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22 British Influencers Brands are Sure to Love

Nicole P. Dunford


Next up, the UK! And boy do we have a unique set of British Influencers for you. What do you want to see?

Some nightlife? Check.

Cobbled streets? Check.

High-end fashion? Check.

Vegan food? Yup. It’s all here.

We’re even going to get our drink on.

Fun times are ahead… Let’s go!

Maya Palmer

Maya Palmer beauty posts

Representing Birmingham is Maya Palmer. This British influencer loves sharing fashion and beauty content – and we love looking at it!


We are talking red lips, bouncy curly hair, skincare routines, outfit inspo for days (hello silk suits and high fashion trench coats), matching mama and fur baby hoodies, and so much more. Maya covers beauty and fashion so well that if you embrace her tips and inspo, you are sure to look like a snack in no time at all! 🙂

You will also find some fitness and lifestyle content on @maya87x. Let’s just say, when it comes to looking and feeling good, Maya can lead the way – and we will gladly follow!


Another thing that hits you as you scroll through Maya’s posts? The number of paid partnerships – it’s insane. She is booked and busy! Don’t let that deter you, though. Her Collab game is strong and she’s open to partnering with more brands. This is one British influencer you need to invite to Collab!

Sarah Green

Sarah Green family posts | Parenting adventures

Meet Sarah Green and her adventure-loving family of four. They love making memories together – after all, that’s part of what family is for! They enjoy days out with the family, crafting, food, and just hanging out. Good ol’ family time.


If you are looking for wholesome, family-oriented content, from fun-loving British influencers, you have come to the right place. Sarah’s family is all about quality time together and allowing their two boys, Gabriel and Noah, to discover the world around them.

From books and toys at home to the great outdoors, Sarah and her husband make sure to give their boys as much age-appropriate life experience as they can soak up.

If you need some inspiration for your own family, @gabriel.30.g is the Instagram page to visit. Sarah also features healthy foods for growing kids (and easy meals for busy moms), mom life hacks, gift ideas, and so much more.


Sarah has locked down Collabs with brands in food, lifestyle, health, clothing, kids’ toys, and so much more. Naturally, each Collab has been tailored to her family content. Is there any industry she can’t touch?

Missing out on a Collab here is not an option.

Emma Morris

Emma Morris on TikTok | Video parenting tips

We are on a roll with the parenting niche (hey, you can never have enough parenting content – these kids don’t come with manuals)!

Meet TikTok influencer, Emma Morris. She’s mom to baby Sydney and lets us in on her journey as a new mom.


Emma welcomed us into her parenting journey from the time she was pregnant. Every pregnancy journey is different, but we know all the moms-to-be out there appreciate hearing about other moms’ experiences. The more we share the higher the chance we can find someone’s experience we can relate to. Gotta love social media.

From early pregnancy, morning sickness, and the truth about that ‘pregnancy glow’ (LMAO), to prepping the nursery, packing hospital bags, WELCOMING THE BABY, and now raising a baby, Emma shares it all. She keeps it real and shares some things she’s learned along the way.

We have no doubt that Emma’s content will continue to be useful for all the moms out there! And for brands keen to partner with British influencers with experience in parenting, then Emma’s your mom!

Amy Kelly

Amy Kelly parenting posts with kids

We’re staying on the family train with British influencer, Amy Kelly and her two boys. Family life, travel, and fashion are Amy’s preferred content choices and we gotta say, we’re loving it.


Absolute cuteness, kids’ fashion, toothless smiles, and shared milestones. This is another wholesome family page you need to follow. Amy keeps an open book, sharing some of the struggles she and the boys have faced – such as one of her boys taking long to settle into kindergarten. When influencers share their struggles, it helps the rest of us know, we are not alone. The support in her comment section proves just that.

“That’s so great that he’s doing better! Some things are so new for them so it’s understandable but we (parents) can be so impatient. I see it with my little guy too!”

In fact, the comments on Amy’s page seem to spew nothing but positivity and we are all for it!

“Looks like you guys had the best day. Love the boys’ matching hoodies.”

“Such beautiful photos, what a gorgeous family.”

“Wow I need to get this for my son asap! Looks like they’re having fun!”


Amy has also done a great job of securing Collabs to match her family content. Another great addition to include on the top of your British influencers list.

