the tough put on their fighting spirit.  Plus it helps to wear a military-style fitness tank or tee, too. Fighting your everyday battles with fitness and military lifestyle brand, apparel from TohoFit, couldn’t get any more uplifting.  From crop hoodies, crop tanks to flag tanks, and the hot red patriot tee for the ladies.  While men can work it out with flag tees and hoodies.

Fitness Brand Ambassador Program

TohoFit is looking for fitness influencers with a passionate active lifestyle that would like to share this brand with their followers.  Influencers must not be representing any other fitness brands and must be fully committed to tasks.

Fitness influencers will be required to create and publish content relating to the brands workout gear on a weekly basis.  Reward levels are applicable with a 20% discount on purchases and a 5% commission on sales to start.

Curve Envy Fitness — Game-Changing Leggings Collection

Curve Envy Fitness | Favorite Sports Teams Legging Designs

WOW.  I’m impressed.  I’m convinced that I’ve just discovered the hottest selection of leggings from Curve Envy Fitness.  You most certainly need to check out their game-changing collection for yourself. Totally unexpected but super hot.  Legging outfits in your favorite game teams. From NY Yankees, LA Dodgers to Curve Boston Red Sox leggings.  Then there’s the Drakon collection with my fav emoji love high waist leggings.

Fitness Brand Ambassador Program

Fashion-forward influencers, here’s an opportunity to promote a hot fitness apparel brand.  Especially if you’re passionate about an active lifestyle.

Get a 15% discount code and also earn a 10% commission on sales.

Girls Got Fitness — Everyday Activewear

Womens Comfy Leggings | Girls Got Fitness

If your fitness gear has become part of your everyday wardrobe then you’ll love the Girls Got Fitness brand.  You’ll get all the activewear you need to complement your fitness lifestyle.  Like the gorgeous black Jessie burnout leggings. Or perhaps the sleek Ava leggings. Then there’s all the beautiful sports bras, tops, and bodysuits for your active fitness needs.  Move and enjoy comfort in this gear.

Fitness Brand Ambassador Program

If you’re passionate about your lifestyle and share your fitness enthusiasm with your followers, then this collab opportunity is definitely for you.

Promote Girls Got Fitness and you’ll earn some tasty influencer rewards.

Love Fitness Apparel — Beautiful and Fashionable

Love Fitness Apparel | Brands on Afluencer

When a fitness apparel brand is inspired by Aloha, you can expect something beautiful.  Love Fitness Apparel is all about the striking detail.  Like the pretty laser-cut sports bras that you’ll immediately fall in love with.  And the figure-flattering laser-cut black Allure seamless leggings in the urban collection.  These sports bras and leggings come in all the hot colors you’ll love. From stone washed, black, grey, teal, maroon and more.

Fitness Brand Ambassador Program

This opportunity is for both elite athletes and social influencers with a passion for fitness and fashion.

Influencers get free apparel, discount codes to share, commissions on sales as well as an opportunity for sponsorship.

You’ll need to send a detailed resume as part of your application.

The Omega Fitness — Premium Wear for Men & Women

Omega Fitness | Woman working out in pink leggings

For outstanding quality fitness apparel, The Omega Fitness is where you need to shop.  This premium fitness apparel brand will certainly amaze you with the quality and design of their fitness wear.  Let’s start with their hot leggings that are super stretchy and come high-waisted with a supportive ribbed waistband.  Available in coral, army, gunmetal, and more. Sports bras, too.

Oh, and do check out their men’s section with tanks, tees, and hoodies.

Fitness Brand Ambassador Program

Would you like to share and inspire your followers with your active lifestyle?

Fashion fitness influencers, you should certainly check this gig out.

Influencers of The Omega Fitness are required to create images and video content as well as become knowledgeable about the brand.

Influencer perks include 30% discount codes plus a 5% commission on sales.  You’ll also have an opportunity to be featured on the brand’s social accounts.

Fervid Fitness Apparel — Charges Up Your Workout

Fervid Fitness Apparel | Brands featured on Afluencer

If a fitness apparel brand gets you all charged up before you’ve even started working out, you can get excited about your journey ahead.  And that’s what Fervid Fitness Apparel is all about.  Just browsing through their collection online is enough to get you excited.  What more when you’ve thrown on that fresh white USA strong crew tee? Or that flowy crop top?  Or what about that badass snatch heavier muscle tank.

Fervid Fitness Apparel gives you so much to love and feel inspired about your lifestyle.

Fitness Brand Ambassador Program

If you have a social media following, big on fitness, then Fervid Fitness Apparel wants to hear from you.

If you collab with these guys, you would then be required to publish 2-3 posts per month, featuring clear images.

Receive a 25% discount code for your own purchases, get a 15% coupon code to share with your followers and you’ll also earn a commission on sales.




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