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20 Fab Fashion Brands Looking for Influencers in 2020

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

What tastey brand collaborations do we have lined up in the world of fashion?

Italian style boots. Luxury fashion. Dazzling boutique dresses. Glamorous outfits.  Hot jumpsuits. Sophisticated casual wear. Bohemian fashion. And enough style to have you dressed up—season after season, occasion after occasion.

So fashion ‘grammers, are you ready to get posing, snapping, and hashtagging?

Some fab fashion collaborations are about to drop.

Here are 20 fashion brands looking to collaborate with fashion influencers and creators:

So let’s get those paid brand partnerships now, shall we?

Gemvara – Custom Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is always a fine idea—whatever the occasion.  Sparkly gemstones set in precious metals and customized with love.  It all starts at Gemvara.

Creating a custom dream ring piece and twinkling the heart of your loved one is as easy as choosing the stone shape and size, selecting the center stone type and primary metal, then confirming the ring size.

From classics like rubies to exotic stones like black diamonds—shop Gemvara’s exquisite collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.  Ready to customize.

Influencer Program

Would you love to dazzle your social media feed with a brilliant collab with Gemvara?

Influencer perks include:

  • Free product
  • 15% commission

Ross & Snow – Italian Weatherproof Footwear

Ross and Snow - Gallery Weatherproof Fashion Boots

How does it feel to be in your shoes?  And what about a step into new experiences with a fashionable pair of Ross & Snow branded boots?

Crafted in the Italian countryside, these weatherproof boots will inspire you to experience comfortable luxury.  Stylish collections for both men and women—from rustic brown, blush camo, black combat, to the stunning distressed indigo boot.  And, of course, in all the boot styles you can imagine.

Be warm.  Be dry.  And be comfortable with Ross & Snow.

Influencer Program

Fashion and footwear influencers with >10,000 followers, Ross & Snow needs your creative help to promote their brand and products.

Influencer perks include:

  • 15% commission on sales
  • Free product rewards on milestones

Coltorti – Luxury Fashion Brands

Coltorti - Collection of Luxury Fashion Brands

Top luxury fashion brands.  Contemporary styles.  And exquisite clothing and accessories.  All home to Coltorti—one of the top Italian retailers in luxury fashion for both men and women.

From Versace Squalo hiker sneakers, the Saint Laurent anchor print shirt for men, to the Dolce & Gabbana flocked zebra print mini dress and Jimmy Choo stilettos for women.  This three-generation luxury fashion boutique will please the passionate top-of-the-range fashion lover, one fine piece at a time.

Influencer Program

Men and women fashion influencers with >10,000 followers, if you want to partner with a top fashion brand, Coltorti would love to talk collaboration.

Influencer perks include:

  • 8% commission on sales (usually high-value orders)

Bold Dots – Unique Designer Eyewear

Bold Dots - Sunglasses and Optical Eyewear

Champagne crystal 24k brushed gold.  Confetti and dark gunmetal.  24k gold titanium.  Obsidian and matte black 24k gold.  And a fine sassy fashion statement is about to drop with you in a pair of unique designer sunglasses from Bold Dots.

Bold designs, quality materials, and beautiful sharp details in every frame silhouette—Bold Dots eyewear will set your gaze in style.

And of course, hot sunglasses is always a win with your followers.

Optical eyewear is also available.

Influencer Program

Fashion influencers with >20,000 followers, Bold Dots has a brand collaboration spot waiting for you.

Influencer perks include:

  • 11% commission
  • Free products

TopFoxx – Fashion Eyewear

TopFoxx - Image Gallery Promoting Latest Eyewear

Splash some fun, fresh, fierce, and foxy into any ordinary day with TopFoxx sunglasses.  My pick of three pairs every sassy babe should own?

The Black and Rose Gold Chloe for an unforgettable chic look with that striking mirrored style.  The Black Coco to strut stylish badass vibes.  And the Red Velvet Venice for the ultimate fashionista statement.  All guaranteed to make your ‘Gram go wild.

Prescription and blue light blockers are also available—in style, of course.

Whatever your stylish pick, TopFoxx eyewear will make you feel confident and fashionable.

Influencer Program

Are you an influencer with >25,000 followers who knows how to work with fashion brands?