Francesca Tieghi

Francesca Tieghi | Food Postings on Social Media

A vegan food blogger based in London, Francesca loves sharing vegan inspo and has a passion for sustainability. She has over 12.8k followers on Instagram and a phenomenal engagement rate of 3.8%.


Mouth-watering, hunger-inducing deliciousness! Even if you’re not vegan, this Italian living in the UK is the plug for tasty food. Who doesn’t love tasty food? Followers can look forward to easy, healthy recipes which have instructions in both English and Italian (her 3-ingredient pizza dough is a must-try).

A scroll through Francesca’s feed warms the heart. Her meals are wholesome and homemade – stirring up memories of a loved one’s cooking. This is probably what we love most about @recipesandplaces – it’s authentic and feels like home.

She has also partnered with brands in the food industry such as Whole Foods, highlighting vegan food options. If your brand is all about veganism and/or sustainability, then this UK influencer should top your list of Collab candidates.

Osinachi Okoye

Osinachi Okoye | British Influencers Featured on Afluencer

Osinachi is based in Hertfordshire and has a whole lot of heart. This fashion influencer’s outlook on life, like her fashion preferences, is colorful! We love all this positivity!


What an infectious personality and boy does it shine through her content. Maybe it’s that bright smile or her often vividly colored hair. Whatever it is, it immediately gets you without having to scroll down her feed. And you’ll want to scroll down this feed… here you’ll find cute outfits; some relatable, well-placed humor; beauty posts, and a peek into her daily life.

Osinachi certainly enjoys what she does – and it shows.

She’s a University student but not neglecting her influencer game. Her portfolio of Collabs features brands in tech, beauty, hair care, and more. If your brand needs British influencers for your marketing campaign, then you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to partner with Osinachi.

Lauren Cliffe

Lauren Cliffe on Instagram | Travel posts

Lauren is a self-proclaimed tomboy and animal lover with a passion for travel, health, and fitness. This free spirit has lived quite an adventurous life and believes that experiences, rather than material things, have shaped her into the grateful, sensitive person she is today.


What immediately strikes us about Lauren is how happy she appears in her photos. Sometimes, when people follow their passion, their fulfillment shines through in an undeniable way. That’s what we get from this British influencer – pure bliss. Pure peace.

You’ll see her living it up on the beach (and in the water), working out and sharing her fitness goals, chilling with her family (who she loves so much), amazing views, healthy recipes, and so much more. The way she lives her life doing what she absolutely loves is truly inspiring for so many of us.


In the industries of travel, health, and fitness, there are infinite ideas for Collaboration. Lauren has positioned herself well and any brand looking to partner up is sure to gain a lot from her.

Alexander Van Terheyden

Alex Van Terheyden YouTube videos | British influencers on Afluencer

YouTuber Alexander Van Terheyden, also known as The Wondering Englishman, not only has a passion for travel but has a goal to celebrate the uniqueness of each country despite the world becoming ‘smaller.’ His other goal? To visit every country on our beautiful planet. We can’t wait to see that unfold.


Watch Alex Country hop on his YouTube channel, visiting unique sites along the way. He might visit a distillery in Finland; Europe’s largest aquarium in Spain; an Irish town shaped like a knot; significant religious buildings in Scotland; and so much more.

Alex also gives great travel tips and shows you how to best spend your time in certain countries.

This travel influencer is also an activist. You will find several posts on Ukraine #istandwithukraine. He is a promoter of free speech. We love seeing his passion come through.

You can also follow Alex on Instagram – we know you won’t be able to get enough of his content – it’s that good!


If you are a brand looking to Collab with a passionate influencer, Alex is the guy for you. Plus, the travel niche stretches far and wide, presenting loads of opportunities for brands. Looking for British influencers with a huge passion for travel? You know what to do!

The Fairywoods

Fairywoods | UK Scenery | British Influencers Featured on Afluencer

Welcome to The Fairywoods. Here you’ll find the perfect combo of nature, all things rustic, and full-on coziness!


Here it is – your favorite fantasy book brought to life. Let’s set the scene. Woods, cobbled streets, autumn leaves, antique shops, walking paths through the woods, old buildings, a picnic basket on the grass, and oh so much more. The Fairywoods really knows how to paint a picture and bring you into what feels like a different world entirely.

With captions that are always very detailed; taking the time to describe each place. No negative vibes here. Just full-on bliss. We think this comment from one of her posts gets the point across:

“Your frames always tell a story 😍 For e.g. this frame gives off a whiff of a lazy Sunday afternoon when the clouds are playing in the sky, waves are playing on the ground and the subtle breeze calms you down, so that you drift off into a beautiful dream ❤️”

For brands looking for the perfect British setting from their influencers, The Fairywoods must be on their Collabs list.

Mollie McMullon

Mollie McMullon TikTok self care videos | British influencers

Next up on the beauty train is Mollie McMullon and she’s representing Kent. Her content focuses on makeup, skincare, and hair care. So, if you are looking to maintain a youthful look, this is where you need to be. Let’s go more into detail…


Ladies, have you ever had your bestie in your room, laughing, talking, trying on makeup looks and just having a good time? Well, Mollie’s content reminds us of this scene we’ve just set up. Mollie’s content is fun, informative, and not at all intimidating (as some makeup tutorials can be).

She also throws in fun music – sometimes in the background, and sometimes as part of her content – it’s so fun. It’s always a good time at @molliemcmullon on TikTok. As you can tell, her GRWMs (Get Ready With Me’s) are our absolute faves. The relatability is on point.

Brands in makeup, skincare, and/or haircare LISTEN UP. You NEED Mollie on your team of British influencers. Her beauty-filled content certainly has the ability to capture an audience – we know we are hooked!

Rachel Harding

Rachel Harding IG posts | British influencers

Meet the lover of life, Rachel. This British influencer has an extremely positive outlook on life despite her living with numerous chronic illnesses. If she does not inspire you, we don’t know what will.


We love Rachel’s approach to sharing her journey with chronic illnesses. Besides often feeling lost, sad, and scared about the state of her health, Rachel opts to focus on the highs, rather than the lows.

So, when she takes us along with her for various procedures and tests, you will often find a smile on her face. Her captions are informative, explaining why she has to go through these procedures.

Rachel is also schooling us on being a little more aware of what to say to people living with chronic illnesses. Here are some examples:
Oh but you look fine.” – Not all illnesses are visible.

“You’ll get better one day” – My chronic illness is not curable.

“My friend has the same condition as you and she works full time.” – Having the same diagnosis does not mean the same symptoms and experiences.

Are you guilty of some of these? Rachel is keeping it real and raising awareness. We can all do better!

For health brands looking for British influencers, Rachel is an absolute gem.

Holly Cooper

Holly Cooper | Instagram Posts | UK-based Influencers Featured on Afluencer

This is Holly from Kent. She’s a UK-based influencer who loves sharing content on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


Holly really does a great job of sharing details in her posts. If it’s about fashion, she’s sure to let you know where she got each piece of her outfit from. If it’s a makeup look you can bet on the fact that she will provide info on which brand and shade or palette she used. Yaassss Holly! We love that her followers know where to get the same look.

Holly is also a YouTuber. Her channel, Holly Cooper, features a glimpse into her life, fashion hauls, GRWMs, product reviews, skincare routines, makeup tutorials, and so much more.

She’s partnered with quite a few brands in the beauty and fashion industries to name a few. By the looks of things, opportunities keep flooding in for Holly. Skip the FOMO – Holly could certainly be a great contender for brands wanting to Collab with British influencers.

Emma Van Der Welle

Emma Van Der Welle on TikTok | Lifestyle and wellness posts

London-based British influencer, Emma Van Der Welle, loves sharing content on plant-based food, health and wellness, and lifestyle. Not only is she an influencer, but has several years of experience in marketing as a social media manager. We love that she’s got experience in front of and behind the camera.


Let us head over to Emma’s TikTok page. Off the bat, we love the aesthetic. It’s very lifestyle chic. You will find bright, clean pics that will make you rethink your life and want to make some changes! You will also find skincare content, some self-care tips, some GRWM content, fashion inspo, travel content, and more!

If healthy food is more your thing, hop on over to her Instagram account with the same handle. Here you will find delicious-looking food – you can’t even tell that it’s healthy lol. Rest assured you are going to want to eat it all up. Thankfully, Emma provides recipes! Emma, you’re the best.


Emma covers a good range of content, each offering a fantastic Collab opportunity you do not want to miss out on.