Promote TopFoxx with high-resolution snaps to show off the high-quality of their amazing eyewear collection.

Influencer perks include:

  • Free exclusive products
  • Discounts
  • Exposure to the TopFoxx community


Sincere Sally – Trendy Women’s Fashion Brand

Sincere Sally - Fashion Models Sporting the Latest Clothing Range

Fashion queens, let’s be real.  Outfit on fleek means your Insta is on fleek too—right?  You know the “omg love your dress, where’s it from” kind of posts.  And you go on like, “thanks girl, I’m wearing Sincere Sally.

With an irresistible wardrobe, you’ll be dropping that racy hot red bodysuit, that pretty pink off-the-shoulder ruffle dress, that fun figure-hugging yellow mini dress, or that trendy line art tee.  Now that’s a social media feed on fleek.

Influencer Program

Sincere Sally is looking for fashion and travel lovers that create epic pics and avaialble for collaboration.

Sound like you?

Influencer perks include:

  • Giveaways
  • Amazing chance to win an exotic holiday


Breezy Swimwear – Beach & Poolside Fashion

Breezy Swimwear - Bikini Models Promoting Brand's Latest Swimwear Range

Your vacay and beach hashtags are not the only hot things waiting to splash all over your profile.  You, Breezy Swimwear and some sunkissed #breezybabe posts are loading.

Inspire the feel-good beach and poolside mood in the electric neon green two-piece bikini, the exotic Bianca suit, the romantic high waist red polka dot suit, the tropical Tosca one-piece, or the ruffle red River piece.

And if you want more, grab the Breezy Beach Box—your pick of two swimsuits and a piece of jewelry.

Influencer Program

Girls that love swimwear, Breezy Swimwear would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • 15% commission on sales
  • Personal promo code
  • Exclusive deals
  • Giveaways


Dia & Co – Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Dia & Co - Plus Size Women's Clothing

“Amazing style is part of a life well-lived”—wow, right?  Yup, that’s all the feels and fashion with Dia & Co.

Plus size ladies in the house, Dia & Co is about to inspire and style you up.  From a comfy tank dress, the perfect skinny jeans, lovable graphic tees to the hot FILA Capsule collection.  Exclusively in sizes 14-32, Dia & Co will inspire you to feel the power of fashion.

There’s also the Dia Box styled just for you.  Take the quiz to discover your signature profile and expert stylists will match you with the best looks.

Influencer Program

Plus size fashion lovers, creators, bloggers, and influencers with 5,000-30,000 followers—Dia & Co would loves a good collaboration.

Influencer perks include:

  • Cash payouts on traffic to their website


Böhme – Boho Chic Style Fashion Brand

Böhme - Boho Chic Fashion Brand

If your style is boho-chic and your color favs include earthy tones, then let your free fashion spirit wander into Böhme.  

Because your season won’t be complete without the Fall Collection.  From the snug speckled sweater dress, the charming flared Ayanna mini dress, the quaint tiered teal dot dress, the rusty boho blouse, to Böhme’s dreamy denim collection like the acid wash skinnies and the camel paperbag style denim.

Your boho lovin’ heart will be charmed.

Influencer Program

Böhme is looking for fashion-forward micro and marco influencers to collaborate with.

Influencer perks include:

  • Paid collabs
  • Free product exchanges


Styleheir – Everyday Women’s Fashion

Styleheir - Fashion Brand Looking for Collaboration

OMG.  There’s so much to love about Styleheir—especially if you’re an everyday kinda woman.  You know, the chats and coffee dates type.  The busy out and about mom type.  Or the girl boss working on her hustle type.

Because the Tori Marble Sweater, the World Traveler Coffee Backpack Purse, vintage mules, and that “In my defense, the moon was full and I was left unsupervised” tee is all your stylish everyday vibes—right?

Oh and wait till you see their graphic tees collection for the ultimate jeans-and-a-tee style.

Influencer Program

Ready to drop those lovable everyday posts with Styleheir?

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales
  • Discounts
  • Performance-based perks and gifts


The Jacket Maker – Custom Leather Jackets

The Jacket Maker | Image Gallery | Fashion Collaboration Opps

When you can get a custom leather jacket made, why not?  Bespoke tailored, made with fine quality raw materials, and created with exquisite craftsmanship.  Now that’s The Jacket Maker.