Piggies of Cambridge

Piggies of Cambridge

Adding some cute furriness to this list of British influencers are the Piggies of Cambridge. Didn’t see this coming, did ya? What can we say? We love a good (very cute) surprise. This page follows five rescue guinea pigs as they adapt to life in Cambridge.


OMG, this is HILARIOUS! Guinea pigs just going about their daily life – who knew? Here, their followers can get insight into each piggie’s personality, feeding, grooming, and adventures. They’ve got an enviable Instagram engagement rate of 5.5% and are also on YouTube and TikTok with the same handle.

Special mention to the creativity put into the piggies’ videos – they’re extremely popular, with one of their Instagram Reels attracting over 1.2 million views! These clearly aren’t your everyday guinea pigs.

Having a bad day? Piggies of Cambridge will turn that around!

Noorain Huma

Noorain Huma | Instagram food videos | British influencers on Afluencer

Meet food blogger, Noorain Huma. Our girl is an absolute guru in the kitchen and loves to share her passion and skill with her followers.


Are you hungry? If not, you definitely will be after scrolling through @cookwithnoorain on Instagram. Ya girl delivers recipe after recipe after recipe. Not only does she note in the caption what ingredients were used and the method to prepare, but she also shows us how with an Instagram Reel. I’m sure I don’t speak for myself when I say video used for food content makes a HUGE difference.

We also love that Noorain’s content is 100% home cooking – nothing beats that! Need ideas for dinner that aren’t the usual? This is the page you need to be looking at.


Noorain has already partnered with some brands in the food industry. She’s diving straight into her niche and making the most of her talent. With skills like hers, a Collab with Noorain could take your brand to the next level.

Laura George

Laura George fashion IG posts

Staying in the realm of fashion but leading us in a different direction is Laura George. She’s a lover of alternative fashion and jewelry with a cool edge. When fashion influencers create content that includes their personal style, great things can happen…


You don’t need to be a lover of alternative fashion to recognize that Laura has style. Black may be her chosen color but hey, who doesn’t love a black outfit (hello LBD – which she happens to totally rock, by the way)?

Laura also has a Yorkshire-based company called The Rose and Dagger which specializes in handmade jewelry with a cool edge. Rest assured, the jewelry made here mimics her alternative style. Accessories work for every type of style, darling.

Guess what? She also has another line of jewelry called Regal Rose: deadly detailed jewelry with a dark and dreamy twist. Your girl Laura is certainly very busy and staying true to her personal style – which her 16k+ (and growing) followers absolutely love.

“This whole fit OMG… but the jacket and boots are to dieee for.”

“Those shoes are so freakin’ cool wow”

“You have killer style boo.”


Laura may have her own brands going on, but she still finds the time to Collab with other brands. After all, no (wo)man is an island!

Mathilda Holker

Mathilda Holker IG video and image posts | British influencers

Hailing from Stirling, Scotland, is Mathilda Holker. She’s a lover of minimalist fashion, treating her followers and us to a great mix of content. Prepare to be inspired…


Streetwear, athleisure wear, oversized outfits, denim on denim, tailored suits, neutrals, colors, and casual wear: that (and so much more) is what you will find in Mathilda’s fashion content. She’s even bringing back blazers (albeit cropped) with shoulder pads (shout out to our moms who rocked them in the 80s). The girl’s got style and we cannot deny it.

Mathilda loves a good GRWM, and as we have already stated, so do we. We also love that her captions feature all the deets on where she gets the various pieces she’s wearing so you can go out and grab your own! We love a fashion influencer who isn’t afraid to be our plug!

Mathilda also features lifestyle and interior decor content, making for one large body of captivating visuals.

She has an ever-increasing following plus a high and steady engagement rate. A Collab with Mathilda is not to be missed, that’s for sure!

Nina Joanne Roberts

Nina Joanne Roberts | British Fashion Model and Influencer

The next beauty on our British influencers list is Nina from Gloucestershire, UK. She is not just a fashion enthusiast but a fashion model as well. With an Instagram following of over 116k and an engagement rate of 2.2%, Nina knows what her followers like and she does not disappoint.