Biker, bomber, aviator, coats, and more in all the tasteful colors and finishes—for men and women.  Plus sizes available.

Start your consultation and get your very own custom piece crafted into your personal style by The Jacket Maker.  Or simply shop their ready-made designs.

Influencer Program

Are you a fashion-centric influencer that would love to promote this sophisticated brand?

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales
  • Performance-based rewards


STYLECHEST – Personal Styling Service

Stylechest | Image Gallery | Fashion Collaboration Opps

I love the idea of building a capsule wardrobe.  But you know what’s even better?  Access to a personal stylist to help make that happen.  That sounds pretty amazing—doesn’t it?

But hang on, before you fret about the bill, STYLECHEST is about to make your day (and your wardrobe) without breaking the bank.

This cost-effective personal styling service will help you build your wardrobe or prepare you for that special occasion—in person or at home.  Yes.  And the best part is that you only pay for what you choose to keep.

Ooo, I’m super excited about this—are you?

Influencer Program

If your world is all about fashion, style, and marketing then a collaboration with STYLECHEST could be in store for you.

Influencer perks include:

  • 15% commission on sales
  • Early access to collections
  • Training


Ana Luisa – Carbon Neutral Fine Jewelry

Ana Luisa | Image Gallery | Fashion Brands Looking for Influencers

Current fashion-forward times call for earth-friendly brands that influence conscious fashion choices.

Ana Luisa is one of those brands.  With the earth at heart, Ana Luisa promotes conscious luxury with an exquisite collection of carbon-neutral fine jewelry.

From fashionable layered necklaces, classical dainty earrings, to vintage detailed rings.  And because luxury and sustainability shouldn’t compromise on quality, Ana Luisa jewelry pieces come with a one year warranty.

Influencer Program

Are you an environmentally-conscious fashion lover that creates quality content?

Collaborate with Ana Luisa, create genuine fashion-related reviews and spread the love for this sustainable brand.

Influencer perks include:

  • Receive jewelry pieces
  • VIP giveaways


Pink Lily – All Style Women’s Clothing Brand

Pink Lily | Image Gallery | Fashion Brand Looking for Influencers

All women are beautiful.  And because all women are beautiful, all women will find their style at Pink Lily—one of the fastest growing online retailers in America.

Multi-style friendly.  Bump friendly.  Plus size friendly.  And every-dress-you-can-dream-of friendly.  Yup, from short, midi, mini, party to maxi.

And now that we’re in sweater season, shop their best-sellers in animal prints or the feel-bright (even as we say goodbye to the sunshine) Shine In The Dark Taupe Star sweater.  Or simply cosy yourself into a sweater dress.

Influencer Program

Vibrant fashion influencers and bloggers, Pink Lily is now accepting collaboration offers.

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales
  • Earn free promo products
  • Exclusive perks


Alessandra Luciano – Luxury Silk Scarves

Alessandra Luciano | Fashion Collaboration Opps

Alessandra Luciano is about to capture your heart and wrap you up in exquisite art-inspired fashion pieces.  This fine collection of luxury silk scarves is unlike anything you’ve seen before.  Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, delicately handsewn, and printed with enchanting bespoke art designs – Alessandra Luciano scarves are more than just fashion accessories.  They make the entire outfit.

Extravaganza Orange, Odyssey Blue, Metropolis Pink, Alice in Wonderland, Bouquet of Beauty, The Secret Garden, Floral Jungle, and Garden of Eden are some of the many fine pieces you’ll find in their summer and winter collections.

“We create art.  Art that is meant to be worn — Art that can be lived in, traveled with, and experienced — Art to discover the world.”  – Alessandra Luciano.

Influencer Program

Fashion and accessory influencers, would you love to collab with Alessandra Luciano and promote their gear?

Capture beautiful images of you wearing one of these unique luxury scarves, and share your content on social media.