Tons of fashion

A boatload of confidence

Oozes sex appeal

If this is what you’re looking for in a fashion influencer, then Nina is the one to follow. Sure, she’s graced the covers of magazines, but don’t be fooled. She’s so much more than just a pretty face. Nina is an advocate for self-love, with many of her posts actively encouraging women to love and look after their bodies.

Her fashion content has everything from super-glam to sexy lingerie to casual airport wear (if that’s not a fashion category, it should be). Nina makes sure to cover all bases when it comes to fashion.

Her Collab game is super strong. She’s partnered with brands in beauty, fashion, hair care, and so much more. Proving that Collabing is a great way to influencer success!

Janice Lau

Janice Lau | Fashion and Lifestyle Instagram Posts

Representing London in our British influencers roundup is Janice Lau. She’s a fashion and lifestyle influencer who loves sprinkling kindness wherever she goes – the world definitely needs more of this!


From oversized t-shirts to body-hugging dresses, Janice showcases fashion like no other. She’s all fashion. Even if her post isn’t entirely fashion-related, you’re sure to find her in something cute.

Her delivery is always fun. She incorporates music and some (really good) dance moves. How perfect! Are we not all doing dance moves in the mirror while we try on clothes? Just me? Ok… moving on…

She’s taken on a few Collabs with brands in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, hair, and so much more. With an Instagram following of over 60k (and over 118k on Tiktok where she goes by the same handle and has even more fun dance/fashion videos), we believe Janice’s influence is only going to grow.

Maksym King

Maksym King | British Entrepreneur and Influencer | UK-Based Influencers Featured on Afluencer

Meet Maxym from London. He’s a Marketing Executive for a high-end performance and event venue; an entrepreneur and a British influencer.


Partying, music, celebrities – this is where you’ll find a social life that is TURNT UP! Sounds like a music video but it’s Maksym’s life. His career is all about Collabing so you know that a partnership with him will not only attract his followers but the high-end circles he’s in. His generally laid-back but well-put-together style could make him a great option for a fashion Collab.

If your brand fits in with the world of events and nightlife, and you’re looking for super lively British influencers, Maks could be your way in.

What are you waiting for?

Invite this UK influencer for a Collab.

Roshni Latham

Roshni Latham | Promoting Gin Products on Instagram

Meet Roshni from Manchester. She’s a blogger and she loves gin! Her goal is “to make Gin as undaunting and accessible as possible”. So she’s inviting us all – gin beginners and connoisseurs alike – on her journey. Cheers to that!


If her Instagram handle wasn’t enough of a hint, a scroll through her feed will solidify the fact that Roshni loves gin! What a beautiful feed it is too. It’s probably the gorgeous bottles and creative cocktails featured throughout. She also shares reviews, distillery visits, tips, what to drink, recipes, and so much more. Her followers certainly love the content she posts:

“Sounds delicious as always, hope to try this one.”

“I love these! Where can I buy them?”

“Sensational cocktail, Dude.”

“This looks stunning and very delicious!”

On her equally gorgeous blog, she goes more into detail about the world of gin. Don’t know where to beGin? Start there. 😉 

Naturally, her Collabs are mainly with Gin distilleries and brands – you know she’s got plenty of those going on. Roshni offers a refreshing take on this niche, and we’ll keep sipping.

Alyssa Tarrant

Alyssa Tarrant | Outdoor Living | British Influencers on Afluencer

Representing the City of Edinburgh are Alyssa and Jack. They’re in their 20’s living a plant-based life and have quit their 9-to-5 jobs to see the world. However, they have their own twist on this lifestyle. They’re not trying to see the world as quickly as possible. Instead, they’re maxing out their visas in each country and taking time to experience each place to the fullest.


Thankfully, they take us along on their paced-out journey. They also share photography and videography tips, so with that skill in hand, you know their travel pics are top-notch. This page not only lights up the traveler inside us but also brings about a sense of calm and peace – like the break (or return to normalcy) we’ve all been looking for.

They actively strive to live and travel sustainably, sharing eco-friendly experiences with their 5k followers. Alyssa and Jack pull us all in with their content and it shows. They’ve got a fantastic engagement rate of 4.2%!

So much opportunity here for brands looking for an amazing Collab with fantastic British influencers. Don’t miss out!

What do we love about this round-up? These British influencers are a fantastic mixed-party bag. Whatever you pull out is sure to be awesome. A Collab with one of these influencers is destined to be a hit!




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