Influencers that meet the following criteria may apply:

  • Female 35-70 years
  • Live in New Zealand, Australia, or the United Kingdom

Influencer Perks

  • Receive a free luxury Alessandra Luciano scarf (worth NZ$179)
  • Paid sponsorship per post

Lotus Boutique – Fresh Fashion Collection

Lotus Boutique - Looking for Fashion Influencers

Looking and feeling good never gets old.  And fashion inspo never runs dry on social media.  Fashion influencers, if you’re looking to stay on trend with looks that will make your feed pop, then check out Lotus Boutique.  A splash of refreshing casual wear like the tie front tropical top is enough to delight your followers with feel-good vibes.  Still keeping it casual, a pair of coffee brown open toe flats are an easy way to keep your weekends relaxing.

And when occasions call for you to dress up, Lotus Boutique will have you looking fabulous with dresses like a charming black-tie figure-hugging cocktail dress and a glamorous gold sequin halter gown.

Influencer Program

Influencers collaborating with Lotus Boutique are required to create fashion content and share online.  You’re also required to spread brand awareness with your local organizations. In exchange, influencers are rewarded 25% commission on sales and also enjoy benefits such as 50% off purchases and gift card bonuses.

Apply here to become an influencer for Lotus Boutique.

Lulus – Glamorous Fashion Brand

Glitz, Glam, Sexy | Lulus | Fahion Brand

Because you can never have too many dresses, here’s more from Lulus.  This time with the glitz, glam, and sexy.  From the stunning white beaded rhinestone maxi dress, the sexy strapless midi nude dress, the beautiful embroidered black lace long sleeve dress to the sassy black beaded sequin bodycon dress.  Outfit after outfit, you’ll find all the gorgeous you’re looking for from Lulus.

Influencer Program

The easiest fashion collaboration of the day. All influencers need to do is look glamorous and spread the word to the fashion world.  And in return for promoting Lulus, you earn commissions on the sales you make.

Apply here to become an influencer for Lulus.

Irhaz – Hot Fashion Brand with Affordable Prices

Swimwear Collection by Irhaz | Collabs Opportunity

Now, for the fashionistas that are always on the hunt for the latest fashion at affordable prices, Irhaz will have you on fleek from top to bottom.  Go on and jump into their world of jumpsuits – from hot figure-hugging jumpsuits to pretty, sassy, spicy, elegant, and sporty.  And for vacay days, their swimwear collection is where you’ll find hot pieces like the irresistible tube top bikini. Also, for more spiciness, peak into their sleepwear and lingerie collection.

Influencer Program

Apply for a brand collaboration with Irhaz and get a special code to share with your followers while earning a 15% commission on fashion sales.  You’ll also have an option to receive free gifts.

Their commission structure depends on the number of Instagram followers you have – the more followers the greater your commission.

What’s awesome about this program is that they have no requirements for the minimum number of followers.  So this gig is an awesome opportunity for influencer newbies.

Apply here to become an influencer for Irhaz.

BeanThere Apparel – Easy-Going Fashion Brand

Clothing Collab Opportunity with BeanThere Apparel

Hello, coffee mornings and chillout days.  Hello BeanThere Apparel.  Where style and easy-going days go together like the froth in your cappuccino.  From the perfect silk white or rose blouse that will sophisticate any casual look to the comfy but classy wide-leg pants with a tasteful mustard bodysuit.  And then, of course, a drop of gold and pearl jewelry to finish the look.

Influencer Program

Are you a lover of fashion and coffee?  Do you perhaps have a fancy for Hawaii, too?

Then a classy collab with fashion brand, BeanThere Apparel awaits your influencer soul.

Let them know why you’d make a great influencer for their brand and also send them your social media info for consideration.

Apply here to become an influencer for BeanThere Apparel.

Sunny Co Clothing – Hot Swimwear Fashion

Collab Opportunity with Sunny Co Clothing

The life of sunshine and happiness.  Weekends full of laughter, getting tanned and splashing around in the pool.  And a whole lot of Sunny Co Clothing.  What does this all look like?  Well, your hair out and free plus that gorgeous hot red Pamela Sunny Suit.  Or cocktails plus that vibrant green Tropicana Sunny Suit. Or you and your bae, plus that daring black Bianca Sunny Suit.  And of course a pair of Aphrodite sunglasses.

Influencer Program

If this is your vibe, Sunny Co Clothing could be your next hot fashion brand collab.

Influencers get a free suit and hat to start and earn up to 40% off discounts.

They’re interested in what causes you support and life stuff like how you’d like to change the world.

Apply here to become an influencer of Sunny Co Clothing.




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